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Slowly compare each of the animals of the opposite gender, looking closely at their chances of having offspring with 100% fertility and immunity. You could provide contraceptives to animal with poor attributes, to ensure the animals with better genetic makeup attributes are the only ones breeding.

A certain amount of time later, the offspring will be born, hopefully with better genetic makeup than its parents. Once the offspring has been born, do not move them into the habitats of other animals to breed, until their size and longevity get to 100%. We’ll cover this more in-depth a bit further down in the guide. Planet Zoo tips for building an awesome animal prison By Christopher Livingston 05 November 2019 It's not easy building and running a kick-ass zoo, but these tips should help. Alternatively, you can separate offspring from their parents and place them into a different habitat. Our complete Planet Zoo breeding guide will therefore inform you of EVERYTHING you need to know, so that your animals will reach their maximum potential.

Create a really basic habitat for your animals, but ensure that they’re able to maximise their welfare rating. Over time, you’ll eventually have offspring hitting 100% size and longevity, move them into the Trade Center.

Thanks to you stocking up on animals with 100% in the first two attributes from the previous step, you’ll have plenty of choice for when comparing mates. From here, you can change the grade of food your keepers feed the animals via the drop-down menu.

You need to craft each animal’s habitat to fit its specific needs. In most cases, nutrition needs can be met with with the standard feeding troughs in the habitat menu. Prepare to build a habitat that allows one male to breed with the maximum amount of females to get the best results. This can be done either in the Zoopedia or in the staff management menu. When deciding what plants and terrain type to add, refer to the “Environment” tab of the animal info panel.

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For those of you who don’t know, inbreeding is when the animal breeds within its own generation or family. In here you’ll see lots of useful information, including how easy it is for the animal to breed and reproduce in captivity.

Any offspring will have a 50% leucistic genetic makeup.

There are a number of factors that contribute to breeding between different animals. You can check the Zoopedia in-game to see the different conditions that will make the animal happiest; which includes Habitat size, stress reduction, etc.

You’ve probably seen them across YouTube videos or other content around the internet. These attributes tend to vary little between each generation, but can slowly be increased over many generations when breeding successfully. Many players choose not to use this strategy as in the real world, this isn’t the preferred method of breeding due to the many complications it can cause with genetics. There is hope, once you have one luecistic animal, it can significantly increase the likelihood any offspring will also be luecistic. Breeding Programs and Genetics: In the genetics tab of an animal, you can click the button Compare Mates where the Breeding Outcome menu will open. You can compare a animal with potential mates in the Genetics Tab, and the pink area of the bar shows you the likely area that the offspirng’s stats will fall. This is the ending of Planet Zoo Breeding guide. This turns the contraceptives on or off.

Barriers Guide Planet Zoo | Habitat Tips & Tricks, How To Improve Guest Happiness | Planet Zoo, Improve Youth Intake & Regens Guide | Football Manager 2020, Planet Zoo Paths Guide | Building Tips & Tricks, How To Hide Staff Facilities In Planet Zoo. Try saying that three times quickly. Decide whether you’re going to keep the offspring or the parent, and keep repeating this process until you reach 100% in both size and longevity.

Here, select the mate for your animal. Unfortunately, you’ll just have to breed lots and lots, until the lady luck provides you with a white looking animal. Once the offspring has matured to an adult, place it in a habitat with an animal of a different gender which should also have good attributes. Nutrition You will want to remove them to the trade center to prevent fighting, and either move them to a new habitat or Trade / Release them. You need to get the balance of male to female animals as well as the amount of animals within the group correct. Here you can quickly select the contraceptive icon for all animals within your zoo. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks on how to breeding for Planet Zoo game. Make Sure Your Animals Are Happy – Planet Zoo Breeding Guide The most basic element to preparing an animal for breeding to make sure all its needs are being met. Eventually, the red areas will be touching 100% on the scale constantly.

As male babies grow up, they will begin fighting their male parents. With everything in mind, go ahead and buy yourself some additional animals so you can meet the requirements.

Hope it will help you. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you.

This supports the comparison of breeding outcomes for two animals, the mother on the left and the prospective father on the right. Size and Longevity are the two in which we as Zoo managers have the biggest influence on. You will want to make sure you’re feeding your animals grade three food, though, which can be done by clicking on the habitat gate or barrier and tabbing on over to the “Animals” section. There isn’t much in the way of specialized food in Planet Zoo. There are 4 attributes that make up an animal, these are defined in the Genetic Makeup section when viewing an animal’s profile. Once you’ve accomplished those tasks, it’s time to get started…. Animals, especially males, WILL fight rivals.

Inbreeding may cause malfunctions to DNA in the real world, due to how similar it is. Alternatively, to do this faster click Zoo followed by Animals to see your full list of species.

In most cases, nutrition needs can be met with with the standard feeding troughs in the habitat menu. You will find yourself expanding your park constantly with various resources, managing everything for a stable income. Here, you can see what continents and biomes you should filter when buying plants from the nature menu. It’s also a great way to make some money if you manage to create a successful breeding program that can consistently create animals with amazing stats that will sell quickly on the animal market.

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