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She hasn't seen him in ten months! I wouldn't be surprised if she killed herself to be with Percy! "We did it," he said excitedly, "It's over!". "The Nemean Cestus are giant ultra-strong gauntlets which can stun foes with brutal shockwaves." "Put more effort into your jokes! "And Spawn, who managed to dethrone both Satan and God." Jason asked. Hazel said. Share. If non-canon sources are used for one combatant, they will also be used for the other. Wiz began. Spawn lowers his invisibility and leaps from the wall he was hanging on to kick at Kratos. Then this prophecy. "Percy got cut by a monster," Poseidon finished. They were all stoned faced and determined. I hope you enjoy!) Do you have ADHD and dyslexia?" Don't be surprised if she doesn't become the architect of Olympus again. ", Annabeth sobbed and ran a hand through his hair. FanFiction | unleash ... Wrong. "Maybe, but probably not." "No please!

Annabeth noted. But everyone was woken up at five in the morning to a scream. Jason said, and they moved on to the fight. Ares would give him the strength to protect his people; in return, Kratos would serve as Ares' champion warrior." He checked the description. While it was similar, the mythology of this world must still have a few differences from theirs. Percy added. "Why doesn't he do that more often?". "I still don't…" Annabeth shook her head. ", "I don't like this deal with Ares thing." They looked at the gods with anger. "It's still probably a trick." "I don't think he's the tool belt type, but maybe something similar." Annabeth thought for a moment. Percy said.

He is nearly invulnerable and can use his own powers to heal and regenerate."

He turned her so her back was to…him. Even he was mad at the Fates for putting such a horrible life upon Percy and Annabeth. Leo exclaimed.

Jason was shaking in anger. Percy was just glad things were back to demigod normal. The two land safely at the bottom, Kratos pulling out the Bow of Apollo and shooting arrows at Spawn, who hides behind the defense of his cape. Percy told him.

Percy and Annabeth said at once. Jason interrupted. My life has been as crazy as always. "Whoa, your dad look awesome with the fiery beard!" The main six watch Death Battle. Piper agreed. Jason, Chiron, and Will ran over. Who will win? "Uh, guys? Spawn's punches send Kratos airborne; then he uses his teleportation and speed to deliver more blows to send Kratos flying. Cuz you're DEFINITELY the right size for that sort of weapon." Sorry about that. "Get him!"

"Demons always seemed to use something you care about as a trick.". Ho-oly crap!" Wiz continued. Being impaled with a godly blade has got to hurt even Spawn. Jason put in.

"Yes, awesome, you said that already." Wiz added. "Again, must make him really hard to finish off.". He has a red tattoo going down the majority of his upper body and face, a black goatee, and a scar over his right eye. Piper suggested. I would like to see this series at some point." "It's not your fault," he said.

Annabeth didn't even seem to notice them. "The third book of my series is going to be published next month! Leo nodded sadly. Percy asked, glancing at Hazel. They sat down on the couch with a box of tissues.

"You've have a long day. "They can be jerks at times, but they're what we've got."

"Where does he keep all this stuff?" "Don't forget Annabeth. Everyone knew who it was. Am I a demigod?" "This is gonna be awesome!". "How could a demigod do that?".

They didn't so much appreciate him killing (almost) all the gods, but they understood the reason he'd been driven to it. Annabeth ran over to Percy, panic filling her. "And after being granted unlimited power from the Mother of All Things, Spawn banished God and Satan from the Earth, which he wiped clean and rebuilt in his own image.

Annabeth said. ", "Probably so people don't suspect them." If you read the title, you know exactly what this is about.

It was like this every night for two weeks.

N-none of this wouldn't have happened if I didn't," Annabeth sobbed. "I'm so sorry. That sunk into everyone's hearts. "So, who do you think's gonna win?" "Resorting to his weaker weapons." Then you-" he pointed to Hera, "-dragged him away from her to Camp Jupiter! "Yeah, normally, that last attack would've meant the end for his opponent, but not Spawn!"

"I turned my b-back on him for one s-second to kill a monster and this-this thing I have never seen before managed t-to cut the side of his head," Annabeth hiccupped. If Leetha uses too much, Spawn will be sent back to Hell. It was quiet the entire day. Wiz continued. Leo asked with a grin. He grimaced. He looked up at the stars. FanFiction | unleash ... Follow/Fav The Seven Watch Death Battle. "After Kratos killed Ares, uhh, spoiler, he was made the God of War." They all agreed he was a powerhouse with an awesome set of weapons. The rest of the demigods nodded in agreement.

Frank noted.

Only cries from the Poseidon cabin were heard.

Boomstick added. The rest of the Seven agreed and he put the disk in.

He decided.

"Who is the ultimate god of thunder? "And they're way better than the other options." "Hey, there's a note." Kratos finally charges up a fire arrow. He looked up and saw Annabeth crying into Malcolm's chest. Leo brushed it aside. Wiz continued. Tears fell from her cheeks.

", "Even though he has way more useful skills." Zeus was starting to crackle and the smell before a thunderstorm filled the room. Pulling it off, she began to read. Was the battle in Greece really the final battle? I will never…" he coughed and red stained his shirt. "Spawn's also got tons of magic powers. Percy answered. "To whoever finds this, I am writing to you from a universe that will no longer exist. And that's was they were doing for Annabeth. I am sending several copies out in the hopes that somebody will watch them and our legacy will live on. You might think she would more surprised, but things tended to crash into the canoe lake quite often. "I think we're good." Please tell me you're lying," she whispered. Why did his dad's Greek side have to go and be a jerk?

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