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If you are not bubbled by an Interdictor or HIC, your enemies might have less than 5 points of warp scrambling strength on you. Just warp to any object and immediately activate your MWD for one cycle.

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A  carrier hull costs more than 1 billion ISK already, but you also need the capital sized modules and a bunch of fighters which comes to at least 2 billion ISK you need to spend for the hull with fitting. • WS-615 (approx 175mil ISK)

The next big question is which Anomalies should you be running and there are really only three that I’ve seen mentioned: There is a trick for Havens to determine if the one you’re going to is a Rock Haven or not.

I did not loot the wrecks or salvaged anything in the sites. This is actually they key part of carrier ratting. Which is sad because I trained off and on for a long time to get to that Holiest of Holy's, took a bored break, came back and BAM...fighters only. Kill order for rats: By refitting to all WCS in the lows you might just be able to warp off to safety.

Relatively tedious, highly repetitive, highly active, high payout – smartbomb ratting. With the latest changes to Carriers you shoot the Frigates with the guns and use the missiles to shoot Battleships and the NPC Capitals if they spawn, When you’re a couple of Rats away from clearing the site start aligning to your next one.

** There is no trick for Sanctums or Hordes, you have to warp to all of them (ideally in a fast ship) in order to find out what they are. [Thanatos, Ratting] Serpentis -> Kinetic -> Dragonfly.

If you solo popped carrier with subcap - he was definitely floating somewhere afk.

Carriers are a big investment, don’t take chances with Neutrals.

“How To Carrier Rat and Get DANK Ticks!” • Replace the T2 drone modules with Faction variants as your ISK/risk comfort level allows

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Fighter Support Unit II Have a support network, get on comms and be in the Standing Fleet.

For PVE you always use Light Attack Fighters, which deal the biggest amount of damage. Of course this number gets lower the more interruptions by hostile players you encounter. Drone Damage Amplifier II Omnidirectional Tracking Link II, Optimal Range Script If a players enters grid while the fighters are still out, just warp off anyways. Omnidirectional Tracking Link II High-Slots: There are a couple of different refits for different situations: Warp Core Stabilizers: It is a great idea to switch all your low slot modules against WCS to escape when tackled by hostile players. Since the fighter bay of a carrier has a lot more space, you can also bring other types of fighters that will help you in a PVP situation.

To move your fighters, you can select the three squadrons and command them as if you would command your own ship. Skills. • WS-610 (approx 25mil ISK) • The Networked Sensor Array (NSA) should not be left running, cycle it when the first wave spawns and from that point on you should start a cycle when you have your fighters target the last rat in the wave. • Once they are in, you warp to the site site at range, rinse and repeat. You can use the fighter’s propulsion module to get to the NPC ships faster.

This works also great against tackle frigates close by, that warp scramble you.

Very rarely, you might get a dreadnought spawn in the final wave of your anomaly. You can basically use any carrier to rat in but the Thanatos and Nidhoggur have both bonuses to fighter damage and the Niddy even to fighter velocity, which will directly result in more ISK per hour. Below are some base fits for ‘strict’ ratting carriers. Also bring plenty of Liquid Ozone in cargo to actually activate it. 2016-08-07 12:23:37 UTC, -

I picked a system a little off the staging system and any other main traffic pipes in the region. Drone Damage Amplifier II • 2.5% bonus to fighter velocity per level Of course there are fitting modifications to consider.

• Dependant on your level of ‘disposable’ ISK you could fit T2 Capital Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizers

If you get tackled by hostiles, you should inform the other capital pilots on your corporation’s comms that you are being caught and need assistance. . Fitting your carrier is very important if you want to achieve the higher ticks. 2016-07-17 05:14:19 UTC, - • When you are on the second-to-last wave, you should start aligning to your next combat site instead of your ‘Safe’. I don’t believe there is any trick for determining Sanctum types but if you’ve got one available using a cloaky Scout would be a good option. Never! • Check your drones Optimal Range and then set your Default Orbit under that distance appropriately. 2016-07-17 09:30:03 UTC, - It is way better to lose 100 mil ISK worth of fighters than your 2+ bil ISK ratting boat. By this you boost your capacitor over 72% and jump out. If you are still at the same anomaly, the player might even directly warp to you within seconds and tackle you. • Down where your Modules are, you can toggle between modules and fighter control panel, when on fighter panel click the square below that and detach the fighter panel, move it to where it’s comfortable for you, ideally to a spot where your mouse movement is minimized.

2 Omnidirectional Tracking Links will increase the damage application of your fighters to smaller targets. Sad to see that era slowly die . • WS-613 (approx 100mil ISK) If the Haven in question is a Rock Haven, you will get a pop-up saying “I have detected a stargate nearby” – if the pop-up does not appear, right click and ‘Ignore’ that site as well, do this with all the Havens before you start ratting, so you only have the Rock Havens and no Gas Havens in your scanner. • After landing the first thing you do is ALWAYS align to your ‘Safe’ (Keepstar, Fortizar, Safe POS, Station, etc…). Capital Shield Booster I, Capital Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I Damage Control II, Drone Navigation Computer II

• When you have killed the last rat, recall your fighters, press F2 for MWD and they should return to you quickly. Secondly, you will need a properly skilled pilot to fly the ship. It is very important to always be aligned and to warp immediately to safety whenever a neutral player enters your system.

There are the standard guns that don’t use ammunition and should be activated on all targets. Cosmic Anomalies: Combat sites to run: • Mid-Grade Ascendancy Set (approx 1.5bil ISK)

Since a carrier warps very slowly, you can fit an. By killing some light tackle you might be able to fit enough WCS to warp off. Just refit to WCS and warp off to safety.

. If you then start ratting again, he can just login a couple of minutes later and directly enter system. Drone Damage Amplifier II

Your corp mates could also form a rescue fleet and come for help in subcapital ships. I'm pretty new to carriers and am considering building a carrier in my C4 WH system for ratting. Just fit a couple of smartbombs and destroy all the drones that are attacking you to buy more time until help arrives. By this you boost your capacitor over 72% and jump out. • Only pulse your repair module when you have lost enough EHP to warrant a cycle. Finally, a 500MN Microwarpdrive, which you can use to get into warp faster when necessary. 2016-07-24 23:37:42 UTC, - Another big point when using a capital class spaceship are refits. I think the ISK you can make from carrier ratting is rather average considering the big investment you have to make in order to start. Thanatos bonuses: Since a carrier warps very slowly, you can fit an Experimental Hyperspatial Accelerator to increase warp speed. Use. It’s a bit of a mystery just how much you can make as I’ve seen people quote numbers ranging from 35mil up to 90/100mil per tick. • Replace the Cynosural Field Generator with a Heavy Energy Neutralizer or fourth Fighter Support Unit, Mid-Slots: These can only be fit by carriers and supercarriers and are simply awesome.

Drone Damage Amplifier II Furthermore, you should better have one extra account to scout for hostiles, that is not making any ISK during your ratting session. Omnidirectional Tracking Link II

Drone Damage Amplifier II By refitting to all WCS in the lows you might just be able to warp off to safety.

So I ran a couple of Havens in my newly purchased ratting carrier in Horde space. These strangely work for drones and fighters. First thing I noticed was, that a ratting carrier comes with a serious price tag.

• Battleships: 3 Squads, Guns + 1 Volley from each.

• 5% bonus to fighter damage per level Musings about the virtual and the real world, Its knack lies in learning to throw yourself at the ground and miss. If you want to have a deeper inside on how to fit a ratting ship just read the other parts of my ratting guide. For PVE you always use, which deal the biggest amount of damage. The same applies, when tackled by NPCs, e.g.

reduce risk) and as somewhat of an experiment. • Battle cruisers: 1 Squad, Guns + 1 Volley The rest of you module slots will be up to your specific Carrier hull and what kind of tank you’re fitting.

A Networked Sensor Array, which increases your sensor strength by incredible 500%. Much time ratting in a carrier is spent warping around in system, so this will get you faster into action.

Bah. Never undock a capital ship without one fitted. Your Rig choices are all you, some pilots are all about the Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizers for that Warp Speed, others want more tank and there are some that boast the benefits of the Drone Speed Augmentor. As far as which Carrier is best to use for Ratting the consensus runs as so: [Best] Nidhoggur > Thanatos > Chimera > Archon [Worst]. It aint like this. 2016-08-15 19:29:01 UTC.

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