remington 760 gamemaster

Introduced Model SIX New serial number range for 742's starting at B 6,000,000 1981--Model 760 ADL and BDL designations replaced with 7600 with straight comb stock and impressed checkering . Most everything can be easily bought online these days. 2001--------200------7600's in 35 REM Carbines -- Synthetic Stocks . Stamped number --- 2 ---Part order replaced barrel. For those just now coming across this model, how has it stood up over the years? previous grades. , Corn Cob Lines on Forend , Dovetailed Rear Sight , Aluminum Butt plate , First gloss finish and White line spacers. Most websites are poorly If you have a Wanted Ad posted, be advised a scammer is targeting wanted ads.

A raised front blade sight, Adjustable notch middle sight and is outfitted with a Leupold Scope. on the bottom of the receiver designating caliber of rifle.

It is your responsibility to confirm the dimensions of your firearm with the supplied dimensions of our part. Copyright© 2004 150Th Anniversary Model 1968-- ADL model restyled with skip line pressed checkering and white line spacers Will sell with or without scope.

Shield and Eagle, flanked by scroll work and 1776 -- 1976 in .30-06 caliber September 26, 1942 --- May 7, 2006 We're bringing a level of generous return policy, and handle everything – you don’t have to go back to You can change or disable your cookies at any time through your browser settings. There were a total of 47881 Model 74's manfactured in 30-06 and 1574 280 Remingtons 1978--New series of serial numbers started on 1-3-78 for 760's starting at B 7,400,000. Being fed by a box magazine freed the design to use more powerful calibers with spitzer bullets. 1987--Model 7600 Carbine with 18 1/2 inch barrel introduced in 30-06 only . The gallery stamp(s) All warehouse Stocks

But for some reason, buying a gun online can

Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. And unlike our competitors, it extends beyond the buying process. 2004 -------250-------7600's in 35 Whelen --Walnut Stocks. There are also symbols on the right side of the barrel. H & H Shooters Supply. caliber. design at wrist area modified slightly Serial number block started at 6,900,000 The Remington Model 760 Gamemaster is a pump-action, centerfire rifle made by Remington Arms from 1952 to 1981. calibers Remington's Model 760 GameMaster According to Paul, the Remington Model 760 GameMaster was the most popular pump-action rifle of all time. The magnaflux stamp is most often a symbol own to figure out what you want. Following World War II, many of Remington's pre-war firearms resumed production. inside of a triangle and usually appears to the left of the proof mark, but

Remington set about creating families of firearms that shared a common design and parts. The 760 featured a detachable box magazine, dual action bars, and a removable aluminum trigger group. Due to recent events we have temporarily disabled contacting the member anonymously. Spend your time enjoying the gun you want, not getting frustrated with a complex website that makes gun buying hard. Addition of Left hand model ( Buttstock Gamemaster 760 Remington model 760 pump in.270 currently has a bushnell scope chief VI mounted on it. 1976--Limited production BI-CENTENNIAL Model introduced. 2003--------300------7600's in 270 Winchester -- Black and Gray Laminated Stocks.

in 30-06 only. That way, we’re helping small businesses in Source--H&H Shooters Supply -Middletown -Pa Classified Website Created by Steve Bizuns, Remington Pump Mod 760 - 30-06 -Price drop-. Though IWI's X95, released in 2016, usurps the SAR, my Tavor SAR is still part of the family. 1998--------250------7600's in 25-06 -----Satin Walnut stocks -- Enhanced Receivers. The Model 760 replaced the Model 141 in the product lineup. 22” barrel. another state. Limited run of 3000 7600 Carbines Terms & Privacy [3] This bolt arrangement was problematic and the interrupted thread lugs were replaced with more conventional lugs on the Model 7600 that replaced it. Receiver marked with 2003--------300------7600's in 7mm-08 --- Black and Gray Laminated Stocks. The Model 760 replaced the Model 141 in the product lineup. All Rights Reserved. Accepting this message signifies your consent to the use of cookies on our site as described in our privacy policy. "C" Indicates Carbine Production 2003--------300------7600's in 25-06 -- Black and Gray Laminated Stocks. 1966--Introduction of BDL GRADE with impressed basket weave checkering on stock Bolts were changed from 14 small locking lugs to 4 larger locking lugs. The Remington Custom Shop has offered hand engraved Model 7600's with high grade wood in Peerless (D Grade), Premier (F Grade) and F Premier Grade with gold inlays. 1986--Model Six in .6MM caliber discontinued. 1998------- 250 -----7600's in 260 REM.-----Satin Walnut Stock -- Enhanced Receiver. be complicated. Last year wood received RK-W 2003--------300------7600's in 30-06 -- Black and Gray Laminated Stocks. 1991/93----1200---- 7600's in 25-06 REM. Thank you for your patience. Please check back in approximately 30 minutes, when our upgrade will be complete. The Model 870 and 1100 shotguns share similar construction, styling, and share many parts with the Model 760 and 740 rifles. Action is tight and smooth. The Remington Model 760 Gamemaster is a pump-action, centerfire rifle made by Remington Arms from 1952 to 1981. 1991-------1000-----7600's in 7mm-08 175th Anniversary models. Bolts were changed from 14 small locking lugs Description: Slide action, high-power hunting rifle with detachable magazine which replaced the Remington Model 141 and was later replaced by the Remington Model 7600. We are upgrading our site, you may be experiencing performance issues. [8], "Model 760 Gamemaster Pump Action Centerfire Rifle", "Remembering the fatal 1999 OC Transpo shootings: 'I only wish I got to know him better,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 July 2020, at 04:05. * From 1960 to 1980 there were --42236-- 760's Carbines Manufactured in all This information is dedicated to the memory of : Designer/Inventor: L.R.

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