why is charlie weasley not in the movies

Charlie Weasley is omitted, Ludo Bagman is nowhere to be seen, and we don't get to see that hilarious scene where the Weasleys try to use Floo powder to get to the Dursley's house. Just to add a few more discrepancies between the novels & the movies, I would like to talk about These facts are skipped in the film. What happened? Cormac McLaggen had a bigger role in the books, primarily in the omitted second Gryffindor game of the season, where McLaggen is such a bad team player and such a know-it-all about Quidditch that he ends up taking Harry out with a bludger in the second game of the season. In The Order of the Phoenix when Harry, Ron, and Hermione break into Umbridge's office, Harry actually uses her fire to call Grimwauld Place, like Sirius does to talk to Harry, to see if Sirius is there or if his vision was true. "Like Muggles?" Poor Edward Tudor-Pole (the actor).

In the Lestrange vault at Gringott’s in the book, the treasure has not only been guarded with Geminio, but also the Flagrante curse, which causes the copies to be burning hot to the touch, making HH&R’s entrapment in the burgeoning treasure that much more painful. Pretty sure Mr. Cuaron was counting on his audience to have read that far, considering the book had been out for years before we got to film 3. The movies give the first mention of this name to Slughorn as a throwaway line in HBP. Some were switched out because of death, legal troubles, or scandal. In the book, that’s an entire long chapter basically explaining Dumbledore’s behavior from the very first book up to the present, including why Voldemort wanted to kill a one-year-old Harry in the first place, and which also features a full-out raging teenage meltdown on Harry’s part. Harry’s spending the Christmas holidays at Grimmauld Place is trimmed; Snape meets him there to tell him about his upcoming Occlumency lessons. Molly had been all set to heal it, but Charlie had raised up a hand to stop her. (I think this is right but I can't be sure as it has been a little while since reading the book). The assignment of prefects in the fifth year is omitted, along with the fact that Ron was chosen for Gryffindor over Harry for that honor. Also, if you do play in integral part in the plot, but you are not the main character, you may very well still get the axe. Watching DH last night, I had to explain to my husband, who hasn't read the books, what splinching was. Charlie hopped up onto the mattress, perched on the edge next to his mother as she wrapped an arm around him, and Arthur stood before them both. His wife cried as though talking about a dead child, at last snapping him from his reflections. So a bewildered Molly had sat by and watched as her five year-old had set about putting the bird's little wing into a splint and making a bed for it in an old shoebox. Why do SSL certificates have country codes (or other metadata)? The killing of Nagini is much more straightforward in the book; Neville breaks a “Full Body-Bind” curse Voldemort puts on him, pulls the Sorting Hat off his head (Voldemort put the hat on him and set it ablaze while Neville was paralyzed), draws the sword from it and chops the snake’s head off before the battle even starts up again. "My poor baby!"

He greets Hagrid when he sees him standing by the enclosure fence with Madame Maxime. During dinner, Charlie talks to Fred and George about the upcoming Quidditch World Cup. That his son would see this as something of a game. He loved being a husband and a father. But Percy grumbled, "I wanted a real bedtime story. The movie uses a combination of Harry’s detention with Gilderoy Lockhart and a chance meeting with Hermione and Ron to accomplish the same effect.

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