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II - Larry Stylinson, Harry & Louis (Larry Stylinson) – OTRA TOUR 2015, 【Larry Stylinson】Harry & Louis — Mirroring, 【Larry Stylinson】用这首诗 把他们万分之一的美好讲给你听--Until We Could, Larry Stylinson - "Now kiss me you fool."完整版. Now Ed has said before in interviews that he writes about things he knows and things that are happening in his life. It is about a 'friendship’ which is actually love.

Like with this gif, Harry appears to stop himself from acting on his instinct which would be to touch Louis.

Most heatbreaking larry stylinson moments, 【Larry被Modest打断的Moments】 Larry stylinson got interrupted by Modest_cameras. While some fans just chalk up "Larry"'s affection in the earlier years of the band to a "bromance," others go so far as to claim that Styles and Tomlinson are married, and have been since September 28, 2013 (#2YearsOfLarryMarried trended worldwide on Twitter last month). And heaven knows We just try, to keep those secrets in a lie I guess perhaps you are really asking me whether I think the song is about Harry and Louis. 【Larry Stylinson】R.I.P. But yes another amazing song by such a talented song writer. And if they find out, will it all go wrong? They have talked about sharing a bed back in the beginning. ¿Como es posible sentir que hiciste lo correcto,pero no poder dejar de llorar por haber tomado esa decision. Well I am a fan of Ed Sheeran, I really love his song writing and he presents himself as a really decent guy! So many relationships begin this way, my current one did, when you fall in love with your best friend the love is very deep and long lasting. Hi. They speak so much through their eyes.

That uncertainty is also in this song. Hi. 视频来自油管主Ed Sheeran New 2017——Larry Stylinson Friends Ed Sheeran一直觉得拉里的关系就像歌词一样“we're not ,no we 're not friends. And HOME is such a huge symbolism for them, tattoos, song lyrics etc. Now there are a million reasons for this but it could be that Harry has had to change his behaviour so they can keep their relationship secret. You can review all the cause-and-effect relations of timeline nor have we ever been. Ed has never said that this song is about Harry and Louis. we just try to keep those secrets in our lives. And if you know me like I know you . One Direction star loves his famous friends. Friends Ed Sheeran. He wrote one of the songs on his album about the death of his grandfather I think. There are also so many pictures of them ‘secretly’ holding hands. That their management wants to keep it out of the media. And then again, if we’re not friends, there’d be nothing I could do.”, We just try to keep those secrets in a lie~. Bryan, you will be missed. But whatever or whoever this song is about, if you believe that Harry and Louis are in love then this can song’s lyrics can easily be applied to their situation. The story says the following: Harry’s close fiend Ed Sheeran has revealed the One Direction star gets lonely so he goes to stay with pals. Entertainmentwise - Here. nor have we ever been. and if they find out, Secret Love Song Pt. loseyourselfintunes. Now Ed has said before in interviews that he writes about things he knows and things that are happening in his life.

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