tulane sorority stereotypes

You do not need to be in Greek life to go out, have fun, and meet new people. No cliques and no drama in this house. Can you do this whole thing again for fraternities? As a more alternative boston girl, I still can't believe I ended up in a sorority and loved it. In actuality, though, it would be more correct to refer to socializers. Also, it needs to be noted, a not-so-proud nickname of Tulane is "Jewlane". However, it is an advantage to join because you automatically meet +50 more people who become your new "brothers/sisters". Don't let the location fool you, Tulane is an East-Coast prep school through and through, merely air-lifted to the deep-south. I graduated in 2015 so things could have changed, but when I was there the sororities considered to be “top-tier” were: Pi Phi- Hot (usually dark-haired for some reason) girls that are a blast to hang with, but a bit high maintenance. I think you get the idea. People tend to think that Tulane students are kids with too much money who spend their time partying. If you are from one of those areas and like the social climate, great! This site is biased, somewhat immature and ranks are arbitrary, but here’s a link of all of them: https://www.greekrank.com/uni/60/sororities/, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. not party animals, wife material. However, the great financial aid programs Tulane has to offer really allow students from diverse cultures, backgrounds and socio-economic classes to receive their education here. Cons; Very selective, a bit elitist. While this is not entirely true since Tulane does have international students and at least one kid from almost every state, the average student is wealthy and from the Northeast (and I'll let you decide for yourself if they're spoiled). If you're like me, and stem from the beaches of California...expect a fair amount of culture shock.

A lot of Tulane students come from the Northeast, with New York as the second largest "feeder-state," after Louisiana. While there is a great bar scene and fun frat parties, Tulane and the city of New Orleans provide an assortment of activities for students that don't like to drink (the music scene in New Orleans can be enjoyed sober, as well as the organization Tulane After Dark which provides late night on campus activities as an alternative to the bars). Like any college or large group of people, Tulane has a range of sub-communities that all have their own sets of stereotypes and behaviors.

Once you arrive there, however, the new stereotype is that we are all a bunch of rich, spoiled, white kids from the Northeast. While there area large number of financially blessed students and a large number of Jewish students, I'd say there's also a significant number of students here by scholarship. More into grades and involvement on campus then Kappa but u need to have connections with members if u want to join. Even if you can't see variegated skin tones wherever you go, the different socio-economic backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints that coalesce at Tulane is sure to provide one with stimulating conversation and experiences that you can find "only in New Orleans, only at Tulane.".

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