low voter turnout essay

Voter percentage seems to be on the decline as the years go on. “Voter Apathy”

Market forces, demand and supply, move in opposite directions with respect to price changes. This begs the question, why is voter turnout significantly lower in the US compared to the rest of the first world and other OECD countries? This is economic sense but nevertheless this positive economic statement about the predictable behavior of the consumer does not hold true when the demand patterns for Giffen and inferior goods are factored in. Here the independent variable is the reported political contact, leaving the dependent variable to... ...Voter turnout and political efficacy amongst a people are crucial to the proper maintenance of a democratic society. Some people argue that lower voter turnout is not necessarily bad. The procedure at times is more complicated than voting itself. In Praise of Low Voter Turnout In his book, the praise of low voter turnout, Krauthammer Charles identifies some of the challenges American faces as renowned democratic country. Out of twenty-one democracies, the United States placed twentieth in voter turnout for presidential elections. He also continues to write that most challenges of the democracy are the level of literacy a country enjoys. Americans do not vote enough, so they cannot possibly make a change in government when they are not exercising one of their, In the 2012 United States Presidential election 58.2 percent of the registered voters turnout out to vote (IDEA).

However, there was a low young voter turnout in favor of Obama in recent elections. ... Italy has and 94% voter turnout, Australia with a 84% voter turnout, Israel 82%, France 77%, the U.K. 75%, Japan 73%, and Canada with a 67% voter turnout.

Unlike in swing states, where the turnout of voters is higher, in Taxes the complete control is gained by the Republicans, Democrats also controlling it for a century a decade ago("The two-party system," 2013).What is more, citizens are prone not to vote when there is an obvious domination of one of the candidates.Thus, in Texas even when there was an attempt from the third parties to transform the political landscape that could hardly change the voti... Reasons for Low Voter Turnout There are many reasons that account for low voter turnout.

In Hunk 15: Political Participation, or Who Votes, apathy is a professional explanation for low turnout in the US. The government cannot be representative of the people, unless the people elect its representatives. Voters ages 18-29 were either in college or trying to find work which is very challenging considering the rise of tuition and the difficulty of finding a job in this economy. So why is turn-out so low in the U.S? The writer says that this will avert the otherwise option of electing leaders with respect to party line, race and ethnicity (Cooper 177).

...Effects of Voter Turnout: Natural Experiment vs. Field Experiment Voting is the civic duty of every American citizen that is eligible to vote. As former US President Dwight David Eisenhower once quoted, “The future of this republic is in the hands of the American voter,” and for this reason political scientists commonly inquire on what factors cause a variance in voter turnout.

Advertising in 2012 was also extremely negative, especially at the presidential level, and frequently evoked the emotion of anger.

This has led to the citizens absconding elections and engaging in other businesses that they deem important. There are many steps that could be taken to increase voter turnout in the United States. In relation to the low young voter turnout, voters (especially ages 22-29) most likely did not vote because they were disillusioned with Obama’s performance since the 2008 elections. UNDERSTANDING OF THE ISSUE: One of those factors is voter registration; the process of voter registration is a major obstacle of voting. This being said does it matter to American’s who is running in the election? Demographic characteristics associated with low voter turnout are a result of the nature of people. ... Out of twenty-one democracies, the United States placed twentieth in voter turnout for presidential elections. Having a say in the American government is an honor and a privilege bestowed upon American citizens when they reach the age of eighteen. In Hunk 15: Political Participation, or Who Votes, apathy is a professional explanation for low turnout in the US. ; or education, does a person’s level of education cause variance in their turnout? By looking at demographic characteristics and institutional obstacles associated with nonvoting, we may begin taking steps to understand the reasons for such low voter turnout.

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