octave mandolin vs mandocello

In contrast to A- and F-style models, you may also encounter "bowlback" mandolins—sometimes referred to as Neapolitan or "taterbug" mandolins— on the used pages of Reverb. I have an ancient K-4 mandocello that I'm currently tuning C-G-D-A, because I'm part of a mandolin orchestra, but for solo work, tuning it G-D-A-E works better, and I'm looking for another to keep in that tuning. This tuning is one octave below the mandolin (or a fourth below the mandola), and is equivalent to that of the tenor violin: The average range, therefore, is about three-and-a-half octaves, with the exact range depending on the number of frets on the individual instrument: from about one and one-third octaves below middle C up to A#5/Bb5, in the octave above middle C, (with 18 frets), to as high as E6, with 24 frets. The mandocello is probably better for sheer volume and rhythm playing. And while its sound is mostly associated to folk or bluegrass music, some players became genuine virtuosos on it by playing different genres, such as rock or jazz. The key is to examine listings on an individual basis—and feel free to reach out to any Reverb seller directly with questions.

The MANDOLA is to the Mandolin what the viola is to the violin. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. If you're ready to branch upward a bit from the entry models listed above, these slightly higher-end mandolins have earned high marks from modern players. Shop Mandolas. So if you happen to play the cello already and feel like experimenting a pluck string instrument tuned the same, here’s your chance. With this page, we'll offer some of our most exceptional picks for best beginner mandolins, outline various considerations and factors to weigh when buying any mandolin, and provide some additional info on various mandolin-family instruments and beyond.

With older mandolins especially, be on the lookout for mentions of high action or neck warping.

Oops, looks like you forgot something. Keep in mind though, if you buy a more affordable mandolin to start, you can always resell it on Reverb to help fund the leap to something a bit fancier later on. As with the mandolin and mandola, the octave mandolin has four courses of two strings each. These instruments represent a different lineage and older playing style than what most modern players are after. Often, lower-end models are susceptible to warping or other condition issues. Trinity College instruments have good sound (just my 2 cents), but, because of their slim bodies, they don't project unless amplified. Also, octave mandola is sometimes applied to what in the U.S. is a mandocello. Jimmy Moon, a Scottish luthier calls his version of the instrument by both names and Paul Shippey, an English luthier, uses the term octave mandolin. Manditars, Banjolins, and Resonators. The most important characteristics to take into consideration when shopping for a mandolin are: So let’s now see all of these categories in more details, shall we? Privacy Policy | Website designed & developed by ToolStudios, Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer, Burnt Amber Burst, Website designed & developed by ToolStudios. It takes a skilled, detailed woodworker to create and bind this intricate design. Alternate tunings exist in which the strings in some courses are tuned to octaves, rather than unisons, but this is more typical of the Irish Bouzouki. On the other hand, laminate mandolins are cheaper to build, but because of that, mandolins makers generally don’t specify the building process if it is indeed laminate. Hey! Have a look at this video to hear what an electric 4 string mandolin sounds like: So if you dig this sound, check out the models I recommend: Octave mandolins are set one octave lower than regular mandolins, making them sound closer to a guitar in term of pitch. By continuing to use Reverb, you agree to these updates, and to our cookie policy. Shop Mandocellos. Learn More. https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Octave_mandolin&oldid=955832675, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 10 May 2020, at 01:54.

Lower on the register still are octave mandolins (a full octave below a mandolin) and the mandocello, a fifth below that.

Now, the difference between A-style and F-style models is purely cosmetic – both types are built the same and sound the same, but the F-style mandolin has more ornaments – more specifically the “scroll” on the top left side which raises its cost.

A mandocello will cost more, and it'll be harder to find (less manufacturers). [1] The instruments that are known in the US as the mandola and the octave mandolin tend to be known in Great Britain and Ireland as the tenor mandola, the octave mandola (or the "Irish bouzouki").   You cannot paste images directly. I'd prefer to upgrade the bouzouki to a luthier-made brand, but that's for another year. Known as manditars, these instruments are an even easier entry point into mandolin sounds for guitarists. Most mandolins have flat or slightly curved backs and arched tops. The octave mandolin is a fretted string instrument with four pairs of strings tuned in fifths, G, D, A, E, an octave below a mandolin. I have a Trinity College Irish bouzouki I use to accompany a vocalist with. The new dovetail neck joint and the hand-voicing of the 3A Sitka spruce tops give the Yellowstone new chops! F-style mandolins are all modeled after fabled Gibson models of the 1920s and are favored by bluegrass players due to their history and the defined "choppy" nature of their sound. It is larger with a 17 inch scale length, a body width of 11 1/8th inches and an overall length of 31 3/4th inches. The Yellowstone has earned a complete face lift with a high gloss Burnt Amber burst and ivoroid top and back binding with black/white/black purfling. If you're interested in getting into a truly remarkable instrument, today's crop of masterful mandolin builders are carrying the handcrafted traditions of the past century to new heights. Usually, courses of 2 adjacent strings are doubled (tuned to the same pitch). Just like regular mandolin they exist in various shapes. Here’s an example of typical bluegrass playing on a mandolin: So if this is the type of mandolin you’re looking for, here are the models I recommend: That is why F-shaped holes mandolins are usually recommended for bluegrass music, or any other genre in which you need to play loud…. Choosing strings for mandolins is essentially the same process as for guitars. Try adding searches to some of these instruments to your Reverb Feed to keep an eye out for cool used examples. The body width is 12 1/4th inches and overall body length measures 37 ½ inches. Also, if you happen to already play the violin, like many mandolin players… You’ll have no trouble working your way around the mandolin, as both instruments share the same tuning. Mandolas offer mandolin-like textures in a lower, more guitar-like register. Alternate tunings of G, D, A, D and A, D, A, D are often employed by Celtic musicians.

The F-style body is known for its punchy volume often referred to as chop. Soon after he ordered a Mandocello, a standard four-course model, and promptly fell in love with it. Ireland,

For instance, Gibson F-5 Mandolins made under the management of Lloyd Loar in the 1920s can command hundreds of thousands of dollars. Privacy Policy | Website designed & developed by ToolStudios, Website designed & developed by ToolStudios. The OCTAVE MANDOLIN is just what the name implies, tuned a full octave below the mandolin, also tuned to G, D, A, and E. It typically has a 20 inch scale length, although Weber is able to also build them with a 22 inch scale length in our Custom Shop. semlogo, August 16, 2005 in Acoustic Guitars. Gibson examples have a scale length of 24.75" (62.87 cm) but flat-back designs have appeared with both significantly shorter and longer scale lengths (27"/68.58 cm on some Vega mandocellos). Today, there are tons of excellent options and deals awaiting mandolin aspirants of every sort. Might get one of these (on the left) by Michael Kelly... You can post now and register later. To reflect our commitment, we updated our terms and conditions. So if you want to play classical pieces, this is the mandolin you’ll need. The body delivers a more mellow well balanced sound.

During the 80’s Ralph started playing the Octave Mandolin. There are 2 types of bluegrass mandolins: Bluegrass mandolins, whether A-style or F-style have a flat back, making their production costs lower than a classical bowl-back mandolins. There are also plenty of acoustic mandolins with built-in electric pickup systems. Shop Octave Mandolins. Any old guitar amp should do the trick. The mandocello is often described as being to the mandolin what the cello is to the violin.

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