howtobasic face reveal solved

He said he made some BTS for every How To video hes ever done. I think it's a part of it, and they'll release credits when link is discovered, It's wingdings. Where could he have hidden the code? Close. /watch?v is the path to watching a video on youtube (example), But a video id is needed, maybe it is hidden somewhere. He did the face reveal, but it was just a funny fake video, in which various well-known YouTubers took responsibility for being howtobasic. Face Reveal is a video that was posted on March 18, 2018 on the YouTube account HowToBasic, although he didn't reveal his actual face. I'd suggest it could be in the medley of YouTubers claiming to be HowToBasic. The dumb thing is, it does sound exactly like something Michael would do. 436. Press J to jump to the feed. Vsauce says it is the 175th installment, Max interruptes him by saying its the 475th Installment, the two have have an argument, Vsauce asks him if he would stop interrupting him, Max tells him to go ahead.

We know he’s in Australia.

He was in a filthyfrank video dressed as a pirate. The screen cuts to static and HowToBasic is checking his Subscriber Count, as it hits 10,000,000 he gets off his chair and walks up the stairs. u/MisterDemiGod suggested that the video isn't out yet and howtobasic stated in the description credits are coming soon, maybe a clue will be there. We are missing the last part.

which I think at the time everyone thought was part of the URL but after looking at it, the question mark is only there for the same frame the wingdings code is there, so I think it's supposed to be an encoded question that we're supposed to decipher. Has anyone gone to those coordinates? So what exactly happened? I think i may have found another clue. That shit took this from one enjoyable experience to me bursting out in laughter at just how these enjoyable insanity broke down to idubbz shitting on jackForeheads. Pretty cool this end up an arg! HowToBasic (born: July 10, 1993 (1993-07-10) [age 27]) is an Australian YouTuber known for his messy "tutorials" marketed as typical tutorials, but actually containing erratic actions and raging over items, most notably with eggs.

The video consisted of many different famous YouTubers all claiming to be behind the HowToBasic channel. Using the power of the internet to solve real world problems. at 37:18 we get a message saying -32.0214 115.9154 which are coordinates to a river in Australia near Perth. Most of the videos are almost a year old so if there is anything in them, this has been a long time coming. But apparently there was at least one clue in the face reveal video, which brings us to this thread. Back in March 2018, HowToBasic hit 10 million subs and released his "Face Reveal" video. Our goal is to bring you the most up to the minute news and reviews on [ARG]( (Alternate Reality Games). A good cryptogropher could be useful here. First he takes off the white cloths, then the black one. Max then interrupts him again by shout HowToBasic, and destroys the board he was holding.

Oh I didn't catch that, might look into it. Well. He said that he had a Tennis Ball Launcher and used to load it full of eggs. Same goes for the howtobasic collaboration that he did. You may want to update your edit. Posted by 2 years ago. I tried to run the audio from the video through a spectrogram but no luck there, The credits were updated, as well as the tags. He then walks into a room full of Play Buttons, he says that the Silver Play Button hasn't come in yet.

He also points out the interview with 9RAW, He is then interrupted by Jeffabell, Jeffabell is interrupted by Anything4Views, and Anything4Views is interrupted by Multiple other YouTubers. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The screen cuts to static and HowToBasic is checking his …

It will be smart to identify all of them and search if they give away a letter or something. The screen fades to black. I noticed this video had captions while re-watching it to make this post, and it could just be a result of YouTube's auto generated captions, but at 1:29, while HowToBasic is falling to the ground after being bitten by a pineapple, the caption says "you", when throughout the rest of the video up to this point it's just either been nothing or [Music]. The channel primarily features bizarre and destructive visual gags disguised as how-to tutorials. Time to dissect the rest of the vid then. I'd suggest it could be in the medley of YouTubers claiming to be HowToBasic. Pretty sure people managed to find his actual address. A full list of people featured in the video can be found on this community-maintained spreadsheet.. Wingdings Freezeframe There are code breaking subs around, maybe repost there? He then walks into his bathroom were he is wearing two different clothing items, one black one white.

Waiting until the credits appear.

So he teased a "face reveal" video, at a certain number of subscribers. Someone should look into any companies the channel has worked with. Did people just give up? Who is the dude that said that? Michael started as a meme (#beardednun) in the key of awesome parody music videos. Edit: according to a comment on his video “How to Make a Hawaiian Pizza” there is another code at 2:08, but I couldn’t see it. ?” Then he started explaining it and I thought, “This is a weird explanation for why the channel was made but I guess what he’s saying kind of makes a tiny bit of sense...”, I literally just clicked off a vsauce video when i watched and my jaw dropped to the floor lmao. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However!!! If you go to the face reveal video and look at the end when the person is getting dragged, you might find the letter N (I'm pretty sure). I too think this is somewhat of a clue. Warrun wheezes and says that he is the real HowToBasic, He also pointed out how Maxmoefoe leaked his face. It was normal up until the end with the guy who has notes all over his walls who then is murdered by HowToBasic, and then there was a flash on the screen of a code in wingdings, which translated to "/watch?v", which is in every YouTube URL right before the string of numbers and letters that tells YouTube which video to go to. But I dont see one anywhere in the video.

As a citizen of the great land down under, I recognise that Coles/Woolworths Home Brand 60c/kg flour and cage eggs. I was just confused as fuck. He also says that he hid Easter Eggs in his videos. Someone could compare the age spots on his body with other people on the internet to confirm it isn’t them. The video starts off with a bunch of people telling everyone they know HowToBasic's name., It's bchaFd5YlaU I think. I also remember "wait for the url" being a tag in either the Hawaiian Pizza video or the Face Reveal video, but I can't find the tag (I have no clue how to see tags and SocialBlade isnt working for me lol it might be obvious and I'm dumb but oh well). Edit2: I am blind there is a wing ding code in the bottom left, thanks u/monkeyslave460 for getting a screenshot and u/whalemart123 for decoding. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. The screen fades to black. The channel first gained popularity in 2013. I saw the beard and thought, “Fuck, it can’t be Vsauce! ~At the end when the guy talks about "discovering who it actually was" there are a lot of sticky notes, i'm very sure those lead to a lot of other dates or posiblly the youtube video's ID!! Since then, from my knowledge, nothing has been weird about any of his videos other than the usual HowToBasic style content, up until April 1st, where we got the How To Make The Perfect Roast video. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. At first I was thinking that HTB wasnt so hairy, was he? "howtobasic" is a YouTube channel. At the end of the video, if you look carefuly (better to slow to 0.25) when the censored screen thingy comes, a message made of emojis appears: (Open Mailbox with Lowered Flag, White Diamond, Cancer, White Diamond Suit, Virgo, Aquarius, Writing Hand, Black Diamond Minus White X). He just loves science as much as memes is all, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Other than that, from my knowledge, there is nothing out of the ordinary that could give any more clues to whatever HowToBasic is doing. I remember at the time, a lot of people were trying to figure out what any of this meant, they were trying to find the URL, all of that, but unless I just never heard about it, it never got anywhere. Please read the sidebar below for our rules. I may be blind, but I couldn’t see it. Plot Sypnosis Edit.

The video starts off with a bunch of people telling everyone they know HowToBasic's name.

how do you translate those emojis to english/regular typeface? In stead of helping people figure it out, they were left out to prevent people from figuring it out. I was there for the arg, it was discontinued by the people who organized it, and I think admins on the howtobasic arg discord server took the arg into their own hands to have some progress instead of none. Fuck you Jack.,, There was another cut with an SMPTE image earlier in the vid at so that's interesting, Vsauce tells him he hates him when he grabs him. The creator of the videos does not speak or show his face, and remains anonymous. Also note that capitalization matters. Max hits the black backround and it hits Vsauce in the head. Max then says he is HowToBasic. Nice catch, you got a timestamp for the wingdings or the one for Hawaiin Pizza?

As of April 2019, he is the 2nd most subscribed person in Australia. Mailbox, Cancer, Virgo,Aquarius, Hand, Four Diamonds. HowToBasic face reveal video secret message? HowToBasic face reveal video secret message? mmf2v12 = maxmoefoe2 video 12. Also note that capitalization matters. Posted by u/[deleted] 2 ... 475th refers to HowToBasic's next video, which is the pinapple one. On March 24, 2018, the How To Basic channel released a video titled "Face Reveal". HowToBasic is one of the fivegreatest chefs in the world, alongside Filthy Frank, Maxmoefoe,IDubbbzTV, and Red Dick .

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