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Just got order confirmation yesterday with a message saying they'll forward my order to the warehouse and it will take an additional 1-5 days to ship from there. Very professional group all around 0/10 will not use them for any sort of NFA product again. Add that to the 3-5 days transit time and it could be 2+ weeks before I get my order. Sad because I BUY a lot of stuff. No reply from my 7/13/20 email inquiry, no reply from my "Contact Us" submission on 7/19/20. Press J to jump to the feed. However after reading reviews stating you all taking money when the actual product is not in stock or taking months to ship orders have me skeptical about placing my order.

3 reviews of BattleHawk Armory "First time buyer from BattleHawk and Adam came through with flying colors. The owner posts every now and then. I purchased a can from them on 4/15/2020. Press J to jump to the feed.

I read the warnings here. He also provided incentive to shop with his company in the future. You have to decide if the wait is worth it for you.

I place a second order and notify him of doing so. Even Amazon is struggling in this pandemic.

It’s the 9th today and nothing. I replied how about issue a credit and I would reorder. Spear Head and Swords, Scandinavian and Rhenish, c. 10th-11th century By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I received the item yesterday (5/21) and it was in pristine shape. I just read their T&C's where they confirm that they're a drop-shipper. Press J to jump to the feed. It would probably influence me to leave my review and evidence of him being incompetent on other websites and forums instead of deleting it as he asked multiple times in a shady and unprofessional manner. He replied to p[lace a second order and he would immediately refund the first order.

Tracking still not updated as of this post and only by quoting u/BATTLEHAWK-ARMORY here do I get any comms in return.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. We value freedom of speech as much as we do the right to keep and bear arms. I never leave reviews but this is just not right and I feel that other people should be warned. I expected it to be slow due to the notice on their site, but I figured this wasn't a firearm so it would be a little quicker. Website inventory is accurate, we are working hard to resolve any issues we had in the past, but online inventory should be live and accurate. Update number two: Shortly after providing the first update, the owner asked me to delete the post entirely to get back in the good graces of reddit, I guess he is banned on r/gundeals or something.

Yeah....... Battlehawk Armory / Hawkphin Sales LLC is on the no-fly list.

Discuss firearms, politics, 2nd amendment news.

Give the guy a break it's a stressful time right now delete the post already... Shit happens. All the products were fine but you will have to wait. Their website too has not been updated with any new information.

It has been 21 days now. I have a tracking number but no actual shipment.

The latest ones are on Oct 30, 2020 GTFOH...maybe I'm out of line since I've only just placed an firearm order with them (10/21) and am waiting on a warehouse fulfillment, but this is such a lame move...dude is obviously overwhelmed, but clearly wants to keep his name in good standing and is willing to make a shitty situation right... A community of hobbyists interested in NFA items, topics, history, and news. And now I'm left with a CC protest to get my money back after a 30 day interest free loan. Pretty sure they are a drop shipper but I just wanted some reassurance. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I’m surprised they haven’t messaged me offering to pay me to take this post down.

Right now, for me, it is at 19 business days (27 calendar days) since the order was placed.

It is a place to follow up with purchases or experiences on websites that can be posted to /r/GunDeals. If people have had other experiences, including more good ones, please post!

TL;DR. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I contacted them and it turns out the item went out of stock before they submitted the order (but they were able to take my money).

Yeah, no email received on 6/28 in my Inbox or SPAM. Battlehawk-Armory you guys have a particular firearm in stock that I've been searching the web for all day.

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