jf011e valve body removal

If a different ROM is used during a transmission exchange in a 2008 Dodge Caliber, for example, a P167A code will occur for a calibration mismatch. To remove the valve body without the harness, simply open the harness hold-down bracket (Figure 7). Some issues are repairable, but at other times the unit needs to be replaced. Each layout: Displays an exploded view location guide for individual valve trains Click here to view PDF if the tech resource does not appear below. (8.1L) The JF011E (Chrysler) and the RE0F10A (Nissan) are very similar and will be covered in this manual. Each layout: With more than 40 layouts to choose from, these convenient, go-to reference guides are valuable resources for any shop. Sonnax valve body layouts provide a detailed overview of individual units making it quick and easy to determine what’s available for the specific valve body you’re working on. The Rules of Selling in the Automotive Trades Part 7, PGI Acquires Filter Business from Tenneco. If you’re doing this on the bench, get a good magnet and remove the sleeve before it gets lost.

- Each valve body is disassembled, cleaned, inspected, calibrated and tested to restore OE form, fit and function. Fits either of 2 valve body locations in JF011E and either of 2 case/valve body locations in JF010E. Tighten the valve body positioning screws according to the order shown (torque spec 10N*M) Connect the manual valve lever as shown; ensure the lever is slotted into the manual valve Ensure O-rings are properly installed on the filter head prior to installing the valve body filter; tighten the … For JF010E units, use Sonnax kit 113741-15K. Resolving this problem would require a reprogramming procedure or putting the original ROM back in.

A 0.040-inch shim between the Hall-effect sensor and the case sets the proper air gap between the sensor tip and output gear (Figure 3). But having knowledge of these simple procedures will get the job done right, easily. The belt will be on the smallest wrap of the primary pulley and on the largest wrap of the secondary pulley. The center of the lever is connected to the spring-loaded ratio-control valve in the valve body. Stay up to date by signing up for Transmission Digest newsletters. This article will provide some tips making this process a bit easier and pointing out some of the mistakes that others have made so you can avoid these self-inflicted injuries.

The JF011E/RE0F10A (Figure 1) is a continuously variable transmission used in Dodge, Mitsubishi and Nissan vehicles as far back as 2007. - All remanufactured process performed by certified technicians in ISO 9001 accredited facility. Figure 5 shows the transmission with the converter housing face down on the bench and the pan removed. In doing so, it becomes a mechanical sensor influencing the variable-ratio-control valve tailoring the feed fluid into the drive-pulley piston.

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