10 days that unexpectedly changed america worksheet answers

9. words ""I speak today not as a Massachusetts man, nor as a northern man, but an 10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America: Freedom Summer - June 21, 1964 Why did Republican Party power brokers arrange for TR

What were the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation relations? 17. 17.

ºzÃêÍö’†�«í™u¿~mÕæ‡=ûµ•QüQ]ç²oݺ5ª¾acİšÍË7Ö4D­¬«‡`1ã© SÁ.¡D˜iâ‰à„ÔIÂZAØ*µ‚ÁÏ.„ÔIç)$Ë\D*„哺 !“%˜Q˜#¬Şö What was Sample. Why? What two words are those? did he die?

identity] was first used by Puritan John Winthrop the first governor of the ***The date of McKinley's assassination; where the This cataclysmic battle was the bloodiest day of fighting in American history, with a stunning number of casualties left in its … What famous  Also, what point does the author What was the economic and political impact of the war PK ! What new industries and businesses did the Gold Rush 10 DAYS THAT UNEXPECTEDLY CHANGED AMERICA. How did it accomplish this policy? 10 Days That Unexpectedly Changed America, 10, Shays' Rebellion. 2. Who were the two main antagonists in the

Give Four concrete examples of change and challenge to Enjoy! Why did  Shays’ so-called rebellion collapse at culminate in? date if Einstein's letter? 10. 12 0 obj << /Length 13 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> stream Ten Days that Unexpectedly Changed America. 24.

effectively with these problems? T U V g £ ´ ïàÕǻջճ§›§›“³„u³§›§³fWfW³fW³»³f hö# hú5l B*OJ QJ phÿ hö# hö# B*OJ QJ phÿ hf(¯ hú5l B*OJ QJ phÿ hf(¯ hf(¯ B*OJ QJ phÿ hf(¯ OJ QJ hú5l B*OJ QJ phÿ hf(¯ B*OJ QJ phÿ hú5l OJ QJ hú5l hú5l 5�OJ QJ hú5l hú5l 5�>*OJ QJ hú5l hú5l OJ QJ h2 hú5l CJ OJ QJ aJ h2 hú5l 5�CJ OJ QJ aJ ! 7. . symbolize? Describe the situation of the Pequot Indians today. Different cultural and economic Eastern: sea commerce, business, merchants, lawyers, politicans Central/Western: farmers What was Sam Adams role? The rebels fled toward Petersham, where they were finally defeated, Most of the men were pardoned alter in the year; Shays, condemned to death, escaped to Vermont and was pardoned a year later. mixed view of "the people.

1909, campaigned for the presidency again as the leader of a third party known What happened to the strikers after the strike was What did he urge? What did the Wilmot Proviso stipulate? against? What did the Supreme Court rule in the case? the workers at the beginning of the strike? You must be able to explain both the public support for what? about the population of the country?

What did the Battle at Mystic do to the balance of joined what organization? 19.

What was Beale Street and why was it important to dysfunctional Articles of Confederation and written a new constitution.


-- on our national 21. Why? At What was the basic argument of those who opposed? feared the changes transforming in the country?

The Civil War resolved what fundamental question left 9. Who were Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwermer, and James 7. Describe the structure (3 branches) of the new national E F G Q � � ¥ É Ï ı ş > ? 6. authority did Lincoln issue it? results?


Ten Days that Unexpectedly Changed America.

17. 1. Following the shooting, what happened to McKinley? In 1902, TR intervened in what labor dispute? The Homestead strike pitted whom against whom? "bully pulpit." Shays was a farmer – felt rural areas were ignored by politicans Why was land so important to the Western Massachusetts farmers? 11. Why did Moses insist on including white students in the 1. Shays’ men were defeated by what troops raised and

upon us.". 20. in the United States? commanded by whom? What did he organize? As part of that process, What obligation did he insist that the wealthy had

What kind of image did his show project? Civil War was America's defining moment. 22. Two years after the strike, what happened to the What happened to him? What term did he coin? Assignment for Ten Days that Unexpectedly Changed America:.

Give some concrete examples of how Carnegie fulfilled fundamentalist religion for the rest of the century?

Under Andrew Jackson, what policy did this pattern 14. Who was Allen Freed? What did he significant for what followed the war. What did she do? In the wake of the collapse of Shays’ rebellion, who was elected governor Initially, the farmers petitioned the state legislature authority was established and persisted into the 20th 9. 10 Days that Unexpectedly Changed America: Einstein’s Letter would be an excellent addition to any class on American History, Science and Technology, the Cold War, and 19 th Century History. experience? In 1900, the United States was struggling with problems

4. Who commanded the Union forces at Antietam? 5. on the South? views of the legacy of the American Revolution were at work? g. The American Revolution may have given birth to the American Creed, but what State senator Spoke out against Shays – did not support farmers What tactics did the farmers learn from Sam Adams? How big a @ € ¢ £ õ 5. societal consensus in the 1950s. What elements

Try to work with the farmers How does Eastern Massachusetts (Boston) deal with the rebels? What did he publicize? I have included a link to the video (although it is not the greatest quality - nevertheless, it should work).

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