hades how to unlock weapon aspects

I took him on with the Twin Fists of Malphon and he made some foreshadowing comment about destiny or fate or whatever. However, you gain access to the powerful Dragon Rush move, and each level boosts that move's damage and area of effect. Each level raises how much your speed is boosted by. It is, of course, a ranged weapon. The Stygian Blade is your default weapon at the start of the game - and was once held by Poseidon. As with all other weapons in Hades, the Eternal Spear has four different weapon aspects available to the player.

Each of the Stygian Blade weapon aspect options can be leveled up independently at the cost of Titan Blood. Hades, the Greek mythology-themed action-roguelike from Supergiant Games, ostensibly gives you six weapons to play with.

The special? Beyond that, each one has four “aspects,” or weapon-altering forms. At the House of Hades, you can also wait around for the Wretched Broker to sell Titan Blood from the limited deals, or check your Fated List to see if there are any conditions you can complete to gain Titan Blood rewards. The Adamant Rail is a gun. Its special is an area-of-effect attack that fires multiple arrows flayed out at once.

The more you upgrade, the better an aspect will be - so here's the effects and the associated costs so you can decide where to focus: As you'd expect, Varatha, aka the Eternal Spear, offers a slightly more ranged take on a melee weapon.

Manage Cookies / Privacy Policy, Write for TechRaptor Each level up raises how many shots are fired with each special attack. By the way, if you do something story-wise, then those conversations will happen first before any weapon-revealing dialogue appears. Check out our other Hades guides right here too! There’s also a narrative impetus to unlock this stuff. You can certainly try to equip their respective keepsakes whenever you start an escape attempt just to give you a bit of an edge, and maybe they’ll show up sooner. For the bow (Aspect of Rama), you need to speak with Artemis, who will give you the special phrase to wake up the hidden aspect of the bow. The special attack of the Adamant Rail is basically a grenade launcher. Can’t help you there. You can unlock these extra aspects in Skelly’s chamber, right before you start each run, by forking over some hard-earned Titan’s Blood. First, you need to purchase the Fated List of Minor prophecies from the House Contractor. You only need to reveal this last aspect and not really buy it in order for the other ones to appear. How much damage the Aura absorbs for you raises with each rank up. But you might notice that the fourth and final one is shrouded for each. Every time you reload, your first shot afterwards is an 'Empowered' shot that deals more damage. You'll need to have unlocked three different Weapon Aspects and the Fated List of Minor Prophecies for a start, and you'll also need to reach the final boss - which isn't the end of the game at all, as there's plenty still to do in order to reach the true ending to Hades. This aspect actually changes the functionality of your special to the Blitz Disc, which passes through enemies and comes to stop at a point until recalled, rather than bouncing off them. The Twin Fists are low damage but extremely fast, which balances out. Before you can unlock any of the other hidden weapon aspects in Hades, you first need to unlock the one for the spear (Aspect of Guan Yu).

Play Hades all you want for the (really, really good) action, but for me the narrative is the main draw. After using the Bull Rush move (defend, then release), your next special use will throw out extra shield projectiles. The sword’s Aspect of Arthur, for instance, can create an area that slows down any enemy that enters it. Arthur, Beowulf, Gilgamesh—you may have noted that each aspect is tied to a legend unaffiliated with Greek mythology. As you’re making your way through Elysium, keep an eye out for chamber rewards that have a skull on the bottom of the bubble. Whether or not these hidden aspects are good is a matter of opinion and playstyle. You can charge attacks, let rip with a Zelda-style spin attack, and even throw the spear with your special in a method similar to the Shield. Winning over the Furies will nab you a Titan Blood reward, so you don’t necessarily have to finish the whole escape attempt—although doing so will definitely help you win another Titan Blood reward from Hades himself, and maybe one you can buy from Charon’s shop in the Temple of Styx. How to unlock Weapon Aspects in Hades It's important to note that Weapon Aspects are an upgrade available later in the game. Given the arcane nature of how Hades works, you wouldn’t be wrong to wonder: How in the Hades do I get that last aspect? Then, in your next run when you encounter him as a solo mini-boss again, he’ll give you the phrase, even if the fists are not equipped. It once belonged to Hades, and its long-ranged attacks can be extremely useful for keeping enemies at bay. Each level up reduces how rough the debuff on your health is. I didn’t uncover a single hidden aspect until after I completed my first run. It’s another neat plot device in a game already chock-full of them. Initially, you only have the Stygian Blade … It’s cheap (20 gemstones) and also opens up an expansive list of optional objectives, all of which will in turn line your coffers with even more currency. To unlock, talk to Artemis through her Boons after beginning to unlock the 4th Aspects. Level 1: 30% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood, Level 2: 38% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood, Level 3: 45% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood, Level 4: 53% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood, Level 5: 60% Shared Suffering Damage / 3 Titan Blood. That's the only way to describe it; it's a great big mythological gun that was once owned by HEstia. Each level boosts the Attack & Casting bonus damage that is rewarded for four seconds after using the special. These variations force you to approach runs creatively from both strategic (“Okay, what boons are now best with this weapon?”) and tactical (“Okay, how should I use this new move against the Hydra?”) perspectives. Next up is the first major ranged weapon you get your hands on in hades - the Heart-Shaped Bow. Like every weapon in hades, the Coronacht has a range of Weapon Aspects, each of which has five levels. A version of the fists might magnetically pull foes toward you. (As a bonus: Defeating him will slash his health significantly for Elysium’s final boss battle.) A particular bow aspect might automatically target an enemy, for instance.

You could spend forever trying to get the dialogue to trigger, or be lucky enough to have them pop up in your next run. Once Achilles reveals the chant to get the Aspect of Guan Yu, talk to Varatha. After 12 normal attacks, your special will have bonus hits. The key weapons, known as Infernal Arms, can grow and change in a variety of ways. What’s certain is that, unlike the three initial aspects, they’re significantly game-changing.

Each level increases how much extra bonus damage you get for 8 seconds after aborbing your own special. Each level increases the damage of these empowered shots: Level 1: 50 Empowered Shot Damage / 2 Titan Blood, Level 2: 75 Empowered Shot Damage / 2 Titan Blood, Level 3: 100 Empowered Shot Damage / 3 Titan Blood, Level 4: 125 Empowered Shot Damage / 4 Titan Blood, Level 5: 150 Empowered Shot Damage / 5 Titan Blood.

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