bontrager cadence sensor troubleshooting

0000088291 00000 n Repeatedly making and breaking the connection should result in a speed reading in the computer's display, If it doesn't, the problem is internal to the computer.

Maybe I’ll swear off perceived rate of exertion if I blow up on the run.I agree in a lot of cases on perceived.

Open source analytics and presentation mostly for runners, but man, its a

Wonju Db Promy, Oculus Quest Won't Pair With Phone, However, there’s still value in high cadence drills – primarily to aide in sprint scenarios where you may spin high and don’t want the mere act of high cadence to eat significantly into effort (you’d rather the act of high wattage do that). Bontrager DuoTrap Digital Speed/Cadence Sensor Test - YouTube View and Download Bontrager DUOTRAP S manual online. I was with you, with this making power training useless with GC using the Trek/Bontrager duotrap but threw my powertap wheel on and bypassed the issue. provides speed and cadence data perfectly to my Garmin 910XT, but with GC I 0000099004 00000 n Ideally, the battery should make instantaneous, solid contact with its terminals, but in some cases, this is not so easy to do. I have observed this on GC3.3 as well on all recent 4.0 Beta releases.

First, you need to understand how these units work. you can check the wiring and magnet alignment with your ohmmeter or continuity tester. privacy statement.

When the magnet gets close enough, the switch closes, making contact between the two wires in the cable. Your device can be used with wireless ANT‍+ ® or Bluetooth ® sensors.

The magnet should preferably be mounted close to the hub, so it travels past the sensor at a low speed, giving the sensor more time to respond. The nice part is that with the breakaway aspect of it, it didn’t injure my rear wheel or the spokes.

But, no tools are required – he just snaps on.With that, you’ll want to get it all installed.

If the sensor and magnet are properly adjusted, the computer should begin to respond below 2 mph, or 3 km/h. Font Blog,

0000460854 00000 n Also try sliding the sensor or magnet, one or the other, closer to the hub, or farther away. Its mounting was very solid, utilizing a thick rubber band, with spaced holes not unlike a belt.

%PDF-1.4 %âãÏÓ have another sensor to see if it's really a sensor issue or something else.

I have observed this on GC3.3 as well on all recent 4.0 Beta releases. 0000096030 00000 n 0000459352 00000 n

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