asking hecate for help

In my experience, it’s vital to give ourselves time to rest, especially when we’ve been running nonstop for years. Right the wrongs that have been done, May Hecate live in my soul.

To the glory of the light. If you want to create a website, use the most magical and affordable host of all! Speaking of which: Ask Hecate to pass a message along to a deceased loved one or ancestor. using it, though, especially if you have also behaved inappropriately. Appearing mysteriously in Homeric legends, she fades back into the oblivion of the Greek pantheon just as cryptically.

She is the third black cat I have shared my life with. She kind of just coolly explained to me that they are just forgotten spirits. I choose to cut the cords that bind us in any direction Last week was a pretty rough week for me. Who cause my problems and my woes. Chant to Cast off troubles. She has suggested that I read more about her and this post has been helpful. to Sometimes I need a little help. Hecate has several faces and several epithets. Guard me with your magic power. Learn how to summon Hecate with this ritual, Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Turn misfortune back to those

It is not recommended to perform any ritual in this lunar phase without being absolutely sure what you are asking for. Send my troubles all to flight, Definitely going into my diary, but I probably won't be too worried about it. Hecate had told me that the hags are the "forgotten ones" Who feed on people's grief and sorrow. May the earth always be whole, In addition, when I send an email asking for help, I am careful to use the correct honorific. The Greek Goddess Hecate is still very much worshipped in different aspects of Witchcraft, including Wicca, for example. and thank Hecate for the help!! Wiccan Gods and Goddesses, Samhain Journey Guided Visualization with erin Dragonsong, She is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Justice, truth and Harmony, the personification of the cosmic order and a representation of the stability of the.

Light the black candle and make your wish. Bless this young one now and forever with wisdom's insight Hecate is triple goddess. I also created Trismegistia to offer pagan music with New Age style. So that we may still see each other through the Veil She is the all mighty. Definitely an interesting encounter, but not scarring or anything. Hold high Your lantern to share Your light with Your Priest/ess This entry was posted in Evocation, Hekate and tagged Evocation, Greek Magical Papyri, Hecate, Hekate on December 2, 2009 by Tara. To greater wisdom and compassion as this holy new path unfolds. Excerpt from write about it in a personal journal and just write it off as another experience. (And be sure to warn the living occupants that it’s toxic!). Had the back touching, and seen one in basement with long black hair. Press J to jump to the feed. Sleep, brother sleep, Be not alarmed, For the Great Goddess.

Come Goddesses of fire and water, Modern witches recognize these as three aspects of the Triple Goddess (Maid, Mother and Crone). It also felt like it was trying to bite my neck.

Perhaps some hags are more violent than others? I guess I was bound to encounter something, being one who dwells in the dark. So much stuff. On a bad day, getting out of bed takes a tremendous amount of effort. Think about what you want to ask for Hecate. With Brightest Blessings! The intention of this site is not to indoctrinate anyone. Take caution in I find that getting things ready for next semester keeps me going. . Lay out the candles and incense (if using) in a circle. Invoking Hecate And bless us who remain, as much as possible, Hecate is invoked in magical operations involving divination, or trans-personal objectives, i.e. The remains of the ritual can be buried or discarded in running water.

& Dusk Visit the page below to check out the Hymn and hear a recited version of it. Take the time you need because you will need total clarity of mind. Blessed Black Bitch, I hear Your hounds baying at truth, Each of them represents a quality of the Goddess. Taking a moment to chant these words can help us to ground, It helped, but home life is still difficult. And reveal the waiting Light, We may not, any of us, be ready to say goodbye Thank you for the encouragement! In short, he helped me make the baby steps that meant accomplishing something. Never ever seen her again.

I know exactly where you’re at… Christmas was wretched and I went back to work more tired than before the break.

(Seems to be a portal of some sort). I guess I should start by saying this happened just a few minutes ago. I wouldnt hang onto the experience too much.

That which slides from awareness, from responsibility, Dark is the Moon. Do what it is I ask of Thee." Hecate, Goddess of darkest night. Think about what you want to ask for Hecate. Some of the most mysterious ancient statuary of Hecate depict her with three heads. Light the incense and then the white candle.

To the brilliant Sacred Dark of Your essence, Hecate, Great One, bless me, Your Priest/ess, Glad to hear that you’re decluttering both physically and mentally……and the longer days will help, too! Learn how your comment data is processed. Give your blessings to this altar, Dark Moon Hour, Black, tattered robes, unholy screaming, sexual assault, and apparently eyes that can lay curses if looked at directly? And replace them with my heart's desire! Anyway, the basement hag didn't seem to want to look me in the eyes, seemed harmful - but wasn't harming me, long black hair as well. It is very simple to do and very efficient. Hail, Owl-eye Goddess of Magick and the roads of Mystery! Been wondering about something along a similar line of thought for a couple weeks now. Hekate is your lady.

I did my usual ritual for invoking her: vibrating her name several times until I felt a presence. During a Dark Moon night, around midnight, go somewhere quiet where you can be at peace. We release her/him to her/his eternal bliss I’m Daniel, Pagan and Witch. Keeper of wisdom, teacher of the wise Be very precise.

Copyright 2004 Kibele because is the bountiful earth mother, the first and the last. When you are trying to gain Hekate's blessing, you must always offer something to her in return. Today I said goodbye to my best friend who is leaving for college and most likely never returning to the town we currently live in. Your email address will not be published. In particular, her role as the Goddess of Witches makes her relevant to their practice. Hecate's power, I literally ground to a halt. (Be careful—it’s also highly toxic!). Hasten, Dark One; hear my plea ~

And in service to the Earth, We are gathered here to separate two souls from one Write your message on a piece of parchment paper, then fold some dried belladonna inside and burn it in a cauldron or hearth fire. Give a listen to our prayers. Goddess, let all good blessings come to thee, My kitchen table had become my desk, there was a huge box of papers that had collected over more than two years, and stuff. To the blessed realm of the soul's life, We ask You to stand ready to guide her/him across But we trust in Your timing, for You know when it is right, And we know from experience that no one is ever really gone You can do all the right things, take all the right steps and build all the right habits, and still have bad days. Hecate, Wayfarer, Path Finder "Hecate, Dark One, hear my plea,

The ritual below can be done when you are “lost” in your life.

Bring swift justice ~ wield your knife. it freaked him out for sure but hes fine now. And Your Divine guidance I encourage everyone else to ask for help, yet I rarely do it myself. And on a bad day all of those positive habits go right out the window. Who has taken Her throne. ), Lend me Your lantern, to reveal and clarify my options The place where two roads become one represents the merging of two energies into a single force.

Lend me Your knife, to free me of the choices not claimed, Oh, Owl-Eye Goddess, show me the Path What's funny is as I was trying to deal with my grief, it literally just appeared and pounced, screaming like a banshee trying to rape me. In the full moon stage she is a mother who you can go to for help and TLC(tender love and care), but beware, when you go to her in her crone stage, she can be a real pain in the B.U.T.T. Thankfully, my husband was there to carry me. You have to understand that ghosts, baneful spirits and similar entities are part and parcel of Hecate's entourage - as one of my devotions to Her goes, "You who is followed by ghosts, dogs, and restless spirits..". I resisted, and kind of tossed it aside, then banished it with a psalm. Beginning an herbalism practice? In the Stars: Your Celestial Forecast (November 2020). Burn a black candle at the crossroads. So I told it I would turn off the computer and let her stay in the basement for the night.

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