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Out west there is a particular issue. And this is coming from someone who once heavily believed in a dominant (rather than equally balanced) role for the market…. Therefore you’d probably see the following impacts from getting rid of the RUB: I’ve noticed that many of those who advocated against the MUL in the past don’t seem to have understood the key differences between what that was and the new RUB. that makes total sense, and is much more sound Unfortunately I think Twyford does imply total abolition of the RUB. Your probably right and they will likely pay top dollar to be in the areas proposed by the FUZ as they are more convenient. Even with infrastructure funded and planned, there is no guarantee private land owners will not just sit on the land and see it appreciate in value. 1. So we want to build most of the development we can in the city, around the transport network. Ok it still looks like sprawl as you go by but at present we are denying so many families their dream with our unaffordable housing. The RUB isn’t much different to the MUL. The reason the Gold Coast is successful is because it pulls in visitors in big numbers from the southern states of Australia and also New Zealand because of its climate. Thats a great article you linked to Brendon. Building out is basically the public subsiding housing by increased infrastructure costs – roads, water and extra amenities (schools, parks, etc). I’m quite sick of the talk and no action from Council on this and wonder if there should be some sort of “good development” ombudsman. Change of some sort is coming because the credibility of the government depends on it. I think that Phil Twyford has been listening to the NZ Initiative (Business Roundtable) too much on this issue. Density will drop prices for homes as we will do more with less. 4. Not all boundary points have a physical monument (e.g. As far as I’m concerned, it’s got to be up and out. The report is also available at Electoral Commission offices and public libraries. The city ends up a big sprawl which become lifeless car dominated city. This is a restricted access dataset and requires you to agree to the LINZ Licence for Personal Data. The markets ability to response to demand is very sticky.

I take it that he is not talking about a free for all but rather targeted growth using spatial planning to plan for expansion. expanded) through a private plan change process. A boundary mark is on a node which defines the boundaries of primary parcels or non primary parcels. Land prices will have to come down so Auckland can build up or out. People who do it for a living have a resource advantage over people who just care about it. Some of those people make it their job to either second guess (or hopefully influence) the process, to profit from the changes. • owned by the Crown, except moveable marginal strips 2. People only have so much money available before you start effecting the quality of life they lead. I’d be happy to see it completely removed and we can just call anything outside the boundary rural and be done with it.

See I’m speaking here more to the concept of intensity rather than the specifics of how it develops.

Taking what Panuku does and expanding it, regulating for it, and tracking it – then stepping in and fixing whatever it is that is preventing the desired development from happening, with incentives or new infrastructure or fast-tracking consents or training or technical assistance… Seems to me if the focus was actually on Brownfields developments only, these issues would quickly be sorted, and it’s the distraction of easier Greenfields that’s stopping it.

The biggest city in the world -Tokyo -a family home can be bought for half the price of Auckland. More houses and more types of houses are built in places where there is demand. excludes historic and pending parcels). Ideally the market should operate as freely as possible which means: 2) Land zoning should not exist and development should be effects based only. Thus if you hold a large holding of land in the Decade 1 zone [or likely within the city proper] and simply sit on it, even though you could develop and chose not to. This layer has a nominal accuracy of 0.1-1m in urban areas and 1-100m in rural areas. According Donald Shoup up to 30% of US cities is carparking. This includes a redraw of the fastest growing electorate, Selwyn, which loses the Banks Peninsula area to the former Port Hills electorate - which has now renamed Banks Peninsula. The “market” or supply/demand mechanics are sending signals that our current urban form and lifestyle is not sustainable. Thus we get more sprawl – just a slightly more compact version. Sailor Boy – do we agree that the RUB is unnecessary regulation then? not necessarily. There is a limit to what market forces can do. A primary parcel is a portion of land that is intended to be : The Landonline system which manages the data maintains non-spatial parcels for many different reasons. Essentially it distinguishes between the areas likely to change from rural to urban over the next 30 years and the areas likely to remain rural over the next 30 years. Land at Auckland’s far fringes, and land at the centre, are not fungible. So what are the implications of “getting rid of the RUB”?

Which means the entire ratepayer base are not carrying to burden of doing so in the meantime. Primary parcels can be thought of as the 'base level' of the 'jigsaw puzzle' of all land making up New Zealand. Hopefully he is not so big headed he can admit he got confused and take on board that the Unitary plan has already done the ground work. So you’re not going to buy a section and then build only a couple of dwellings on it. Not sure there is much comparison between Whenuapai (tidal estuary) and the Gold Coast (sandy surf beaches). Heck, I even believe in compulsory acquisition now for urban development. excludes historic and pending parcels). On the question of the Metropolitan Urban Limit, we’re going to build affordable houses. A lot of homeowners from the Isthmus may actually shift outward thus releasing land for more intensive development. All motoways will be congested, we are repeating the lesson from Los Angeles. Parcels within this layer contain the following status flags: Approved: The definition of a survey-defined parcel that has been processed and authorised as correct in terms of the survey network. This dataset is available via ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS REST services, as well as our standard APIs. This is his push to remove Auckland’s rural urban boundary.

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