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[20][21] Rober posted a follow-up in December 2019, teaming up with Macaulay Culkin and featuring an improved design. [27] Rober tweets his support for those with autism, including his son. [14][15] The following year, Rober launched Digital Dudz, an online Halloween costume company that specializes in Halloween costumes based on the same concept as the video (to which Rober holds the patent).

Feel free to steal any of these ideas and claim them as your own. © by Mark Rober. Repetition doesn't bother him (in fact he prefers it) so my same jokes totally kill every night",,, Pages which use embedded infobox templates with the title parameter, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 21:36. It's been a great investment.

Rober grew up in Orange County, California. [31], "Dirt-Cheap iPhone Trick Captures Great Ape Close-Ups", "How To Come Up With Good Ideas - Mark Rober - TEDxYouth@ColumbiaSC", "Seven Years In the Life of One of the Engineers of the Mars Curiosity Rover", "Capturing Knowledge via an "Intrapedia": A Case Study", "Let a NASA Nerd Show You Some Easy and Awesome April Fools' Pranks", "Skinning a Watermelon Is Your New Labor Day Party Trick", "Shark Week Fact Vs. Fiction: Former NASA Engineer Tests If Sharks Can Smell a Drop of Blood in Ocean", "Ex-NASA Engineer Uses Science to Transform Hot Tub Full of Sand into "Liquid Soup, "How Bill Gates ended up eating pizza rolls on YouTube", "Mark Rober left Nasa to make awesome wearable tech Halloween costumes", "Go Hi-Tech This Halloween With These DIY Costume Videos", "Smartphone wounds and other high-tech Halloween tricks", "A NASA Engineer Builds a Better Halloween Costume", "Digitally animated ugly Christmas sweaters bring the kitsch to a new level", "Select Digital Dudz Media Coverage 2013- Incld GMA, TODAY, Leno, Miley", "Viral glitter bomb video featured fake thieves, creator admits in apology", "A glitter bomb makes for sweet revenge on a package thief", "BYU grad and former NASA engineer teams with Macaulay Culkin for new viral decoy porch prank", "YouTuber Mark Rober Secretly Develops VR for Self-Driving Cars for Apple (EXCLUSIVE)", "A YouTube star with more than 3 million followers has reportedly been working at Apple in secret", "Sunnyvale Resident Glitter Bombs Package Thieves, Gets Discovery Channel Show", "Jimmy Kimmel Prank Series 'Revenge Of the Nerd' Starring YouTuber Mark Rober Ordered By Discovery", "Happy Autism awareness day/month. This was a really exciting build to see in action. Non è possibile visualizzare una descrizione perché il sito non lo consente. Liquid Sand Tub. Former NASA engineer. [8] In 2018, it was reported that Rober had been secretly working on virtual reality projects for Apple Inc.,[25] including the company's on-board entertainment for self-driving cars, for which Rober wrote two virtual reality-related patents. The company which began in Santa Ana, California in 1984 is famous for its highly desirable Fairy, Elf, Santa, and Witch dolls have enjoyed tremendous following from consumers and collectors across the world for over 30 years. The goal of this project was to raise $20,000,000 for the Arbor Day Foundation by 2020, and in exchange, the Arbor Day Foundation would plant one tree for each dollar raised. The Mark Roberts brand symbolizes the best quality and the most elegantly designed products in the wholesale Gift and Home Decor industry. Former NASA and Apple engineer.

Create your own FREE website. [26] Rober worked as a product designer in Apple's Special Projects Group from 2015 to early 2020. [22], Rober has contributed articles to Men's Health,[23] and gave a TEDx presentation in 2015 How to Come Up with Good Ideas[4] and another one entitled The Super Mario Effect - Tricking Your Brain into Learning More.

[6] He published a case study about applying wiki technology in a high-tech organization to develop an "Intrapedia" for the capture of corporate knowledge.

Morphlabs Costume Wizards - Mark Rober Mark is the leader of all the Morph Costume Wizards. Mark B. Rober (born 1980 or 1981)[1] is an American YouTuber, engineer and inventor.

Massive Nerf Gun.

Turns out.

Notable YouTubers who took part in the project were iJustine, the Slow Mo Guys, Marques Brownlee, Hannah Stocking, PewDiePie, The Try Guys, AsapScience, Smarter Every Day, How Ridiculous, Half as Interesting, Life Noggin, It's Okay to be Smart, and HowToBasic. SUPPORT MY CHANNEL: My Workbench. [13] His video of the "gaping hole in torso" costume went viral, receiving 1.5 million views in just one day.

The company took in $250,000 in revenue in its first three weeks of operations, and by 2013 his app-integrated costumes were sold in retail stores such as Party City.

As a kid, he began tinkering with engineering, including making a pair of goggles that helped avoid tears while cutting onions.

I built this workbench with my brother over the course of 3 days. News, Discovery Channel, The Today Show and GMA,[18] He sold the company to UK-based costume company Morphsuits in 2013. Current YouTuber and friend of science.

I built this workbench with my brother over the course of 3 days.

He is known for his YouTube videos on popular science, do-it-yourself gadgets and creative ideas.
[4] He designed and delivered hardware on several JPL missions, including AMT, GRAIL, SMAP, and Mars Science Laboratory. [1] He advocates for science, making videos testing the ability for sharks to smell blood in water,[10] fluidized sand[11] and water purification. [4], Rober joined NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in 2004. MrBeast and Rober worked with YouTubers across the globe in an effort to make this come true.

Program details visit the Evine program and channel guide here:, Mark Roberts Limited Edition Collectible Official Mark Roberts Christmas Decors Fairies Elves Santas. [29], Rober moved to Sunnyvale, California, in 2015, where he lives with his wife and son.

I love Golf and Destin loves rockets so it was pretty obvious what needed to be done for our collab. [6] While at NASA, Rober was one of the primary architects for "JPL Wired", which was a comprehensive knowledge capture wiki. Mark Rober Build Instructions.

Flying Selfie Phone Case. [7], During his time at NASA, Rober began making viral videos.

The front door swivels up like a garage door. It's been a great investment.

Create your own FREE website. SUPPORT MY CHANNEL: My Workbench.

Rocket Golf Club.

Snowball Machine Gun. LED Edge …

[30], In August 2020, during a video filming sharks in the Bahamas, Rober revealed that he tested positive for COVID-19, delaying production of his video.

Design your product, set a price, and start selling. Mark B. Rober (born 1980 or 1981) is an American YouTuber, engineer and inventor.He is known for his YouTube videos on popular science, do-it-yourself gadgets and creative ideas. [16], In December 2018, Rober posted a video showing how he tricked parcel thieves with an engineered contraption that sprayed glitter on the thieves, emitted a foul odor, and captured video of the thieves. Several of his videos have gone viral, including one where he made a digital Halloween costume and one where a trap for package thieves that releases a fountain of ultra-fine glitter was constructed. He later worked for four years at Apple Inc. as a product designer in their Special Projects Group, where he authored patents involving virtual reality in self-driving cars. Several of his videos have gone viral, including one where he made a digital Halloween costume and one where a trap for package thieves that releases a fountain of ultra-fine glitter was constructed. [5] He worked there for nine years, seven of which were spent working on the Curiosity rover, which is now on Mars.

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