how to put a red dot on a 1911

– [New Ways In 2020], 6 Best Optics For Tavor X95 Bullpulp Rifle. I appreciate it guys.". I'm actually going to have a conversion made for my S.A. trophy match from them.

In Bullseye matches and many other types of competition lasers are not allowed. I personally would go with the Burris mounted in the dovetail. Whether you’re shooting 9mm or 45ACP, it significantly elevates the experience with this classic pistol. I figured if milling was necessary I would pick my 1911 that seems to have the worst sights. Edit: let me know what you go with. Some with optics installed.

I would say this is more of an issue on a 22lr. I'd rather not use the bottom one so I guess how would I go about the top one? Hey there r/1911 I'm posting the same thing I just did on r/guns and forgot this sub was here. I haven't decided that yet, I just know that my vision is getting worse faster and faster. Been thinking 'bout playing with a red dot on a handgun just to see how I like it. If you google you will find several. 34.7k members in the 1911 community. Looks like drilling & tapping of the fame is necessary for what I'm looking for: I'm not crazy about drilling my frame. The OP didn't state his intended use but, he did mention Bullseye. So essentially I can just buy a new slide with the red dot already on, and just pop that on the gun? I wouldn't bother with that on 1911's. I have favored C-More's for my 1911's. Depending on which route you want, I can provide you information on how I did mine. I’d start with deciding what brand, then asking a local gunsmith how much and their turnaround time.

I used to have one of these! I have a S&W 1911 Performance Center .45 ACP and would like to mount a Reddot sight on it, but I do not want to have to drill and tap the slide or frame. Edit: here is a pic of the exo slide they make.Edit 2 they have 2 different styles of slides. The 509 Tactical is pretty sweet. Rear sight dovetail optic mount is the cheapest way to go, and slide cut is the second-best option instead of spending $2500 or more on an optic ready 1911 handgun. Even here in Canada it would only cost $230CAD and we usually get screwed over on anything gun related. A down side to this is it would prevent you from ccw with your pistol. 1911 pistol is an American classic weapon that many people love. Yes you can get a dovetail mount for a Burris fastfire system: “Is that a pistol in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! No going back after that. Every steel you hit with the help of using a reflex sight is a satisfying feeling. When all the striker-fired pistols such as GLOCK are showing off their red dot sights, it’s time to bring out something unique! Installing a red dot on a 1911 pistol is simple, and the gun can accept a red dot sight through 3 different methods: Milling the slide can be pricey, and it’s a permeant modification for only fitting one particular optic. Priced at $169.50 it's cheaper than having yours machined. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Great pistol! How To Mount Red Dot On GLOCK Pistols Without Milling The Slide, Can You Put A Red Dot On A Beretta 92fs? Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. just bring it to a gunsmith they can tap and mill it if you want to throw a red dot on it., New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Any gunsmith should be able to do an RMR cut for you (or any other specified sight milling). Do what you want and make it cool according to your own wants and needs! I’ll happily buy it. If it has a rail then get this, it's called a bridge mount or something. Cost wise as well? lol I hear alot of hate from kimber but I've know people that have owned this same gun and never had a problem with it. and then any recommended cheaper optic would be nice too. I'm personally not a fan of mounting the optic in the dovetail just because it makes it sit so high off the slide it will change your POI between 10-50 yds, alot. If it were mine I’d keep the original slide factory and buy a replacement slide that’s been cut and just swap it. Also it's a 22lr, I wouldn't go all out and spend hundreds on a rmr, I would grab a cheap Bushnell or something that would be durable enough for a 22lr. IMO.

Which Company Does Slide Optic Cut For 1911 Pistols? I recently mounted a FFIII on my Kimber Gold Match 45 with the sight dovetail mount. Experienced as a certified NRA range safety officer. Shooting it with a reflex optic is a game-changer. Look at CW accessories.

There are many options out there, and most of them are for the Trijicon RMR, and the best one I found is the Trijicon AC32058 1911 Novak low mount. any gun suggestions?

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Get a red dot dude. But usually they are more expensive. is a participant in the Services LLC Associates, Impact Radius & ShareASale Affiliate Programs, affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, & I don't know how the rear sight is mounted, but I don't see a dovetail to use something like a Doctor Optics Red Dot. 1911's are a little thin for many applications though and there are probably better guns to do this with, but your gun...go for it. Out of all the services out there I find the following services that provide great service and quality without being too expensive.

You could also get a frame mounted base for the red dot. consider going CT laser grips. Simply, remove the rear iron sight and install the dovetail optic mount adapter there. I don't shoot very well to begin with but I enjoy it. There’s also a r/gunsmith sub. "Most guides and threads I've looked up on this are sort of dated or not really helpful to be honest. "Most guides and threads I've looked up on this are sort of dated or not really helpful to be honest. Simple solution, get a grip and rail system from Recover Tactical and then head over to for the mount. Is this a TLE II? ^Thanks, Jeff, but I was looking for some details on how. This is a non-permeant modification to your pistol and it’s more affordable. We can even recoat the slide for a few bucks more. Leave it as is. Rmr cuts start at around 125$ We aim for a 2 week turn around.

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