does annie like armin

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Perhaps Armin distanced himself from his friends over the years and couldn’t confide his woes anywhere else besides an unresponsive rock, feeling comfort in the fact that he could share with Annie if no one else. Really possible. She shows her emotions once again, but only for Armin. Annies and Armin relationship is been planned since the female arc titan, some of you really cant read between lines i guess. Unfortunately, this is also the scene where Armin realizes that she was using Marco's ODM gear for inspection. However, there's a difference with the way that Annie looks at Armin.

She knows that if she would have just killed him she wouldn't be in the position she was placed in. We can’t really fill in his blanks like we did with Annie. It's also shown that where Armin is, Annie is not far behind him.

She was fuming, this was just adding insult to injury, rubbing salt into her wounds...but then, Krista stood up, and Armin beckoned Annie to come over.

I think Armin only fell for her during the time skip somehow. It was obviously an afterthought if it doesn’t play into Bertholdt’s memories influencing Armin as we at least have that theory from Eren to base his feelings off of. All I can say is maybe we can assume they really hit it off on trainee days, should have established it more tbh (can’t help but feel this whole thing was an afterthought). The look on Annie's face after Armin says that to her proves that she knows he has her trapped in a corner. I think there is a strong possibility of it. He returned with a compliment, which backs up that Armin is quite fond of Annie. Annie could never hate Armin and Armin doesn't hate her either. I'm not gonna say it's for sure though. Those are the eyes of someone who carries regret and guilt. AruAni is my second favourite ship in the AoT series. From the beginning I have already seen something between them I hope Armin will end up with Annie because they could make a nice relationship. The only possible explanation is that she is deeply traumatised (plus she thinks her father is dead now) so she is now clinging to one thing, but why is she clinging to literally one of the worst possible persons? I know I'm being just another EreAnnie fanboy, but it still stands as a valid thing with a chance of happening. MANGA SPOILERS SUBREDDIT! However he didn't say anything. Nah, we shouldn’t have to assume anything in this case. Bert's influence was the only plausible reason, but it's obvious that it's not the case. People like to try and stretch all their interactions pre-time skip (all 3 of them) into something romantic, but no, Isayama obviously didn’t plan for Armin to have feelings for Annie pre-time skip. Which would give her more experience with him to solidify a crush. However I do believe that Annie is not finished yet. Armin has started to slowly spiraled downwards into almost insanity. There's few chapters left I don't care.

Annie sacrificed her mission, just to spare Armin's life.

i never saw any feelings before the reveal (if anything it seemed more an eren thing, which isayama debunked), and i don't see why he should have feelings now bc of bert?

This part really hit me. As Annie is trapped in her crystal still and we have no clue whether she is actually alive or not. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Which is mostly the reason why she and Eren get along well. Annie's feelings towards Armin never changed after their last confrontation.

We don’t know. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart. Into Attack On Titan? We should all just acknowledge it for what it is if Isayama isn’t going down that route, forced characterization.

By "an eren thing, which isayama debunked" are you referring to how Isayama said that Eren and Annie's relationship was more of a student/mentor relationship (or whatever it was)? Annie is very drawn to characters that have strong personalities/reason's to fight. When they read Grisha's journals and learned about the warrior unit it would be pretty hard not to sympathize with the warriors even a little, and at least Annie tried to distance herself from the Paradisians and didn't pretend like they were all her friends like Reiner and Bert did. For example, Annie and Armin are again seen together talking.

Isayama never indicated he ever had feelings for her prior to the time skip, so we cannot look there for answers.

Armin has her wrapped around his finger, she's at the point where she knows she can't resist helping him. Always remember, even though to everyone else Armin seems like an adorable, precious kind violet, he doesn't see himself that way. Because she could never leave the one she loves stranded. Which, I'm assuming is on purpose. There are many times in the series where Annie is very, Very, cold to both Reiner and Bertoldt.

When Eren finally realizes that Dina was the smiling Titan, he starts crying. Her mind bounces between how she feels for him. Armin saw that beneath Annie's facade she was secretly a kind person no matter how distant she was. :smile: :blue_heart: :green_heart: :purple_heart: I love this ship so much. Remember, of the Warriors she's the one who most actively regrets her role in all the deaths around her. People like to try and stretch all their interactions pre-time skip (all 3 of them) into something romantic, but no, Isayama obviously didn’t plan for Armin to have feelings for Annie pre-time skip. She knows she will be putting him in further danger. Armin did know right away that Annie was the perpetrator that killed the two test subjects. They are both similar in many many ways. In this scene there are numerous hints that Armin knows Annie has feelings for him.

Her coming out will probably create a lot of drama on Paradis and Armin will surely be a major player there. Anyway, this is not the first time to see a mangaka comes up with a ship that doesn't make much sense in the end of the story. This proves again that Armin is someone that Annie does want to be close to. The only person who would have been able to identify her, and she let him live. He sees her as the enemy, but he doesn't see her any different than what he did before. Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ignore. We have never seen him confront his feelings for her directly either, expressing any key moment that would indicate where he started having feelings for her. Pretty much everytime they start to talk to her actually.

I don't understand why Annie likes Armin either. Mikasa Ackerman. He hints at it, but he never comes right out and says it. Armin was the only person that could get through to Annie, and he knew that.

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