what happened to nico's baby in hollyoaks

Sienna tells Maxine that she has destroyed her life. When she leaves, Sienna takes the passports and notices the car keys. While teaching a class, Sienna wrongly accuses autistic teenager Brooke Hathaway of stealing a model heart and shouts at her before grabbing her by the arm causing her to have a meltdown. Sienna tells Liberty that she and Brody have decided to have a baby together. Nina reveals that she is an au pair. Sienna asks Liberty to leave. Born On the day of Damon and Maxine's wedding, Liberty and Sienna find Nina preparing to leave the hotel earlier and Sienna takes the laundry key card. Hollyoaks star reveals who Liberty should be with, Hollyoaks' Liberty makes a huge Sami discovery, Hollyoaks fans vote on who Liberty should be with, Hollyoaks reveals romantic twist for Milo and Liberty, Hollyoaks hints at Sienna's Christmas discovery.

Want up-to-the-minute soaps news, spoilers and gossip on your social feeds? When she hears Nancy call in sick, she decides to take her class. Nina agrees to think about it. Brody sees Sienna with a toy bear and realises that she's still adamant that the twins at the hotel are hers. Romantic Partners Brody tells Liberty that he's not keen with Liberty being their surrogate. When Warren finds out he and Maxine visit Sienna in prison and convince her to change her statement.

With Joel by Sienna and Sebastian's side she feels protected, but that's when her mental health starts to come in the way and thinking Joel is working with Warren to try and take her other baby away from her. Sienna allowed them into her house. Nancy invites him to go for a drink and afterwards she meets up with Sienna where it is revealed that they are working together to bring Laurie down.

Sienna took a disliking to her half-brother, Will Savage, especially when she discovered that Will had slept with Dodger's girlfriend, Texas Longford. He tells Sienna that Sophie has her eyes and that they can now be a proper family and he forces her to choose between him and the twins or Nico.

Sienna tells Maxine to meet her at the Jubilee Gardens in two hours, and warns Maxine not to test her. Later, Damon got Liberty out of the hospital to meet up with Sienna and Brody for some coffee. Laurie continues to play mind games with Sienna and when Sienna wobbles while standing on a ladder he puts his hand on Sienna to steady her. While there is no confirmation yet that the voice could be Sienna's long-dead daughter Nico Blake, it wouldn’t be the first time a character has been brought back from the dead. After her death several residents including Grace, Maxine, Tom and Simone Loveday mourn her.

Brody tells Sienna that he doesn't want the baby in the situation they currently are in.

“I almost died giving birth to her. Sienna takes Nico for her scan but panics when she disappears. Dodger agrees, but when Sienna leans in for the kiss, Dodger pushes her away, telling her that this isn't right.

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