dc trickster vs joker

He mocks the established order, and even the idea that there could be an order at all, and introduces irony and absurdity where once existed truth and sacredness. When Darkseid consults with the Quintessence (a super pact of the universe's most powerful celestial beings), the lord god of Apololips is horrified to discover that Joker has already infected the minds of the Wizard SHAZAM, Ganthet, Zeus, the Phantom Stranger, and All Father--with a 2000 Budweiser commercial reference (Wazzup!).

The character returned in the Justice League animated series, CW's The Flash, and a brilliant short that features Mark Hamill being captured by the Trickster and a certain clown he's known for playing. As a friend of mine pointed out, The Dark Knight is one of the only superhero movies in which the villain achieves what he wants. DC’s Green Lantern Allies Explained, Black Widow Just Easily Took Down A Longtime Spider-Man Villain, Deadpool Just Got A Massive, Yet Tragic Power Upgrade, DC Comics Unveils Newest Wonder Woman, Nubia, Constantine's Movie Weapon Is Going To Save DC's Universe, The Justice League Was Saved By A Depressed Chimp, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin Review, Ms. Marvel's Forgotten Superpower Is Her Most Dangerous One, Ninja Turtles: Last Ronin is A Vintage, Bloody '80s Spectacular. What do you think? Who Are The Indigo Lanterns? An avid cosplayer, Dorian Black can be found throughout social media hosting and managing events while masquerading as Batman, Superman, Pin-Head, Casey Jones, and SHAZAM (yes, the character’s real name is Captain Marvel). Related: Joker's New Girlfriend Punchline Is The ANTI-Harley Quinn. The Joker cannot be confined to his human personage. When Dorian is not on the clock, he is also a big fan of photography—behind the camera, in front of the camera, and photo editing on his tablet. • In the live action television series The Flash (1990–1991), the Trickster was played by Mark Hamill. While the trickster figure often only operates in mythic time, and is not conceived as a living figure, his role in mythology is as a disruptor to black-and-white conceptions of the cosmos. They are matched in emotional damage, dangerous mischief, and genius-level criminal mastery, but they are unmatched in fighting ability and training in the mystic arts, of which Loki has the best advantage. Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more comic book movie news and hypothetical character battles here on CinemaBlend. I spend a lot of my time on the mechanics of mythology, which is my way of excusing myself for reading Harry Potter when I should be studying the Qur’an. Mxy gets his powers back, but Superman makes him promise never to return to Earth again. Related: Batman And Captain America Once Teamed Up To Fight Joker And Red Skull. He has experienced some of the wildest nerd nightlife that America has to offer, meeting some truly talented fandom-inspired innovators in the entertainment industry along the way. Meaning is no longer found in the traditional mythological tales of bards, prophets, and princesses. However, 5th Dimensional Imps are great at not causing permanent damage to the fabric of reality and usually clean up after themselves when they leave. (“Yeah, I’m Jerry Seinfeld’s cousin. As a friend of mine pointed out, The Dark Knight is one of the only superhero movies in which the villain achieves what he wants. Underestimating someone like the Joker is always a bad idea, and Mxy's arrogance cost him nearly all his 5th Dimensional abilities. The answer to both questions is the same--Mr. Mxyzptlk. Did Star Wars' Darth Vader Inspire A Marvel Supervillain? Most people who are familiar with the 5th Dimensional Imp know him from Superman: the Animated Series, where he was voiced by Gilbert Gottfried.

Having attended San Diego Comic-Con every year since 2004, he stays current on all the latest news relating to the world of superheroes, science fiction, and high fantasy. He may have the confidence to brave an opponent like the Joker, but he is too ignorant to realize just who he is messing with…. The Joker embodied and created chaos, and Gotham is forever affected. Mxy adds that even reality-bending gods have to follow the rules of the universes they create. By draining the powers of one of Superman's most notorious villains, The Joker once became the ultimate god of chaos - crazy, even for him. Just as many a battle against humans have ended for him, Loki would be too distracted by his own hubris to predict (or even comprehend) how a mere mortal could defeat him, but Joker always has a plan (Joker Venom mixed with steroids to increase his strength or a quick read-up at Sanctum Santorum's library) to ensure he has the laugh. He also makes Bizarro Earth's number one hero and Jimmy Olsen his sidekick, Gravedigger Lad. The God of Mischief and the Clown Prince of Crime have become the heroes of their respective universes’ darker sides and only continue to grow more influential, with Todd Phillips’ unfathomably bleak Joker taking home Oscars and Tom Hiddleston reprising his Marvel character in his own Disney+ spin-off series. Marvel Theory: The Avengers Are Getting Biblical in 2021, Aquaman Once Busted a Drug Smuggling Dolphin, DC's Batgirl Was Originally Created As a Halloween Costume, John Constantine & The Devil Make a Love Connection in DC Comics, Daredevil Used His Blindness To Start A Boxing Career, Even Aquaman Was Originally in Love With Wonder Woman. We’re, like, really close.”) There’s something so fundamental about trying to construct a worldview, and then convince other people that it’s absolutely true. There is no negotiating with him, for there is nothing he wants. Aside from comics, Dorian also has a passion for filmmaking, having graduated with a degree in Film and Electronic Arts from CSULB with an emphasis in production. When it comes to trickster gods, most think of Marvel's Loki. Admittedly, Loki’s impressive sorcery is not without its limitations, such as suffering weakness in magical effectiveness on realms outside of Asgard and, despite his extrasensory abilities, he cannot read nor control the minds of others. Emperor Joker is so powerful, even other divine beings are forced to submit to his will.

It would be unwise to let that clownish makeup distract you from how dangerous this man truly is for, despite his chemically induced mania, his criminal mastery is equivalent to the genius-level intellect of Batman. And that's just the start of the evil wackiness Emperor Joker inflicts on reality. 6 The Joker While the Trickster does have his fans, Mark Hamill's most iconic DC role without a doubt goes to the Clown Prince Of Crime: the Joker. The question is, which one of big baddies is the biggest and the baddest? The JOKER Once Became DC's Trickster God (For Real) By draining the powers of one of Superman's most notorious villains, The Joker once became the ultimate god of chaos - crazy, even for him. In contemporary times, mythology  has been relocated. In fact, I would argue that Joker has the advantage on Loki mentally based simply on the fact that, while the God of Mischief's greatest weakness is his superiority inferiority complex, the Joker has no such flaw for he is way too damaged already to fall to the mercy of his ego. So how did the Joker become so obscenely powerful? Long story short, he's a godlike being who resembles a Keebler Elf dressed as a Jetsons character and he uses his reality-warping abilities to cross dimensions every 90s days to pester Superman, and only leaves when tricked into saying his name backwards.

He is a force of chaos not only in the world of Gotham, but also in our own conception of mythology and heroism.

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