clove hitch restraint purpose

It can be an interesting forest school activity.

making rope ladders, rope railings along a series of posts, etc. I believe this is one of the historical reasons for recommending the clove hitch for use in an endline fashion. For the master point in a fixed rock climbing anchor.

And I will make the argument that we should not be using it or teaching it for rigging purposes.

And, outside of tree work, I have no problem with that, honestly. clove hitch restraint. The first part of the 2nd method can be utilized in making the handcuff knot. Now I know what you are thinking.

The truth is, if a beginner is planning a camping trip and they consult a knots book and learn how to tie a rope to a tree with a clove hitch, its going to work.

So you are telling me that this supposedly great knot that pretty much everybody recommends for use in critical rigging scenarios, where knot failure could result in catastrophic property damage or grave injury to any member of the ground crew, requires not just one backup, but in fact, two? The 2nd one uses loops in the middle of a rope that are dropped over a post. Copyright © 2020 — Educated • All rights reserved. Why is that? It is considered to be one of the most important knots alongside the sheet bend and bowline. It increases the strength and safety. Now, I know that what I am about to say is, at least at first, going to seem quite controversial, but I know if you stick with me, we can work through this together and hopefully come out on the other side of it a little better off. See, that is the part to me that is the most interesting and the most problematic: two half hitches.

So my question is this: why do we continue to use and teach this knot to the younger generation of arborists? It causes an efficiency loss of approximately 40%. Longville: Beaver Tree Publishing, 2000.

A useful and easy to tie knot, the Clove Hitch is a good binding knot. The clove is meant to have pull from both ends, preferably equal pull. But lets not confuse tying a rope to a tree at a campsite with tying a rope to a 150 lb log that we are rigging out of a huge Norway Maple over top of a deck and a carport.

For tying bandages (arm slings) in case of injuries and for first aid.

If only one end is under tension, the clove hitch can slip. The evidence of this fact lies in early sculptures and paintings. It is routinely used in windsurfing to join the mast to the boom. Instead of the linear support you can have a ring. Again, do not use or avoid using something simply because someone else said so.

It really, truly is a fantastic knot. But it is not an endline knot. The word clove is the past tense of cleave meaning split or divided.

Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content. The shock load can literally rip the rope right off the piece, sending it hurling towards the ground in freefall and flinging the end of the rope up into the tree.

Without extra support, it is untrustworthy in any situation, except as a crossing knot. If your ever in Illinois I owe you dinner or a lunch.Thanks again and keep up the good work! To tie a fender to a rail on a moving boat. The clove hitch is a midline knot, and when utilized properly, there is none finer. If you want a knot that will really hold, why not just tie 2 half hitches with 2 half hitches! Worse, is its tendency to untie itself when subjected to repeated strain and release, such as a boat rocking in waves.” Can also connect a personal anchor. The below tutorial depicts 2 methods of tying.

A device to restrain a person's arm or leg. A simple all-purpose hitch.

Gauze or other soft material is placed on a flat surface in a figure eight configuration. What is that all about?

A poorly chosen knot can suffice in a non-critical situation because the consequences of it failing are trivial. Not just a half hitch…two half hitches.

Likewise, there are lots of knots that will hold in a light-duty application that are likely to fail under heavy load, especially when you throw shock-loading into the mix., Filed Under: Back To Basics, Knots Tagged With: knots, Unconventional Wisdom.

This very thing has happened over and over again to people in this trade and yet we continue to use and teach this knot. Remember, as previously stated, I really like the clove hitch and I use it all the time… as a midline knot. We shouldn’t be adding half-hitch backups to our knots and praying that they hold.

Jepson, Jeff. Again, I will fully admit that the clove is without a doubt the best midline hitch available.

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