alocasia stingray variegated

The huge, blistered leaves can reach up to 3 feet long to create a beautiful canopy and a striking houseplant specimen. Maintain high humidity levels by grouping your plants, using a pebble tray. Considered a tall plant. If a well-draining substrate is not used, it is easy to water the substrate often when it is soaked and its fine roots rot. The Alocasia micholitziana ‘Frydek’ plant, commonly called the Green Velvet Alocasia resembles Alocasia Polly in size and leaf shape/color, but it is a little different and much harder to find for purchase. Plants grow up to 18-inches tall and wide, with leaves reaching up to 16” long. Ses grosses feuilles vertes et rondes arborent une longue et fine queue à leur extrémité. These are very healthy tropical plants with well established root system. Although their similarities, It is easy to Alocasia Stingray of Alocasia Zebrina by the shape of the leaves.

Leaves range in size from 4 to 6-inches. Dragon Scale Alocasia is one of the larger Alocasia varieties and will grow upwards of 6-feet in height under optimum growing conditions. Plants quickly reach upwards of 6-feet tall at full height and span a width of 3 to 4-feet across, giving plants a tall, slender appearance. Stingray – Take a look at this leaf! Occasionally, indoor-grown houseplants will flower, sending up a small, calla-like inflorescence. Any of these plants would be an amazing addition to your home’s decor. I'm not real familiar with Alocasia or Aroids, but we do have a few Aroid enthusiasts and experts here so you might want to also post your photo's on the Aroid forum to see if you get any response from someone who grow … The Alocaisa is a member of the Arum family and has over 70 varieties within its genus. Alocasia longiloba is known for its large, slender, arrow-shaped leaves. In nature, alocasias grow in soils with a lot of organic matter and high humidity which makes the soil never dry out. Water: You can let the top few centimetres dry out between watering but you don’t want to let her get too dry. Instead, the stilt-like stalks are adorned with yellow and black zebra print-esque markings lending to its name and giving the plant a distinctive, eye-catching appearance.

This makes it important to let the soil for your Black Velvet dry out more than other types and ensure it has good root aeration. Leaves on the Zebrina are thinner than most Alocasia varieties, but they still display the bold, noticeable veins, just without the bright white markings. Alocasia wentii are a little larger compared to some other Alocasia varieties, growing to about 3 to 4 feet tall and a similar width. Leaves are on average 18-inches in length when fully grown.

Native to subtropical Asia and eastern Australia some Alocasia varieties have leaves that grow to an incredible three feet in length! To keep an Alocasia Stingray happy you must plant it in a substrate that drains very well because it is a plant that you will often water.

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