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Pure Evil villains are completely evil with no sense of empathy or care for anyone. These types of villains are never pure evil and will most likely have their limits of how far their evil-doing goes.

She then went on to become a contributing writer for S.T.A.N.D., a biweekly webmag for real life superheroines.

For this kind of villain, doing evil for them is as natural as breathing.

Like how the Redeemed category should be added, Pure Evil should normally be added to a villain when the story arc or season they are apart of is over. Retrieved from "" Sergi Lopéz perfectly describes how a character with a tragic backstory can still qualify when talking about his portrayal of Capitan Vidal from Pan's Labyrinth: The Pure Evil Villain's acts must be presented onscreen. Rocket Launch productions bills itself as a social media marketing company.[12].

Other RLSH discount the movement as roleplayers or cosplayers. It is suspected that Phoenix Jones may have actually hired Cory and Rocket Launch Productions to "arch" him for publicity sake.

This ruins any sympathetic background he had and makes him fit the criteria.

A villain from a different continuity or version can end up counting if the original version did not. In many cases such as a villain being mentally insane, possessed/brainwashed, or just does not know what is right from wrong, then the villain cannot qualify. [14] This means what evil acts a character is capable of committing on their own with the resources they have. They are the direct opposite of Pure Good as they are heroes who are absolutely incorruptible.

He is about the same age of The Shade, and he is ready to follow other RLSV in their world domination plot. For a villain to be Pure Evil, the villain must: The Pure Evil villain must meet all these criteria to count. The affable nature is not an obvious facade that the villain is only maintaining to manipulate others. A pure evil villain must have a clearly defined personality and character.

Satan (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light), Lucifer Magne (Hazbin Hotel: Journey to the Light), Current Owner, The Lord of Chaos and Madness, Cactivil (Time Majesty: Ruffus Adventures), Darth Vader (Star Wars: The Empire of Light), Erik Killmonger (Marvel Fanfilm Universe), Icelynn (Time Majesty: Ruffus Adventures), Junko Enoshima (Junko Enoshima is Love, Junko Enoshima is Life), Mephiles the Dark (Real-Time Fandub Games), Nine The Phantom (Bizarre Adventures of Hakumen and his friends), Shadow the Hedgehog (Real-Time Fandub Games), Thunderbolt Ross (Marvel Fanfilm Universe), A villain who is Pure Evil is completely evil. If they claim to have love for anyone, that "love" would merely be either perversion, possessiveness, or obsession.

Hostile Species also do not have any moral agency and cannot be Pure Evil by default. Heroes who are Pure Good, also known as Pure of Heart, are the best of all heroes, a hero who is completely pure and incorruptible.It is the direct opposite of Pure Evil (a villain who is the evilest and depraved, without being redeemed).. 3. A Pure Evil villain must meet these Generally, the villain has to go above and beyond in the story they appear in with nothing to mitigate their villainy.

Also, just being an obviously evil character such as a Serial Killer doesn't automatically make the villain Pure Evil unless they are particularly brutal in nature or possess an unique vile trait in the story.

One that is beyond evil and wicked. Since the part of the story where the villain appears is not complete, it is best practice to wait until it is complete to consider adding the category to the villain. The same can also apply, if the original version of the character ends up counting, but other versions of the character does not. The Evil Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Such actions is considered to "arch," which is RLSV slang for choosing a RLSH as an archenemy. If the villain is portrayed as comical and light-hearted, then they cannot qualify as Pure Evil. the villain passes the General Standard. While resentment from the characters in the story and the audience is an important factor to consider, if the villain does not meet the criteria to be Pure Evil but is simply hated, then that villain cannot count. However, he follows her orders in tearing down the barra…

[9], JCreeper Perhaps one of the oldest of the RLSV, JC has adopted the guise of DC Comics' The Joker. This means what evil acts a character is capable of committing on their own with the resources they have.

Unpleasant: They display no sense of remorse towards those who they have hurt nor do they express any empathy for others as well. This villain has to be the worst villain in the story with little to no competition from any other villain or character. Villains who have only crossed the MEH once usually do not qualify, … member of said system.

You can be pure evil even if you are a regular jerk, a regular jerk as opposed to a criminal and/or corrupt official. ‎Real life Supervillains is a term adopted by individuals who emerged in response to the Real Life Superheroes movement. The offer was rejected by Master Legend. Some fictions that featured Pure Evils in their stories put these characters into a test in which they are subjected to brainwashing/possession to the good side to see whether they still have a shred of redeeming qualities, often at the cost of memories pertaining their past as wicked people (e.g.

Despite departing from the story early on unlike the main antagonist, Bogs stands up as one of the most vile characters of the film due his crimes and predatory nature, essentially serving as a realistic example of real life prison rapists.

If another villain is not as heinous as another villain, then they cannot count as Pure Evil. All are listed in the category, yet as far as I know none of these guys had any troubled past that played any significant role in their villainy or crimes. Simple one-dimensional characters like a destroyer with no clearly defined personality such as the Ten-Tails cannot be considered Pure Evil.

An all around hated character either by the work's fandom, by characters in the story itself, or from both the fandom and the story itself is not indicative of a character qualifying as Pure Evil. If the villain does something atrocious that wasn't on purpose, they can still qualify if they become aware of it and show no regret on said action and they meet all criteria. A Complete Monster is the worst of all villains.These villains are the complete opposite of Pure of Heart heroes.A complete monster is a villain who is Pure Evil, completely atrocious and irredeemable.For this kind of villain, doing evil for them is as natural as breathing. The character is supposed to, Even though it is common for many Pure Evil villains to be. He purposes to be a watcher of sorts, from the shadows. However, just as some RLSHs take active part in crime prevention programs, community services, and similar crimefighting measures, some supervillains, particularly those who have little or no known online presence, do indeed commit crimes. For example, many versions of the.

As well as being a R.O.A.C.H.

point, going against the heroes and committing crimes such as theft or

Resources can mean the amount of time they appear in the story, character's role, access to resources in their setting, for example. Pure Evil (PE for short) goes by different names such as Pure Evil Villain and Purely Evil Villain. Kaptain Blackheart - One of the founding members of both Eye Station 19 as well as Sector 3. Commit atrocious acts that are terrible (and fairly new) by the standards of the story and in comparison to any other character in the story. It is debatable whether or not Rex Velvet can be considered a "real" RLSV. Affably Evil villains really ARE that nice. Iruma-kun! Garavito is a man who has confessed to raping, torturing, and killing 140 children.

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