wildwing and mallory

Too many false hopes and dreams had been shattered, and a part of him probably still didn't believe all of this was possible. She was sitting with the other ducks at the table during breakfast, sans Wildwing and Nosedive. Yeah, she did." Wildwing replied, still a little flustered about the fact he managed to stub his toe on Tanya's toolbox. He could allow his brother to watch him sleep without the nightmares that he had experienced in the camps. We have ties that bind, that intercross between each and every one of us. . "Point taken." . Wildwing let go of his little brother, just holding him by his shoulders as a blush came to his cheeks. . She ran a hand through her hair, sighing in annoyance. And I own all the episodes on tape! "Oh yes you can." You were so afraid that you were going to lose me, weren't you?"

Wildwing jumped out of bed, fear clutching at his heart.

Mallory erscheint sehr temperamentvoll. She replied, grinning wickedly. Wildwing didn't reply, instead grabbing his brother into a tight hug that nearly choked Nosedive.

She replied, smirking to him. Nosedive winced a bit. Wildwing asked and Mallory nodded in response. I wouldn't be able to die for him until he had his own family, his own wife and children and even then, the pain of loosing me might still kill him. Dive glared at her, pouring his milk.

You understand don't you, baby bro'? LET my brother die?? They slept in different quarters in the camps, divided by ages. "Tanya?"

. Mallory mcmallard Wildwing Flashblade mightyducks ducks couple alone otp pastime makelove love disneyafternoon passtime pass time relax together. Nosedive muttered indistinctly and stirred a bit before settling down again, causing his brother to glance back at him.

"That's not the point." "You did not!" "You're damn right I do." His older brother ran his hand through the teenager's hair a few times, and he slowly settled down again, but not before rolling over. She won't admit it, ever, but she's fiercely overprotective of Nosedive, which is why she's probably so hard on him -- Mallory just doesn't want him to get hurt because he did something stupid. She shook her head, still looking away. He continued, grinning wider as he addressed Duke. So why was today any different? He asked her again, and she nodded once more, turning to look at Nosedive. I might also edit chapters once I get further along with this fanfic, maybe add in a scene or two. ." . Wildwing asked, resisting a laugh. He punched in the password to their room and proceeded to push his brother inside. What were you doing there, anyway?" "I'm serious Mal, he likes those kind of games! The others have become more than a little bit attached to him. Nosedive's grown so much these last few years that it hurts. But it didn't matter.

The elder brother raised both of his eyebrows in surprise. "Like what?" He covered his beak, realizing he just let the fact that he had been out of bed slip. Mallory was surprised he found time to take care of it between saving the world and hockey. Deciding that she would ask his secrets in exchange to not killing him for another one of his pranks, Mallory touched Wildwing's hair to see if it was also soft.

"Can't really blame him; he's not used to having to sit on one place.

Although it's kinda comforting, the thought that he can't live without me, on some basic, selfish level. Now I know it could never be that way, not for many, many years. I meant a separate picture with Nosedive doing... whatever else. He would've done it anyways, afraid that Wildwing might hurt himself. The door to their room opened with a soft hiss and Mallory cautiously peered inside. Wildwing smiled softly and she rolled her eyes at him.

"I'm stubborn?" I know I worry. A minute later, Nosedive returned dragging a sleeping bag behind him with one hand, grabbing his pillow off of his bed with the other. Wildwing raised an eyebrow at his brother, looking quite skeptical. Unfollow.

"The point is 'Dive'll kill me." ♡ dazzlingduck . Nosedive suddenly had the strange urge to tell Wildwing that he wouldn't before realizing he'd only get up again.

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