edit exploded view solidworks

Just as a clarification, you need to do this under whatever configuration you made he exploded view in.

Share what you know. idk). Click here for information about technical support, I acknowledge I have read and I hereby accept the.

Sincerely,The SOLIDWORKS Documentation Team. Do one of the following options to open the Explode All rights reserved. Now take this MULTIBODY PART to the Assembly. Search 'Editing an Explode Step (Assemblies)' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. To provide feedback on individual help topics, use the “Feedback on this topic” link on the individual topic page. You can edit an explode step to add, delete, or reposition components. Create an Exploded View as per requirement and save the file. Use the form below to send your comments and suggestions about this topic directly to our documentation team. How to create an exploded view using Solidworks 1. Click here for information about technical support.

Right click the exploded view and click edit feature.

In the ConfigurationManager, The triad appears in the graphics area and a handle, To move a component along its axis, drag the handle, To change the axis that the component explodes along, Under that you should be able to double click on "explview1" to open your exploded view. My point is- dont just right click on the exploded view button itself and dont just right click on the config tab itself - I dont think those do anything expect maybe let you edit your button display options (? You can edit an explode step to add, delete, or reposition components. Press J to jump to the feed. Search 'Editing an Explode Step (Assemblies)' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. click an axis on the triad, then click.  | Get a Product Demo Cookies help us deliver our Services. Under Explode Steps, click an explode step.  | Privacy Policy  | Get a Product Demo  © 1995-2020 Dassault Systèmes.

Simply go back to the configurations tab and under the exploded view configuration, right click and hit edit feature, the assembly will re-explode. Terms of Use You can edit an explode step while you create the exploded view or after you save the We will contact you if we have questions regarding your feedback. Brilliant, it worked. Is there some way to edit an existing exploded view once I have exited out of the exploded view mode, without having to start completely over?? Then if you want to change the steps instead of just making new ones you have to right click the step and edit step.  | Get a Quote Use the form below to send your comments and suggestions about this topic directly to our documentation team. How to create an exploded view Step 1: Open up your Solidworks Assembly document 2. Wait- you need to right click on the new exploded view you made which can be found in the configurations page. SOLIDWORKS welcomes your feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness of the documentation.

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