what does yelawolf lip tattoo say

Wiz Khalifa is still quite young, but he has made a tremendous rap career and has no intention of slowing down. I’m not sayin dude isnt dope, its just too hard for me to get into him. While the beat is underwhelming, each line slowly peels away more and more of MGK. But Stat, Cashis, and yadda yadda and so on .. Albums never coming out. BTW, Eminem and Joey B are two of the illest. his first album asleep in the bread isle was awesome.

RR is next to get owned. It's kind of bat-shit insane, but it's also kinda of like "it's Gucci Mane. it used to be juz em n 50, n they b killin shit, now itz juz not fair. Memorial Services for Young Money will be held tomorrow at 11am, wow u haters ridicilous yall can hate on errthing.. man its just a cover how can this be that corny or wackk. Congratz to all involved from a girl fan from Germany! yo YN ive been keepin up wit ur blog…i had no idea they replaced u wit Vanessa Satten, […] “Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse, it’s kinda phase two of Shady,” says Eminem. FUCK NO!

Yeah,off course ’em niggaz gon’ bang out.i heard 2.0 boys.they are dope mayne.don’t hate yela that much.now check him out on the track.i think he has changed his style.wow such a dope stuff…..Em n slaughtaboys….fuck the world…!!!

shady can do better than that..i think yelawof will reach lloyd banks success..but thats about it, […] Rap Radar :: Eminem Covers XXL; Signs Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf […]. Took them long enough.

Steve Gillett / LivePix Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Can’t wait for ’11, When is Pusha T’s album dropping.. Crooked is Dope as fuck, But ROYCE DA 5’9 is the ONLY Emcee on this EARTH that can say He’s rapped with Eminem and Consistently kept up with him, and recently even killed him. my brain cells literally die when i hear the bullshit he calls music.

His face has been a heavy focus in the past year alone, with new ink showing up under his bottom lip, near his eye, and above his eyebrow, amongst many others.

they go the way of freeway peedi crack and beanie sigel like jay-z’s spring cleaning for roc nation. To me it really wasn’t YM year like that. *Crooked I voice*.

Shit as a fan, this is a good look for hip-hop.

It's like listening to a surgeon cut away the skin from bones. That is he sucks compared to Eminem and a few other legits out there. Slaughterhouse is droppin, but Yelawolf ain’t. New Mixtape: Tony Touch Top 25 Toca Tuesdays Freestyles Of 2010, Common, Black Thought, PJ “Say Peace” On The Tonight Show, Leon Bridges, Lucky Daye “All About You” On The Late Show, New Video: Maluma Ft. I was already happy when that happened. As far as slaugterhouse as a whole, they’re dope as shit just need to work on how they’re going to especially project their shit to get themselves heard/respect nationwide and not just on an underground/hiphop head level. Check out some quotes below; the top one is Em, and the bottom is Yelawolf. “What's sad is I love you, ‘cause you're my brother... You traded your soul for riches."

yelawolf definitely doesn’t act crazy, and no other white person can have tatoo’s? i want to hear a collab asap.

[Rap Radar] blog comments powered by Disqus /* […]. KANYE taking BIG SEAN under his arm

Nobody cares about you or your opinion! this is another strong team.

Drake – Can’t really hate on Drake.. tho sometimes he says some wack ass shit, especially with his style of punchlines… I’m warming up right now.. microwave. catfish billy get in there & make that shit happen homie. Using the same beat as Nas’s infamous Ether, the song sees Remy accuse Minaj of sleeping with half the industry and calls her an “A-list groupie”. That’s why Rihanna is only managed by Roc Nation and not actually on the label. DAMN THE STANS ARE ON FULL EFFECT ?EPIC? The teasing about Tim Dog’s mother maybe be schoolyard stuff, but Snoop’s brief allusion to murder (his shout-out to 187, the murder code in California) was rather more sinister, especially as 1993 Snoop was still heavily associated with the Crips and was on a million dollar bail for accessory to murder.

White power wins again! Their album might be incredible but 95% of hip hop fans won’t give a shit enough to buy it.

@villian Jay’s deal to leave with his masters prohibited him from signing any Def Jam artists.

Is it just me, or does Eminem look younger in this picture than usual??? Let’s kill this shit.”, Wow cool as fuck these niggaz is just hardest muthafuckaz in the game, Finally didnt know he was gonna sign yelawolf who can spit, GET RID OF YELAWOLF(JUST A WACK ALABAMAN), ROYCE(EMINEM WANNABE), JOELL ORTIZ(FAT FUCK), JOE BUDDEN(PUMP IT UP). Yeah,off course ’em niggaz gon’ bang out.i heard 2.0 boys.they are dope mayne.don’t hate yela that much.now chech him out on the track.i think he has changed his style.wow such a dope stuff…..Em n slaughtaboys….fuck the world…!!!

man no one from phase one even ever had an album released SLAUGHTERHOUSE SECOND STUDIO ALBUM WOOOOOOOOOW. but if he got signed…and SO FAST! This is going to be great for hip hop. I knew it, I KNEW ITTTT!!!! music. While many diss tracks are coded and indirect in their subject matter, there’s no prize for guessing who The Warning is aimed at. Nobodys ever been to ECU. Eminem Signs Yelawolf & Slaughterhouse To Shady Records! I mean, he looks diff from his other recent shoots. Yelawolf actually can spit as seen from B.E.T cypher. Hip-Hop is what’s important, and the impact these guys will have on it will be everlasting. […] label head and his new signees appear on the cover of the March issue of XXL, and Rapradar.com has a snippet of what the rappers have to say about the new […], Finally! The majority of the criticism is saved for Nas, who challenged his title as King of New York but Jeru the Damaja, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah all face their fair share of scorn too.

fuck ya’ll hatin on yela, if anything he’s the HARDEST in the lineup, ya’ll just ignorant to something different, and that’s exactly what that man is…, shady goes h.a.m. AND countless other accolades for Ye and Em this year. I look forward to what’s produced. looks like hip hop is going back to the days of posses with roc nation building up and maybach music doing whatever and good music doing its thing. YA FAV ARTIST? SHADY RECORDS is trending on twitter WORLDWIDE. Slaughterhouse with em features and dre beats. Kid Ink, as his name would suggest, is covered in layers of tattoo ink. Canibus released his own diss track Second Round KO, which briefly saw him become flavour of the month in 1998.


Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit >>> Good Music/Young Money Etc….

Either way its a big win for hip hop.

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