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Ah, no worries, totally fine, good reminder for me to respond! Despite my strong dislike of ships and spending any more time on water than absolutely necessary, I’d love to return to the Inside Passage one day. Travelling by ferry allows you to hop on and off, and explore towns and communities along the way. Also, if you are traveling with children and only one parent is on board you will need to have a notarized letter stating that your child is legally allowed to cross the border. Drive Highway 16 along the Skeena River: Glaciers, mountain peaks and a winding river, sounds like an amazingly scenic drive, Visit the Southeast Alaska Discovery Centre (on Main Street): To learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of the Inside Passage region, Stop by the Totem Heritage Center: I find indigenous history and culture fascinating so this place sounds like a good spot to learn a bit more, Hike some of the local trails, e.g. What did I needed to know for Canada Customs and US Customs. Check out Alaska.org for more details. the Coast Pilot 7, the Canadian Sailing Directions, Local Knowledge, NOAA’s Tide Prediction Tables and NOAA’s Tidal Current Prediction Tables. Hi Kati, thank you ever so much for your very helpful reply. From just docking at the harbour, I can certainly see the allure. For us it’s more a matter of being able to “blend in” and have a van that can be driven and maneuvered easily.

john, Hi,My brother and I are planning to head north from La conner.Although I have tons of boating experience,I’ve been on kauai for 45 years so it is all on canoes in big water.Steve,my brother fished quite a bit off his small boat in Forida.WE are total greenhorns when it comes the inside passage and was wondering how we could hook up with another boat that knows where there going{local knowledge}Thankyou,mary. The mileage between Bellingham and Ketchikan is roughly 680 nautical miles so we plan make an average of fifty-eight nautical miles per day, which works out to being about eight hours underway. tour of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

The waterfront and Cow Bay with its cute but not tacky cow patterns everywhere, tiny but quirky shops, and cafés is easily walk-able. Time Constraints: In years past we’ve done the Bellingham to Ketchikan leg in six-days, eight-days, and twelve-days. I’m fairly sure all the tourists got off, and either wandered around Ketchikan aimlessly or had a bite to eat somewhere. Alaska and the Yukon is an outdoor lover’s paradise: Go hiking in Kluane National Park, take a flightseeing tour over Kluane or roam around Tombstone Territorial Park. Do you have a vehicle rental company that you can recommend? This is where the gold rush all began…. The best way to explore the various ports and settlements along the Inside Passage is definitely by ferry. We’ve been searched by both several times. Unfortunately, we didn’t even have time to explore the famous Ketchikan Creek Street Boardwalk (formerly a red-light district), which looks super quaint, historic and possibly totally overtouristed if cruise ships are in town. There are many interesting places to visit. The experience is usually easy and painless. Oh, and for Canada, I’d check if a heater or internal heating (i.e. Travel Between the United States and Canada – Customs: If you are traveling from the US to cruise the Inside Passage, you’ll need to bring your passport and have a basic understanding of what Canada Customs and US Customs require. Thanks for your reply. ), Kake (great for watching bears fish for salmon!! Your email address will not be published. In the early 1900s, the government built a fort at Haines, which is now a national historic site. You will then be asked  if you have any alcohol, tobacco or firearms. Next week I’ll talk about outfitting your boat for cruising in the Inside Passage. We didn’t even make it into town but had to turn around at the marina. Privacy policy | Logo by my sister; kangaroo icon from the Noun Project, Sorry, you have Javascript Disabled! PETERSBURG | ALASKA. So, here’s what I’d definitely want to see….

From remote Sitka out on Baranof Island to super popular Skagway.

A few hours later, we woke up to a bright clear day overlooking the Chilkat Inlet with views nothing short of breathtaking. We used a private rental through someone in Vancouver on both our trips as we only wanted a small van. © 2014-2020 Queensland & Beyond. Occasionally, US Customs and Border Protection or Canada Border Services Agency may search your boat. Hi Kati, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your writings, they’re both informative and so interesting. Northwest Navigation Co. – Small Ship Cruises: Alaska, the Inside Passage and San Juan Islands, M/V David B PO Box 1431 Bellingham, WA. Once I’ve decided on what our itinerary and I know what the rules are for customs, I can begin to concentrate on some other aspects of the trip. Ketchikan next year (and I sure wish it could be in a bigger boat). Queen Charlotte Sound and Dixon Entrance are weather dependent. I’m fairly sure I picked up a murals trail map from the visitor information but we either didn’t tick off all 30 of them or I’ve lost some photos as I only seem to have limited photo evidence. Cruising Northwest © 2016, San Juan Islands 10 day, 9 night Cruise (using only 6 vacation days! We didn’t spend too much time in Haines as we had the 300km drive to Haines Junctions ahead of us that day. Is it literally just the van or does it come with the kitchen equipment, bedding, (outdoor) chairs, etc. For up-to-date information on Canada Customs, here’s a link for non-Canadians: http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/publications/pub/bsf5082-eng.html. We sailed north in 2006 from your region to AK. While you wait for Customs to show up, everyone on board is required to remain on the boat and no one else is allowed to come on board. See instructions, A Year of Not Reading Much: My Best Reads of 2018, Gorgeous bright bottle brush (callistemon) in bloo, Daintree National Park: I want to call these airy, Cairns Botanic Gardens has one crazy tree: The mig, I’m not one for boats, just the thought of being, The unhappy consequences of cassowary crossings ni, Mangroves at lowish tide, north of Cairns 〰️ I, Wild horses at Kroombit Tops: I haven’t seen too, A gorgeous, fluffy Kookaburra on our recent campin, 5 reasons to travel the Inside Passage by ferry, Tracing the Klondike Gold Rush: Things to do in Dawson City, 5 Reasons to Travel the Inside Passage by Ferry, Incredible autumn in Canada: My favourite places, Our Highs and Lows During Six Weeks in Canada, Call of the Yukon: Tombstone Territorial Park, Getting ready for moose and bears in Canada, The North Pacific Cannery, a national historic site: With boardwalks connecting this historic village, I can’t imagine not loving it. ), Drive across to Douglas Island for views of Juneau, Maybe visit SeaAlaska, a traditional clan house, but I haven’t worked out yet if it’s super touristy, Poke around the Alaska State Museum for a dose of local indigenous culture and history, Visit the St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church for its stunning architecture, Learning more about Alaska’s Russian history at the Russian cemetery or the Russian Memorial. I was going to recommend the guy we used but he’s out of business now so, unfortunately, I can’t help!

Backtrack to this morning and I’m driving onto a spaceship-like vessel as its bow opens widely for passengers to board. There’s another BC ferry terminal past West Vancouver at Horseshoe Bay where the ferry will take you to Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. Alert Bay is a common stop along the Inside Passage How Far: Everyone’s boat goes a different speed. Why not? You can apply for a Temporary Resident Permit. I also have my chart program, GPSNavX open, as well as the tide and current program that we use on our navigation computer.

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