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Pinterest . Votes: 2, I was never a great reader, but there were two stories I loved best: Kipling's The Elephant's Child and The Jungle Book. Quotes about Jungle Book. Jungle Quotes. The wolves, by contrast, are the "good" natives. I saw it when I was small at a cinema in Tehran. Share. This was worth sitting up all night for, wasn't it? The red dogs are akin to the "bad" natives of the colonized lands. Bagheera's words are ironic not because of verbal irony (i.e., he is legitimately perplexed as to why these stones are valuable) but because of dramatic irony. Send. The Law of the Jungle: "Mowgli's Brothers", Other Stories Associated With "The Jungle Book" Film, 'The Jungle Book' by Rudyard Kipling Review, Rudyard Kipling - 'The Jungle Book' Questions for Study and Discussions, 5 Easy Summarizing Strategies for Students, The 12 Best Short Stories for Middle School Students, The Mystery of North America's Black Wolves, Biography of William Golding, British Novelist, Wolves and Beavers in Yellowstone National Park. pinimg.com helpful non helpful. Now, though, the noble Englishman whom the Mugger tried to kill while a mere child is back to settle the score and ultimately demonstrate the triumph of his race and nation over the grotesque native crocodile. Now in the man pack, at this hour, as I remember, they laid them down upon hard pieces of wood in the inside of a mud trap, and having carefully shut out all the clean winds, drew foul cloth over their heavy heads, and made evil songs through their Moses. In the novel, The Jungle Book, Kipling addresses the importance of rules and laws, the importance of family and loyalty, and the need for courage..... the importance of standing up for oneself and those they love. In everyday life, it's all about looking perfect, but in there, there's none of that. They are referred to as the Free People, follow laws assiduously, and behave in noble, moral, and intelligent ways. It is hard for those he leaves behind to let him go, which is in line with the theme of coming of age. When I was a tiny tot, we only had one record player in the house, so there was either Genesis on it or the Jungle Book or The Beatles as well, and various other things. In this chapter, the land that man has taken from the jungle and turned into fields is reclaimed by the animals (a continuing subject in the book that is contrary to the usual story of man rampaging through the jungle dwellers' habitat, and showing the animals taking back what originally belonged to the jungle). Deep down, I've always wanted to write a book about a wild child and an elephant.

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