kci m1 carbine magazine review

$73.80, Special Price No ammunition, no magazines over 10 rounds, No Ammunition, no magazines over 10 rounds, no Starter Pistols. $69.99, Sale This is an estimate based on the current warehouse workflow and the shipping carrier's transit time. The M1 Carbine is one of the most controversial firearms ever adopted by the US military, but one thing is for certain - they're an aboslute blast to shoot. This bares mentioning, because many surplus magazines are dented because of rough storage or handling. Sale © 2020 GunMag Warehouse. Remington 12 Gauge Ammunition RR12RSBDHS 2-3/4" 1 oz Reduced Recoil Slugger 5 Rounds, Century Arms Red Army Standard 9mm Luger Ammunition AM3295 124 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50 Rounds, Maxxtech 9mm Ammunition PTGB9MMB 115 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50 rounds, Tula 223 Remington Ammunition 55 Grain Full Metal Jacket 20 rounds, KCI 30 Carbine Magazine 15-Rounder KCIM115 (Blued), ProMag 30 Carbine Magazine M-1 15-Rounder CARA1 (Blued), ProMag 7.62x39mm Magazine Ak-47 30 Rounder AKS30 (Blued), KCI 30 Carbine 30 Round Magazine KCI3030 Black, ProMag 30 Carbine Magazine M-1 30-Rounder CARA2 (Blued), KCI 9 mm Magazine Glock19 15-Rounder KCIGL915 (Black), Tula 30 Carbine Ammunition TA301100 110 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50 rounds, Outdoor Limited Range Ready Buyer's Club! All Rights Reserved. Please submit the ID using the tools on the site to upload your ID. Known for good reliability, compatible with all mil-spec and most civilian carbines. Right now I have two mags in the safe which have been loaded for 13-months and I will probably leave them sit until the 24-month point. It is up to the customer to know all local laws and obey them. », Sign up to get notified when this product is back in stock, ProMag M1 .30 Carbine 10-Round Blue Steel Magazine, Auto Ordnance M1 .30 Carbine 30-Round Magazine, Auto Ordnance M1 .30 Carbine 10-Round Magazine. I put one 30 rd mag through a 13-month "store loaded" period and it worked flawlessly when I shot it. $34.99, Special Price We have one of the largest stocking inventory selection of the best rimfire, handgun, and rifle ammunition.

Jim loves anything that goes, ‘boom’ but particularly enjoys military firearms from the Cold War and WW2. Hell, the US government lent millions of rifles to ally nations like Korea to assist in rearming after both the Second World War and Korean War. [Archive] Review of my Korean 30rnd mags. The only real differences are the origin of the mags, and the finish on Korean mags tends to be a little more black than original examples. We are unable to accept returns on ammunition. While the gun had is detractors primarily because of its lack of stopping power and range when compared to the standard rifle round of the Us military at the time, the .30-06, it proved extraordinarily popular on the post-war surplus civilian market. Crafted from blued, heat-treated steel with chrome silicon internal wire springs and a bolt hold-open follower, these 30-round M1 Carbine magazines are the classic “Banana Clips” made in South Korea. BCM’s 20in Government Profile Upper Review: Is Bigger Really Better? Since the price of tooling up has long since been recouped, KCI can offer magazines for much cheaper than American surplus examples that are on par in terms of function and quality. Keep an old veteran on the firing line with KCI’s 15-round M1 Carbine magazine! Since the magazines are fairly light, they can also be crushed by a boot-stomp on pavement, or simply by being stored underneath very heavy equipment. I’ve spoken to the owner of the most exhaustive collection of M1 carbines on the planet, and he recalled National Guard armories giving away thousands of rounds just to avoid having to do paperwork on leftover live rounds. You can even get them in 30-round capacities and 10-rounders for those of you in ban states! © 2020 Outdoor Limited All Rights Reserved. Like all KCI magazines and accessories, these mags come with a lifetime warranty to ensure reliable function. Free shipping on orders over $99, Military Surplus 30 Carbine Ammunition AM30M1CA Korean 100 Grain Full Metal Jacket Can of 1080 Rounds, Fiocchi 30 Carbine Ammunition 30M1CA 110 Grain Full Metal Jacket Case of 500 Rounds, Armscor 30 Carbine Ammunition 110 Grain Full Metal Jacket 50 rounds, KCI 5.56mm/ 223 Remington Magazine AR15 30 Rounder KCIAR1530 (Black), Military Surplus 30 Carbine Ammunition Surplus 110 Grain Full Metal Jacket Loose Bagged 250 rounds, Federal 30 Carbine Ammunition Power-Shok 110 Grain Soft Point Case of 200 Rounds, Amend2 5.56x45 NATO / 223 Rem 30 Rounder (BLACK) A2556MOD2BLK30. $142.00, Special Price $7.99, Enlarge M1 Carbine. Available in 15 and 30-round varieties, these staggered-column box-type magazines are remarkably lightweight despite their all-steel construction. Sale © 2017 GunMag Warehouse. If your order requires manual review the shipping date may be delayed. This info is displayed below under your corresponding state. The M1 carbine has an interesting, amazingly complex and controversial history – invented by a convict in prison, built by Winchester (and other arms makers) for the US military and was the first step for the United States towards adoption of a genuine compact fighting rifle. They initally used USGI magazines, but started making their own magazines in the 1970s to replace worn out USGI magazines. Remember, the Koreans have been using the M1 & M2 Carbines since the 1950s and are still being used by some reserve military and police units.

All ammunition sales are final.

Typically we flag orders for manual verification if the billing and shipping address do not match, we need an ID on file to ship the order, or if the order is from a first time customer for a large amount. Brand-new production - not refurbs, not NOS! Lancer L5 AR-15 223/5.56 30-Round Advanced Warfighter Magazine, Magpul PMAG GEN M3 AR-15 .223/5.56 30-Round Magazine, KCI Glock 17 9mm 17-Round Polymer Magazine, Sale Sadly, magazines and ammunition for the handly little gun have skyrocketed in price in the last few decades. Since the US dumped so many of these guns onto the surplus market, rifles, magazine and ammunition were dirty-cheap. Sadly, the days of free ammo and affordable magazines for the M1 carbine have long since passed. Must have an Illinois Firearms Owner Identification Card, no shipments to Chicago.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. All Rights Reserved. This is an M1 .30 Carbine 30-round magazine from KCI.. KCI magazines are a modern and budget-friendly upgrade to keep your M1 carbine shooting reliably for years to come. $14.99, Special Price Closest Thing to an Original WWII-Spec Mag. Thankfully, our Korean allies have boatloads of new-production affordable magazines for the pint-sized American hero. To expedite this process feel free to contact us in advance to verify the order or submit your ID. So, these replacement mags are an excellent investment for shooters worried about the ever-dwindling supply of surplus American-made mags. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. « m1 carbine .30 15rd mag ABOUT US Our goal is to always provide an exceptional level of products, and we aim for lasting partnerships with our clients and to bring best magazines in the country. $59.99, Sale When he’s not slinging lead downrange he can be round hiking in the mountains with his wife Kim and their vicious attack dog, Peanut. Once you have been verified you will be put on a white list for future orders. $19.95, Special Price We will contact you promptly to verify your order or request an ID. Must be shipped to an FFL or Licensed Ammunition Vendor unless you are an exempt peace officer. Fits all mil-spec and most civilian M1 Carbines, No magazines over 10 rounds Must have a Pistol Permit or Ammunition Eligibility Certificate on fileClick here to upload your CT Pistol Permit or Ammunition Eligibility Certificate. © 2020 GunMag Warehouse. $19.99, Special Price The original version is semi-automatic only, but late war saw the M2 select-fire variant and M3 night-vision-equipped parameter defense models introduced. Built with a blued, heat-treated steel body, just like the originals, with a reliable chrome silicon steel spring to support the steel follower and keep the rounds moving into your M1's chamber. IF you have an FFL03 we can ship ammunition to you once on file, but you must have an AVL issued by CA to transfer ammunition. $15.99. No magazines over 10 rounds, must have a New Jersey Firearms Purchaser Identification Card to purchase ammunition, No magazines over 10 rounds, all ammunition must be shipped to an FFL.

The M1 carbine was the first American firearm to be equipped with a night vision optic, and is the most prolific American firearm of the Second World War. It’s built with a blued, heat-treated steel body, just like the originals, with a reliable chrome silicon steel spring to support the steel follower and keep the rounds moving into your M1…

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