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In Trials and Adulations!, Mamoswine was injured during a battle against a wild Aggron; Dawn and her Pokémon used the first aid skills Brock taught her in Doc Brock!

With Sword and Shield, players can only catch Pokémon equivalent to or lower than their current level. While Trainers can teach their Pokémon HM moves and use them in battle, Trainers require the appropriate Badge to use them in the overworld in Generations I through IV as well as Generation VI. Over at her gym, the challenge ahead of you is a simple one: Battle three gym trainers in a row, and answer a question during every match. In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum and Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! This ruling was introduced during a Pokémon Association meeting in the Gold, Silver & Crystal chapter, to give Trainers incentive to challenge Gym Leaders, and remove the perception of Badges being seen as tools for evil. The first trainer battles you with the duo of Pelipper and Sliggoo, the second trailer has Ninetales and Turtanator and the final hurdle throws Abomasnow and Hakama-o at you. In one case, it even managed to attack a Pokémon without Ash even telling it to do so. Although Badges are not required to use any of the HMs outside of battle, some HMs cannot be obtained until after obtaining certain Badges. The best bet though is to make certain that you have a Fairy-Type ready to rock and roll, with a stop on Route 5 to capture a Swirlix being the obvious choice for a quick victory. It is shaped like a heart, with two sides closing in, possibly in reference to how Tate and Liza are twins.

The most notable example of this are the Badges in the Kanto region. Trainers with Badges not seen in the games include: Gary acquired more than the standard eight Kanto League Badges, thus leading to confusion as to whether or not there is a fixed number of Badges that can be given out in a particular region. This is the third Badge in Diamond and Pearl, but the fourth in Platinum. Professor Juniper recommended that it have a Double Battle with her new Accelgor, which also evolved during the trade, against Ash's Boldore and Cilan's Crustle. The same unknown red Badge that Barry owns is shown at the end of An Old Family Blend!. This suggests that there are Gyms in locations which do not appear in the games and therefore more than eight Gyms in each region. It is in the shape of a light blue raindrop. It is possible to obtain certain Badges in a non-linear order. However, during the P1 Grand Prix, Ash saved Primeape from a dangerous fall, and it began to respect and listen to Ash. Even willingly joining Ash's party didn't automatically ensure its obedience; in A Battle of Aerial Mobility!, when a wild Fletchling upset Bonnie by stealing a Berry that she was trying to feed to a Dedenne, Froakie attacked the Tiny Robin Pokémon and refused to obey Ash's instructions to back down and leave it to Pikachu. In The Indigo Finals, Ash's Charizard was revealed to have disobeyed Ash sometime before the 88th Pokémon League. You’re halfway done with … With the pitfalls cleared, Gordie is ready to rock and roll: His team is naturally weak towards Grass, Steel, Water and Fighting-types, so players who chose anyone but Scorbunny have an advantage here. Trainers do not necessarily have to win a battle with the Gym Leader in order to earn a Badge, and Gym Leaders can be quite lenient about giving out Badges. However, when they did perform, their attacks would be devastating, thanks to being over-leveled.

On it is a design shaped like an ice cube. On it is a design shaped like a dragon's face and neck when viewed from the side.

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