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Likewise, when the doctor shows up on Mars to tell Quaid he's having an adverse reaction to the Rekall procedure, he takes the tack of reminding Quaid of the possible side effects to the brain.

So if you’ve been thinking that Total Recall was just a dream, you’re right. That may or may not be satisfying, but at least it’s an answer. Early in the film, one of Quaid's co-workers from the construction company warns him not to go to Rekall—he heard someone was lobotomized there. Based on the Philip K. Dick story We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, Paul Verhoeven’s 1990 sci-fi blockbuster Total Recall tells the story of a blue-collar guy who buys fake memories of a trip to Mars, in which he’s a superspy.

The doctor's prediction was exactly right. In the next scene, Kuato is murdered, leaving Quaid as the leader of the rebellion, just as Cohaagen bursts in to deliver the news that Quaid is actually Hauser, his right-hand man. We know from the beginning that the scientists are combing through Quaid's dreams to better fit him for an implant—while Malina's face appearing on the televisor could be interpreted as Quaid's hallucination, we know it to be a product of the scientists' technology.

But if all the above words don't convince you, then maybe the the director's words will. “Because I felt that it was – if you want to use a very big word – post-modern. You meet this beautiful exotic woman... You get the girl, kill the bad guys, and save the entire planet.".

“Because you look at Total Recall there is never a preference, let’s say, taken by me or the scriptwriter, to say this is really what he dreams about and this is the truth.”, “I wanted it to be that way,” Verhoeven clarifies. Quaid asks for the "Secret Agent" package, which goes as follows according the salesman: "You're a top operative working undercover on an important mission.

One of the selling points of the Rekall procedure is that the implanted memories sync up to two weeks of perceived time. Total Recall Explained Total Recall never explicitly tells the audience it’s a dream, or that it’s a reality, and so the debate has raged on for years. Later, after the Rekall procedure has begun and Quaid is running for his life, he passes through the X-ray machine again, this time setting off an alarm as it recognizes the metallic gun he's holding.

Quaid has to struggle against being re-implanted with Hauser's personality, perfectly mirroring his own discomfort with the Rekall procedure's multiple identities option.

Malina herself, as we later find, works in a brothel, is athletic, and is both demure and sleazy. It’s not that the film doesn’t tell you whether it’s a dream or not, it’s that the film works both ways simultaneously, to give you two experiences at the same time.

Benny, then, is a crooked cabbie twice over, a subconscious trigger that Quaid uses to fill out his dreamscape while within the Rekall procedure.

This process involves taking on a new identity (such as Olympic athlete, millionaire, or secret agent), and Quaid bristles against it. However, attentive viewers will remember that Quaid actually has a tracking chip buried in his cranium that he then has to remove to cast off his pursuers. Even Quaid's eye-bulging near-death scene at the end of the movie can be read as the fear of a brain aneurysm. monitoring_string = "f4e9a55d2640cb37b28a2b021fc63f8b"monitoring_string = "d597bbac21cf40e24fffa6cecdf4d8c5 ".

But then a man shows up and tells the hero, Quaid, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, that it’s not a coincidence.

The dream starts.

Still, the movie's story of a secret agent buried deep undercover with conflicting loyalties (or maybe just a construction worker tired of his humdrum life dreaming of a better one) has led audiences to wonder about the enigmatic final scene: was Quaid dreaming, or was he actually a secret agent?

Lori (Sharon Stone), Quaid's wife, is against Rekall and Mars altogether. So I think of course there is no solution. Goes into the unconsciousness, and basically from now on...boom!

"Hauser" allows him to be both a secret agent deep undercover while still remaining the same person he was before being woken up from that deep cover.

Quaid's dreaming death scene is foreshadowing for the final action set piece on Mars, a viscerally effective image that the scientists used to make the Rekall sequence feel even more real.

You can hear him every week on The B-Movies Podcast and Canceled Too Soon, and watch him on the weekly YouTube series Most Craved, Rapid Reviews and What the Flick. As mentioned above, the scientists are culling Quaid's dreams for potent imagery, the better to match his subconscious desires with his Rekall-implanted memories. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The bulging eyes.

The tracking chip is clearly made of metal, but didn't appear in the X-Ray, either before or after the Rekall procedure. He's referring to the blue sky that ends the film, just as Quaid wonders if he's actually dreaming. When Quaid sneaks through the Martian Customs Office in a robotic disguise as a large, older woman, the ticket officer asks how long the trip is for.

We'll start at the beginning. Total Recall is one of the most beloved science fiction films of the last few decades, perfectly meshing director Paul Verhoeven's high-octane sleaziness with sci-fi legend Philip K. Dick's original high-concept We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, all wrapped up in a tidy Austrian bow with the massive star power of an early '90s Arnold Schwarzenegger. And Paul Verhoeven is right, in that it really is post-modern as hell. Follow his rantings on Twitter at @WilliamBibbiani.

So I thought, two realities; that it was innovative in movie language at least, to a certain degree, that there would be two realities and there is no choice.”. That last one is a real head scratcher.

But fans don't need to subject themselves to scientists and untested dream procedures to figure out the ending—we've painstakingly combed the movie for all the clues you need for what's really happening as Douglas Quaid looks out across the Martian sky.

Quaid, as we find out later in the film, is also Hauser, a secret agent and one of Cohaagen's right-hand men.

In short: Total Recall doesn’t tell you whether it’s real or it’s a dream because it’s literally supposed to be both simultaneously, not unlike Schrödinger’s Cat. Fittingly, the movie opens with a dream, as Quaid sees himself and a woman we'll later learn is Malina (Rachel Ticotin) on Mars in spacesuits.

We see his skeleton move smoothly through the box without alerting anyone of any hidden metals on his body. The X-ray. And if you’ve been thinking that it was all really happening, you’re right too. Why not? But is he?

Even if Quaid is actually Hauser on a deep secret mission, it makes no sense for him to dream his own death in a way that looks identical to what actually happens. Quaid appears to wake up before the implant is actually inserted, but the salesman is very specific about the realism of the implants, and how they trick the brain into thinking it's remembering real memories. Lori shows up for the final time when Quaid is confronted by Dr. Edgemar (Roy Brocksmith), who warns Quaid he's in danger of suffering a schizoid embolism, and he's trapped within the dream. "Be aware that if everything that happens in the movie from now on is going to be a dream, if there is no reality to anything ... realize that the dream really starts at the moment that he falls asleep. We don't even get a sense that this particular kind of death is common on Mars, as the residents have the good sense to stay indoors and breathe recycled air.

At the end of the film, Quaid and Malina are sucked out into the atmosphere of Mars, and his eyes bulge out of his skull almost identically to the dream that started the movie. Paul Verhoeven lays out the clues that point to the dream interpretation on the DVD commentary of the movie, starting at the moment that Quaid drifts off to sleep after seeing Malina's face on the monitor.

And it may not be satisfying. His warning about the possibility of a lobotomy echoes throughout the visual inspirations of the movie: when Quaid pulls out his tracker chip, he pushes a tool through his nasal cavity until he hears a "chunk," a strikingly similar process to original lobotomy procedures.

Surprisingly, the villains are 100 percent correct. She's given no dialogue or personality, just a face in an astronaut's suit. ... That's the trick of the company, that they make a dream that's so convincing that it seamlessly goes from the first reality into the second one.". As the scientists are preparing Quaid for the Rekall procedure in the beginning of the film, one of them notices something odd in Quaid's dreams.

One of the most confusing facets of the movie is that the plot of Total Recall identically mirrors the memory implants that Quaid himself requests from the Rekall organization. He still wants to be him, but he's tempted by the secret agent option. When Quaid is discussing the Rekall procedure with the salesman Bob McClane (Ray Baker), McClane mentions their "special package."

And of course, one of the big ones: did Total Recall really happen, or was it all just a dream? And I think we succeeded very well.

She perfectly matches the personality type Quaid wants to appear in his Rekall memories.

We'll start at the beginning.

It’s really saying there’s this reality and there’s that reality, and both exist at the same time,” Paul Verhoeven explained in a Canadian hotel room, the day after the film screened at TIFF. He tells the other lab worker, "Blue sky on Mars. Quaid thinks Edgemar is a plant and shoots them both, but the doctor is right: the walls (of the hotel) literally break down as Cohaagen's men burst in. By the time Quaid reaches Mars, his mind has started to protect him from the possibility that the Rekall procedure is going very wrong. Likewise, in the lab scene, the secret arc reactor/alien artifact can be spotted flashing across the screen before Quaid's put under. The ending of Total Recall explained Most of Total Recall is a dream. This oft-overlooked detail is one of the strongest pieces of evidence that Quaid is dreaming. When Quaid is on Mars later in the film, he runs into Benny (Mel Johnson Jr.) a cabbie that drives him into the red light district; Quaid finds out Benny has a deal with a specific establishment that gives him a cut of the profits if he brings tourists there.

Some folks think it’s real, others think it’s a dream, and in an interview with filmmaker Paul Verhoeven about his new movie Elle we talked to the filmmaker about the issue and found out the truth.

The oft-mentioned dangers of the Rekall procedure reverberate through the entire film. Quaid describes a woman who is "brunette... athletic... sleazy and demure," and before he passes out he sees that the scientists are sculpting Malina's face.

And he is: the scientists have never heard of a blue sky on Mars before they put Quaid under, and their acknowledgement of its significance is what allows them to create a soothing ending for Quaid's Rekall dream. In the opening scenes prior to the Rekall procedure, he walks through an X-ray machine. "So this is the last moment of his reality. He eventually takes it once McClane goes through the plot of the movie (see above), but his initial discomfort at being someone else becomes sublimated into the Rekall procedure. Quaid slips and falls down a hill and his helmet breaks, his eyes bulging out of his skull as he wakes up, ending the dream.

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