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We gain confidence in the certainty and correctness of our “seeing” (our “theory”) when we can make the statement “The cause is…”, The German physicist Werner Heisenberg says the following about where, in fact, our confidence lies in modern science: “We [physicists] have resigned ourselves to the situation just described, since it turned out that we could represent mathematically and say in every case, dependably and without fear of logical contradiction, what the result of an experiment would be. The German philosopher Nietzsche says: “. First, what is it that is being said about what “knowledge” is in the title?

“Each human being is unique, unprecedented, unrepeatable” (René Dubos). Thank you already for helping me.

"-Hina Nihal @ Jeddah Knowledge International School (Saudi Arabia), "Thank you so much Mr. Woods. Life, the process of life and its course, is called bios in Greek: “Bios” as in the word “biography” corresponds to the Greek meaning.

In estimations of value are expressed conditions of preservation (survival of the “fittest”) and growth (empowerment) as life-enhancement (quality of life).

So we have the true in logic or reason, the good in behaviours or ethics, and the beautiful when it comes to the production of knowledge by human beings. To “represent” is ‘to place [something], make it stand’ ‘before, in front of, etc’, ‘to bring, move forward; to put something in front of something else’, hence ‘to represent, mean, signify’ and ‘to introduce, present a person’, etc. Much appreciation from Pearson College UWC!-Keegen Payne (Victoria, British Columbia) "I actually just wanted to let you know that you have been a very big help for me in TOK and Economics.

The only condition is that life instill of itself and in itself a belief in something it can constantly hold in all matters (the reasoning behind the statement made elsewhere that religion is what we bow down to or what we look up to—what we hold to be of  the “highest value”.). (See the blog entry on The Natural Sciences). That is because these things have already been defined in advance for you. The Natural Sciences are concerned with what is “true” and they use the logic of the principle of reason to make judgements about what is true or false.

These apparent oppositions of the worlds of Being (nature, Life) and becoming (modification) are things which have been present in the thinking of the West since its beginnings and are now finding their flowering and ripening in the choices and outcomes of modern thinking. Value-positing does not mean a valuation that someone gives to life from the outside; valuation is the fundamental occurrence of life itself; it is the way life brings its essence to fulfillment. Reliable knowledge – Reliable knowledge can be interpreted in a few slightly different ways. Does the title present us with a false issue which can be illustrated by the following statement i.e. Nietzsche’s notorious definition of human being as a “blond beast of prey” which through discipline and breeding comes to secure and dominate its “world” is a next step in the ideas first put forward by Darwin. We look to cloning to make desirable living things permanent. Our discussion here will say a very few words on how “theory” is the “observing” and how “writing down” is the “giving an account”.

Writing, as opposed to speech, is “permanent”.

Nature does not clone; only human beings do. These “products” are considered “good” and we have the general term “goods” to relate to them when we are speaking of our dispositions towards them, how we “dispose” of them.

The greater the “accuracy” the greater the light that is shed on what the thing under consideration is and the greater surety or certainty of the knowledge is felt by those with whom the knowledge is shared. We recently began working on TOK presentations and I was completely lost but this guide is absolutely amazing and makes it so much clearer. To hold something for what it is, to represent it as thus and thus in being, to assimilate oneself in representing whatever emerges and is encountered as presence, is the essence of truth as correctness. Even though the Human Sciences claim to study the behaviours of individuals and societies “scientifically”, they reject “value judgements” regarding these behaviours because they believe that the conflicts between different values and different value-systems are essentially insoluble for human reason.

The Greeks, for example, did not have “theories of knowledge”). See also comments on Title #5. Information is not knowledge until the data of which it is composed is placed in a “form” or framework so that it can “inform” ( in + form + ation the suffix from the Greek aitia or “that which is responsible for” the “form” in which something can “inform” ).

Discuss the effectiveness of this strategy in two areas of knowledge.

What is “due” to any human being given their “uniqueness”?

"Thank you so much for all of this voluntary support. Like the other Prescribed Titles that have two central key terms, you need to look for RLEs where reliable knowledge can lack certainty and other RLEs where reliable knowledge must have certainty.

Tags: November 2019 Prescribed Title #2 Theory of Knowledge TOK. Congratulations! The application of those discoveries are all about us and have brought about what we call the Information Age as one of their results. “Techne” is “know how”. How is “correctness” to be understood? I will defiantly spend more time here and hopefully learn a lot.

I am writing three IAs tonight. Think carefully about what it takes for knowledge to be viewed as reliable. What is constant and stable is of higher value to what is changing and flowing. Does this fact undermine our confidence in current shared knowledge? Kant’s statement implies that we have to have “trust” that the “producers” of “knowledge” are acting out of “good will”. Remember to include sufficient TOK content in your essay.

Reliable knowledge – Reliable knowledge can be interpreted in a few slightly different ways. Some of you may need to get your network administrator to make a few tweaks in order for you to access it. In title #1, a number of key concepts or assumed concepts are being used and these must be examined and questioned and brought to light.

There is no substitute for your own personal thought and reflection, and these notes are not intended as a cut and paste substitute to the hard work that thinking requires. The Human Sciences begin with the premise of the “fact/value” distinction, but the interpretation of the “real” in the theories of the Human Sciences are, a priori, the “values” that we have placed in these sciences and how they view the world and the things/beings in it in which we live.

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This is its “significance”. This includes other human beings in their particularity and individuality. The Human Sciences attempt to bring to knowledge what is primarily the “pre-scientific” knowledge of human behaviours or the “ethics” of human behaviours, how human beings make judgements about what is good or bad and how these judgements might lead to individual “happiness”. This is Descartes’ main achievement: that he equated being with being-represented by a subject. "-Alyson @ EF Academy (New York), "I just wanted to say that I got a 6 on my SL economics exam last year, and I strongly believe that was because of all the help I got from this website on commentaries. There are inherent connections between the true, the good, and the beautiful.

Ethics relate to what has historically been called “the good”.

There are a number of different versions – the original cannot be read by the vast majority of modern Japanese readers. Our need for universals in the sciences requires that what comes to presence before us be turned into an “object”. Works of art are turned into “objects” and are approached “scientifically” using the methodologies of the sciences. The two central features of modernity are that human beings are the centre of beings as a whole, the subject to which they are all referred, and that ‘the beingness of beings as a whole is conceived as the being-represented of the producible and explainable, the giving of the account of the thing. From here originated the “I”-viewpoint of modern times and its subjectivism.

I've found it extremely helpful and I cannot thank you enough! What is “produced” will violate the principle of reason (logic, the principle of contradiction) in that what is asserted or the judgements made about some thing are in violation of the principle of contradiction in that they claim that some thing is what it is not.

It would not be capable of setting itself in motion. The calculative thinking that is done through the mathematical determines that all the things of the world are disposables and are to be used by human beings in their various dispositions and comportments to the things that are. 1.


When physics thinks beings/things in certain categories (matter, cause, energy, potential) and in its thinking trusts these categories from the start, and in its research continually attains new results, such trust in reason in the form of science does not prove that “nature” reveals its essence in anything that is objectively shaped and represented by the categories of physics. The monumental view’s purpose is to remind human beings that life once harboured greatness and can harbour greatness again. ( Log Out /  The Theory of Knowledge Exhibition Prompts, Pechersk School International Kyiv (Ukraine), St Julien's School (Carcavelos, Portugal), Tashkent International School (Uzbekistan), Universitas Kristen Petra (Surabaya, Indonesia), Auckland International College (New Zealand), Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa (Swaziland), Anglo-Chinese School (International) School (Singapore), Jeddah Knowledge International School (Saudi Arabia), Tunas Muda International School (Jakarta), "How to structure an Economics Internal Assessment, how to score full marks in the business IA, Sreenidhi International School (Hyderabad, India), United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA), Singapore, How to Write Successful College Application Essays.

"-Mariana @ St Julien's School (Carcavelos, Portugal), "THANK YOU SO MUCH! WOKs: reason, language, emotion, memory, faith AOKs: Natural Sciences, history, Human Sciences, Ethics, the Arts, Teacher WOKs: reason, language, sense perception, emotion, faith AOKs: Natural Sciences, the Arts, History, Ethics. ( Log Out /  What do we call thinking when we apply this to a definition of what a computer does? This is the framing that is the technological and why “technology” is referred to as a fate in these writings and why “choice” is placed in quotations marks.

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