37mm explosive round

The brass cartridge case is headstamped 37-85 9.17 (September 1917 date) 55 PDPs (Parc ‘dArtillery de Paris) flaming grenade inspection mark.

This is a WW1 1917 dated French Naval 37mm (37 x 94R) Pom Pom HE (High Explosive) round. Cheers Doug, Munich, Polte is the manufacturer- There were no substantial differences found between them. The V70K was produced until 1955, with a total of 3,113 built. I inherited the shell and no one knows anything about it. C 1.17.7

It is identical with the high explosive round except that the bursting charge consists of 0.05 pound of black powder instead of 0.053 pound of TNT; and that Fuze, Base Practice, M38 (a percussion type of fuze), is used instead of Fuze, Base Detonating, M38A2. The M4 was later replaced by the more powerful 37mm M9 autocannon. This is a WW1 1917 dated French Naval 37mm (37 x 94R) Pom Pom HE (High Explosive) round. The tracer burns for about 2,000 yards of the flight of the projectile. The overall length of the 37mm M-74 AP-T (Armor-Piercing shot with Tracer) and M-51 APCBC-T (Armor-Piercing Composite Ballistic-Capped shot with Tracer) armor-piercing projectiles used in the M3A1, M5A1, and M6 tank and antitank guns (37 x 223R mm), was too great to permit their use in the M4 gun. The development under the guidance of leading Soviet designers M. N. Loginov, I. It’s engraved for Armistice Day and the place he was when it occurred, Stenay, France.

Barrel Length 7.5 in (1) Caliber 5.56/.223 (1) Price $12.00 - $275.00 (7) $275.01 - $525.00 (2) $525.01 - $775.00 (1) $775.01 - $1,100.00 (1) …

you may have. I’m curious, what did a gun section for this weapon in the French Army look like? Top of the bullet ( fuse ) has – G15216 and picture of the anchor. REACT Round (40MM) ALS4006DXOC.

Note that some rounds can only be sold to Law Enforcement personnel. Hi I have a shell MARZ 1916 – MAGDEBURG SP252 408 POLTE It’s shell with the bullet P-63 KingCobra - Browning M4 37mm Auto Cannon Gun The nose fused steel projectile has two copper driving bands and is fitted with a brass nose fuse complete with its original lead sealing washer. The naval mounting was produced as the 70K, and had entered service before the German invasion of the Soviet Union replacing the semi-automatic 45 mm/46 21-K on many ships. Doug, I have a 37mm gun shell, and i dont know where its from or where it was manufactured. The 37 x 145 mmR was a series of rimmed-case, fixed-ammunition cannon shells for use in the 37mm Browning M4 autocannon. Markings 37. I was cleaning out parents storage unit and came across a shell casing with what looks to be a candle holder on top with a eagle with some sort of fish in claws, on the other side of the shell there is two flags crossed at the bottom of where the flags make an X there is a capital A an E an F. also at the top of the flags on both sides it reads Souvenir on the other side of the flag it reads Cathedral at the very top where the flags cross there ll.H.E.I.M NOT SURE WHAT ANY OF THIS MEANS IF THERE IS ANY ONE OUT THERE THAT HAS ANY FEED BACK THAT WPULD BE VERY COOL . Those are fairly common souvenirs from WWI. Photos of launchers may show accessories that are not included in the purchase price. Thanks to this Web page, I now know that it would be a 37-mm 1885-model shell manufactured in the Pouderies de Paris factory in September 1917.

TM 9-1904, Ammunition Inspection Guide (1944), This round was constructed to simulate the. I would love to see it! Contact us for more information.

It has no propellant and the round is steel (I checked with a magnet). You might want to take a look on Ebay. © 2020 Forgotten Weapons.Site developed by Cardinal Acres Web Development. US Cartridge, 37mm Practice, Mk 2, Mk 2A1. Description. and it says a.p wich is armour piercing. 4.

The nose fused steel projectile has two copper driving bands and is fitted with a brass nose fuse complete with its original lead sealing washer.

What confounded me was that it is engraved “Benney, France” in addition to the date. One drawback was that the 70K required a barrel change after every 100 rounds fired. 1943 and on the big part not the casing but the main part of the shell has lot n.c.-13-1943-37mm. Mine is especially important to me because my grandfather had it engraved for Armistice Day, “11-11-18.” I have no idea if he had it engraved in France or Germany after the War (he was part of occupation forces after Versailles). I looked up on Ebay and see these are currently being sold from $17 to $25. I have a similar situation. The weapon was initially installed as a single-barrel weapon on a four-wheeled ZU-7 carriage, and was soon ready for service.

Bullet has markings – D. M34 An initial order for 900 units was placed. The tetryl loading consisted of a 200 gr (13 g) tetryl pellet pressed into the shell cavity under 9,000-10,000 psi (60-70 MPa) pressure and the remainder of the charge of two equal increments pressed under approximately 9,000 psi (60 MPa) pressure. The bursting charge of tetryl weighed 0.10 lb (45 g), and the alternate Composition "A" charge weighs 0.105 lb (48 g). search Close; Press Enter; Filters. A. Lyamin and L. V. Lyuliev was successful, but the army thought that the 45 mm calibre was a little too large for an automatic field weapon. High-explosive Tracer shell, 37 mm, M54 standard, Learn how and when to remove this template message, M3A1, M5A1, and M6 tank and antitank guns, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=37x145mmR&oldid=829328074, Articles lacking in-text citations from August 2014, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Practice shell, M55A1, with dummy fuze, M50, This page was last edited on 7 March 2018, at 23:36. A turret based version was produced from the late 1980s called the "Type 76" or H/PJA 76. It appears as thought it was shot but was a dud.

Mine says 37-85 PDPs 43.10.14 The shells use brass cases lined with waxed paper and use KV-2U percussion primers. Commentdocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a101454379b387b5292934459ca808eb" );document.getElementById("f25cf3b23a").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The casing is empty of powder as I can pull the projectile out.

After this an 85-calibre 100 mm (3.9 in) anti-aircraft mounts long version, the 45 mm/85, was developed and accepted into service in 1954, it was deployed in twin and quad turrets on a number of classes of vessels, including the Neustrashimyy, Kildin and Kotlin class destroyers. It was standardized for aircraft use as the M4 cannon in 1942. (download this gallery in high resolution).

1836 – 9 W.P.S. Have you attempted contacting UMC? Navigation: Ordnance > Projectiles > United States, US Cartridge, 37mm Practice, Mk 2, Mk 2A1. My thought is it’s a 37mm high explosive round made by UMC, any more specific info that can be gleaned from the markings is desired. Pen-Prevent Bean Bag ALS4005. Have the same unspent shell / Lot 2. Can anybody tell me anymore about them?

I can find no reference re S* 37mm GUN Would appreciate any info on manufacturer or what this might have been used in / for. Some were just plain shell cases, some were inscribed with various things, and some were made into more decorative items, like yours. The Composition "A" bursting charge is loaded in the same manner as the tetryl charge, except that the relay pellet with the Composition "A" weighs 36 gr (2.3 g) as against 23 gr (1.5 g) for the pellet used with the tetryl load. ANYBODY KNOWS WHERE IT FROM AND HOW OLD IT IS ?Y, Date is March 1916. Total Soviet production was around 20,000 units, ending in 1945. The payload travels 150 feet and then explodes with a resounding BANG. A little research discloses that the 89th Division was in “Stenay, France” when the War ended. Description . Thanks. Power Punch Bean Bag ALS4004. Thanks. The tracer is made up of red tracer composition, and igniting composition, and a celluloid cup which fits over the tracer charge and is sealed with adhesive compound. Can anyone tell me how much it might be worth? Any info on this would be nice. The 37mm HE round had 39 grams (0.085 lb) of TNT, producing an explosive power of 161 Kilojoules. I guess it hasn’t been clarified, yet, what is signified by “272.” I’m grateful to discover that my mother’s assumption that it is from WWII instead of WWI is incorrect, which makes sense, since her uncle would have been double that age by the time the Americans finally joined that latter war.

I can’t find them on eBay. Thank you very much!

I believe the PDP stands for the factory, “Pouderies de Paris”, and 37-85 means 37mm model of 1885. Co Thanks for any help. I’m guessing he never actually say a sign with the town’s name and misheard their location. Nice heavy chunk of brass. Visable for miles.

Please check your local laws before ordering. All rights reserved. Please consider. 37-85

The M1916 37mm gun was developed by the French and used primarily by French and American forces in WWI for destroying machine gun emplacements.

The 37 mm (1.46 in) M80 AP-T shot was developed and standardized. AMLOT 1089 – 22B PDPs 137 1.16 can anyone tell me about this. Your email address will not be published.

The Soviet Navy purchased a number of Bofors 25 mm Model 1933 guns in 1935, trials of the weapon were successful and it was decided to develop a 45 mm version of the weapon designated the 49-K. This round has a steel cartridge which is headstampedbzs 47 42 (1942 date). 1.

I have had this souvenier for almost 60 years.

It has no propellant and the round is steel (I checked with a magnet). It has Argonne Forest, Sept 30, 1918 Sgt CJ Gleneland etched on the side of the casing and Froidos (a small town in France) Nov 11 1918 etched into the base of the casing.

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