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Sorry for the late reply, but I really don’t do any hard subs. Episode 50 – A New Life. Along with the standard insect motif of the Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Blade also uses a playing card motif. This does not happen when shooting in 60fps.

Episode 04 – School Ghost Story 2 Episode 31 – Ouja and the Girl I’m even later, I was just asked today if I could make hardsubs of this release and even though everything you said in the comment I’m replying to already answers my question out of respect I’m asking if it’s cool with you if I reencode and release them? As Kyousuke follows one of the boys that bullied him with Asumu on his trail, the approach of Orochi continues…, Despite earlier warnings about transforming again, Zanki steps up and rejoins the fight against the growing hordes of Makamou, but it takes an extreme toll on him, but he intends to help Todoroki regain his strength no matter the cost…, After being crushed by a giant Makamou, Todoroki is rushed to the hospital, but while he survives, his prognosis is grim as he may never become an Oni again, driving him deep into depression while Zanki struggles with the situation.

I know this is kind of late, but I wanted to watch this with friends, but we can’t chromecast it because it’s soft-subbed and chromecast really doesn’t like that. Episode 50 includes a secondary subtitle track that translates the song that appears in the final scene of the show. It is also the last Kamen Rider series to run on 60 fps.

Meanwhile, Ichirou meets with the mysterious Man and Woman, who warn him of the destruction to come…, A mysterious forest appears out of nowhere, causing the Oni to worry about what it could mean, and the mysterious Man and Woman also seem to be concerned with the new development. Scrub-Vent –  Provider of Episode 25 Script Big thanks to these folks for helping make this possible: MirrorWorld – Chief Scrubber Episode 07 – A New Species is Born?

https://apollodubarchive.wordpress.com/2018/06/10/kamen-rider-ryuki-episode-final-2002-malaysian-english-dub/. But when Mochida is captured by the Man and Woman as a new specimen for their experiments, Asumu’s path leads him back to Hibiki, Kyousuke, and the other Oni once again! This batch contains Episodes 1-48 in 720p in either 30 or 60 FPS, as well as the following bonus material in 480p, also in 30 or 60 FPS: The 720p upscale of the Hyper Battle Video and the two cuts of the movies will remain as individual standalone torrents. If you have VLC, you can switch between Endings by right-clicking, going Playback and then choosing the Ending in the Title section. 1,302 Views .

SpecialForm12 – Translation Checks. Episode 36 – The Battle Ends …Hmm, that’s interesting… My video player (Media Player Classic-Home Cinema) doesn’t seem to HAVE an Editions feature. A Complete Batch of Kamen Rider Ryuki which includes Episodes 1-50, Episode Final Theatrical and Directors Cut, 13 Riders Special and the Ryuki VS Agito HBV. I believe parts of Blade and Hibiki were shot at 60. Episode 48 – The Final 3 Days Meanwhile, Asumu believes he’s ready to become Hibiki’s apprentice while Kyousuke continues to beg Hibiki for the same thing, but both boys may be disappointed in his answer…, Timing corrections for signs (Episode 7 & 38), Quick update for everyone: I'm alive but have been SUPER busy with "real life" stuff.

One year later, Asumu has moved on from Takeshi and the Oni and now interns at a hospital in his quest to find his own path to helping people. Kamen Rider Hibiki Episode 43. At the same time, Hibiki continues to train the boys, but Kyousuke’s arrogance and lack of physical skill holds him back, until he erupts with frustration at Hibiki…, With Orochi approaching, the number of Makamou has risen sharply, straining the Oni and their ability to handle it. Episode 05 – The Monster’s Antique Store Several v2 patches have been made for minor fixes. Sorry I couldn’t help out more.

If you're interested in helping, check out the Kamen Rider Wiki Projects page. All files are in 60fps except for both versions of Episode Final. Volume Forty-Three: Unchangeable Body. Episode 23 – Changing Fate Episode 09 – Shinji’s Under Arrest!? 720p 60fps Batch – Torrent (AniDex)    Magnet, 720p 30fps Batch – Torrent (AniDex)    Magnet, Download v2 Patch Packs – 60FPS Pack    30FPS Pack. Have at it my friend! comment. It’s so nice to have decent subs for Ryuki–as nice as GenmCorp’s subs are, they use all sorts of wacky effects on text, which is more bothersome often than not. Episode 46 – The Hero Named Tiger

The song is called Prayer and I had originally planned to leave the song untranslated as it can be distracting to read while the characters were talking, but after reading the translation and learning that it’s sung by the actress that plays Yui, I thought it was a really fitting insert to end Ryuki with, so it was included as a second track. However, I don't think the shows themselves are being AIRed in 60fps, most NTSC broadcast television is only 29.97fps, so it's not like it would matter, unless you get your hands on a DVD or Bluray that is playing back at 60fps.

Episode 43 – The Hero Fights Other than fixing typos and a new Opening, the first 24 episodes are the same as SV’s but now just on 60fps video. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Included in the comments will be a list of Episode Titles for those that wish to rename their files to display the name of the episode. Ryuki was filmed in SD, so HD would be overkill. Episode 21 – Yui’s Past Change ), Kamen Rider Ryuki – Complete Series Batch, https://apollodubarchive.wordpress.com/2018/06/10/kamen-rider-ryuki-episode-final-2002-malaysian-english-dub/, https://mega.nz/#F!pao0TIzQ!ia6Ts3yfIxIDYjjZjz9tbA. If you converted a clip of Rider into 60, would it give the same effect? Yes, 60fps. Episode 14 – Day of Resurrection Episode 35 – Enter Tiger FILMES KAMEN RIDER by TokuShare. Typically when you slow down footage, new frames have to be created between the existing frames if you are only shooting in 30fps. ( Log Out /  Fixes include: EDIT 12/19: 60FPS batch has been reposted because I messed up and left Episode 6 out by mistake. With Hibiki taking Asumu and Kyousuke as his apprentices, the Oni are down even more, but even amidst the training, Hibiki rushes into battle, while Todoroki is gravely injured as he and Ibuki are overwhelmed…, Volume Forty-One: Awakening of Teacher and Student, After Akira’s attempt at transforming, the Oni return to Tachibana’s where Asumu and Kyousuke are scolded for their attempts to become Akira’s apprentices. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Karate bugmen fighting monsters and each other for the sake of justice (most of the time), Press J to jump to the feed. This scrub is a continuation of Sub-Vent’s sub that was never completed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Episode 19 – Rider Assembly Episode 11 – The Mysterious Empty Train

Episode 08 – The Fourth Participant – Zolda Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Episode 44 – Glassy Happiness Episode 40 – Memories of an Older Brother and a Younger Sister Episode 25 – Uniting Ouja Episode 06 – The Mysterious Rider Sub-Vent – Provider of Original Scripts (1-24) The HBV is using a modified Midnight Crew Subs script, with the original included as a second subtitle track. All files are in 60fps except for both versions of Episode Final. Episodes 1-24 are Sub-Vent, 25 is Scrub-Vent’s scripts and 26 onward are all MirrorWorld’s scrub. All files are in 60fps except for both versions of Episode Final. Episode 45 – The Twentieth Birthday OK Mega folder link – https://mega.nz/#F!pao0TIzQ!ia6Ts3yfIxIDYjjZjz9tbA, Doing a couple of different batches close to each other really makes you appreciate how much faster DVD quality stuff encodes in comparison to 720p videos . Coming to terms with what dying without regrets means to him, Asumu decides to walk away from his Oni training, leaving Hibiki seemingly disappointed, but with Orochi imminent, there’s no time to swell on it. OhmaRiderTime – Torrent Release Episode 22 – Raia’s Revenge I don’t want to have to watch on Kissasian constantly. CINEPACK . I’ve known about you for a while so I know you’ll do justice to the encodes! Actually Blade was shot at 48FPS much like the classic Soap Operas of the early to late 90s. Is it possible to get this in hard subs or MP4 format? Bunny Hat – Provider of Episode/Movie (DC)/Special/HBV Raws Episode 37 – Sleep is Awakening Episode 41 – Imperer You may have to shop around and see if anyone has taken this release and hard subbed, if not then you may have to do it your self. Episode 24 – Ouja’s Secret

The 13 Riders Special also includes an Unaird Ending that can be accessed using the the Editions feature on your video player. The v2s are already included in the batch, and patch packs for each framerate version are available below. Everything has of course been unified so as to stay consistent with Sub-Vent’s original sub. This scrub is a continuation of Sub-Vent’s sub that was never completed. TV-Nihon also deserves a shout out since this is a scrub and really couldn’t have been completed without them. I'm pretty sure that the last few seasons have been shot in 60fps. ( Log Out /  A Complete Batch of Kamen Rider Ryuki which includes Episodes 1-50, Episode Final Theatrical and Directors Cut, 13 Riders Special and the Ryuki VS Agito HBV.

This scrub is a continuation of Sub-Vent’s sub that was never completed. Episode 30 – Zolda’s Lover Leading the Oni, Hibiki brings Orochi to a halt and purifies the earth as the ancient writings described. The series catchphrases are "Now your power is at its peak." I guess it’s too late to include this… Reviews There are no reviews yet. Episode 10 – Knight’s Crisis Episode 39 – A Dangerous Sign OZC – Provider of BD Movie Raw Be the first one to write a review. ( Log Out / 

Lol, I actually new about that, but I kinda just ignored it, since no one really seemed to care about it. Faiz has already been done by Agony, but they did say that they rushed the last 20 episodes, so I may release a revised version of that someday just to polish things up. Episode 47 – Determination of Battle

Listen to the sound of the Hibiki batch as it arrives at last and with bonus material in tow! I've discovered that Ryuki was and found the entire season in 60 at Bunny Hat but not sure about others. No promises though.

Midnight Crew Subs – Provider of HBV Script Thank you for your work! Publication date 2020-02-20 Topics TKS Language Japanese.

Uplevel …

Hibiki, Ibuki, and Todoroki set out to complete the ceremony, but Hibiki tricks the other Oni and escapes with his drumsticks, setting out for the purification site as the final battle begins…, Leading the Oni to a stone with ancient Oni script on it, the Man and Woman make their next move towards preventing Orochi, but the cost of stopping it may be too much for Ibuki to bear.

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