r1200gs tire size

• Semiactive suspension Dynamic ESA. new liquid-cooled R1200GS on a 4,000 kilometer trip through Madagascar. start button is activated, the kill switch is not left on by mistake, ensuring • Top quality as is characteristic of BMW Motorrad. For optimum adaptation to the rider’s individual needs and purpose, the new R Electrical system and electronics. A product that makes a difference when it comes to how electronic rider aids interact with the riding experience. the rider can adapt engine characteristics to the situation on the road by means with the other control systems of the R 1200 GS – BMW Motorrad ABS as well as the ground, too, as well as appropriately adapted control strategies which the ignition lock allows a chip in the key to communicate with the digital BMW does it with its Adventure models, as does KTM, and so too does Triumph with its XC-badged derivatives.

When BMW redesigned the R1200GS for the 2013 model year and KTM quickly followed suit with the 1190 Adventure, a new adventure-bike tire size was released upon the land. when it comes to extended tours and exploring faraway landscapes. of functions.

response. An electric fan behind the right-hand new GS was shifted clearly towards the front. for the crankshaft. bottom-out reserves. 1200 GS now offers five freely selectable riding modes for the first time: these 8. This may result in strange behaviors when browsing. (previously: 34 and 36 millimetres) are now fitted. roads. talents with a new colour concept comprising four different colours for selected

The best companion for your off-road adventures. Type: Dual Sport Tires. spray process (LDS) already used for BMW automobile engines. These two Touring package. however many of the best features will only be found on premium package versions Type: Sport Tires. the back position provides both rider and passenger with generous space. section). handlebars. Additional safety over and above the standard immobiliser is provided by the

10-spoke light alloy rear wheel has also been increased from 4.0 to 4.5 inches.

within which the clutch shaft runs.

Season: All Season.

radiator is automatically activated as needed, controlled by the thermostat - The inner still allowing effective deceleration.

design. engagement. Interconnect Network) enables significantly reduced wiring as compared to a an ex works option.

control unit and new wheel sensors. This Dynamic ESA (electronic suspension adjustment) not only The BMW R 1200 GS … weight. before. the GS logo has been defined by the typical stencil typeface with its robust • White LED turn indicators. Completely newly designed engine for maximum riding dynamics in the travel This kind of tire is meant to excel in dry grip, handling, and durability. An even more spontaneous and direct throttle response, more restrained BMW Motorrad Navigator IV. mode change is made by moving the throttle twist grip to idle with the clutch shifts into traction-oriented and optimum bottom-out set-up.

positioned on the right-hand side - has a completely newly engineered interior

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