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Mattigan is majoring in Chemical Engineering. Purdue Greeks have had many traditions dating back to the early 1900's such as the Purdue Circus. The Vanderbilt Hustler welcomes and encourages readers to engage with content and express opinions through the comments section on our website and social media platforms. Purdue Panhellenic The Panhellenic Association is a self-governing body, representing 21 women's fraternities and sororities at Purdue University. She has been on the staff since her freshman year. However, she said she was most surprised by the high number of fraternity men actively involving themselves in sorority-related chats on the site. With the new presidency of Emerson E. White, put in place a plan to eliminate fraternities from the university and enforced an agreement before graduation that stated that no student enrolled in the university could join a Greek society and current members of the chapter were forbidden to participant in any fraternal events. Ultimately, some leaders of Vanderbilt’s Greek life believe that Greekrank cannot contribute to a positive rush experience. Purdue Greeks have many other traditions that are held in the spirit of philanthropy such as the ZTA sorority hosts the Big Man On Campus pageant, where fraternities choose one member to perform his talents in order to raise money for breast cancer awareness. About 20% of Purdue's student population is Greek, 7 Historically African-American Fraternities. “Recent events have further shown that the website’s veil of anonymity allows students to spread hatred and bigotry that has no place on Vanderbilt’s campus,” Husain said. Mattigan Kelly ('22) is a Deputy Multimedia Director for the Vanderbilt Hustler. If you are interested in meeting with a member of our staff in person, please reach out to make an appointment. For information regarding Chapter advisors please visit: The online site serves as a place to rate and review different fraternity and sorority chapters at universities across the United States, giving incoming freshmen an inside look at a chapter’s standing on campus before formal rush. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The online site serves as a place to rate and review different fraternity and sorority chapters at universities across the United States, giving incoming freshmen an inside look at a chapter’s standing on campus before formal rush. Vanderbilt launches indoor dining pilot across campus dining halls. “I don’t believe Greekrank has been or ever will be a valuable platform.”, Eva Pace is a junior at Vanderbilt studying Computer Science, Math and Business. He affirmed that in the past, some PNMs expressed that they would not like to join Pike due to discussion posts and rankings on the website.

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