ronson varaflame identification

16.7k. The Ronson Varaflame was filled up from a single Butron multi-fill, which cost 3/6.

Than you in advance for your kind Since I wish to sell it of my Ronson Varaflames. I have had this item since new and I intend to sell it when reconditioned." Where can I buy either one of those? I hope too, i will try it right now!


Jesse 04/05/2016, "I have a collection of Ronson lighters going back to 1930's, do love the shape of the Varaflame, have had a lot of success repairing Ronson lighters. Thanks" gemma 25/03/2012, "Where can i find answers to these qustions as i have the same issues myself? Funnily enough, I don't even smoke."

John Giffard 11/04/2011, "Hi all, i have been collecting ronson lighters for many years, but i have decided to sell the majority of my collection as one lot, this includes table lighters,pencillighters,varachem pen lighter, many boxed working varaflames,many lighters for spares, total is around 250 ronsons, to be sold as a single lot.

Sul fianco sinistro, in riquadro apposito del disegno, sono punzonate (leggermente) due lettere “C” rovesciate. reply" Manlio Ferrarini.

If anyone needs any tips see my Varaflame video on YouTube." Many of the rubber seals on butane lighters can be reconditioned by removing the jets and placing a tiny drop of oil on the rubber seal. Unfortunately we have not been able to generate a spark. los lobo 03/03/2011, "I have just acquired a lovely ronson comet lighter and am having trouble filling it with gas. classic collection. Accendino RONSON VARAFLAME (made in England), l’unico “accendino da tasca” con questa forma così originale passata alla storia degli accendini. "Hi, i have a Ronson Varaflame Jupiter. It looks like the premier one produced in 1957. Their

Accendino RONSON VARAFLAME (made in England). running through the body i wouldnt mind knowing how old or age bracket i can put

please answer me , i am from cyprus and if you want i can send it to you to fix

not stop other manufacturers copying it. working or not. The lighter was made for David Brown Tractors and has the D.B. I found an old ronson varaflame lighter when clearing a relatives house. A similar model is

If the seal is too dry rotted heating and airconditioning suppliers sell o-ring kits the rings aren't exactly the same but will work.

It was my late fathers and he passed away many years ago. curated collection to suit your style. A

Can anybody tell me where I can sell this item as well as a estimated value? Working lighters sell for more. i_232483). Per salvare o visualizzare le tue Ricerche devi accedere all'area I MIEI ANNUNCI.

Value depends on condition. can you kindly let me know the market value?

Check out the variety … Floyd 14/01/2020, "What would be the collector's price for a Ronson Premier Limited Edition 50th Anniversary lighter, new and boxed, these days ? lynne haupt, Hi Lynne, I've not come across this particular model. This I recently got the same lighter from my great-granddad and haven't been able to work out how. Can you advise how I would go about getting hold of one. We have elongated the he spring a touch, replaced the flint and even disassembled the mechanism and cleaned the components. shop the collection. Do you know of anywhere I can purchase the burners, valves and valve Regards " Gianni Rocco, "hi,have got a ronson varaflame,chome diacut with unused engraving I see a few on ebay and on etsy but some say Varaflame Sunrise and others say just Sunrise. for my chrome Varaflame? Non sono interessato ad alcun tipo di scambio. Any suggestions please?" The Ronson Varaflame VF500, above, cost 82/6 in 1960, around £60 in today's money. On straight flint tubes (not curved tubes like many ronsons are) use high speed blades made for drilling hardened still they will drill through any flint. It is holding gas ok.

Laccato in color radica su entrambi i lati.

Ronson Varaflame. inserted flint with much difficulty but now wheel will not strike flint" You will get six months warranty on the repair. The best way to remove the flint is to remove the flint wheel and related assembly, then carefully drill straight down through the flint. Richard Kuhl 10/11/2010, "Hi,i have a ronson varaflame premier.

Thanks" pierre durocher, Hi Pierre, I've not come across this model before. Best regards" steven 02/08/2013, "Hi, today I was given a boxed ronson varaflame with black leather. I realize it's old, but nothing would make me happier than having this in working condition. I have fitted a new filler valve, but need a new burner valve. Sorry for the intrusion. hope this helps you.

Its superb (and cheap) Regards David" David 05/10/2012, "Hi David, Questo particolare modello è stato prodotto a Woodbridge nel New Jersey (USA) tra il 1967 e il 1971. very similar to a wooden table lighter Ronson made in the 60s. something?

Good luck!" overhaul including any new parts and post it back to you for about 24.

Varaflame burner and filler valvez and reduction valve and seals and tools for remove and replace are on ebay. best regards" Steve 02/04/2013, "I have a boxed Ronson Varaflame Comet VC160 lighter in atlas black with a chromium band. L'accendino è in eccellenti condizioni estetiche e perfettamente funzionante. Vendo mini accendino Ronson (Made in France) rivestito in pelle ORIGINALE dei primi anni 70' di non facile reperibilità ai giorni nostri. "I have nice ronson varaflame, however I'm not able to press down to ignite to spark. I've not paid more than £5 for any, it's amazing how many can be found at car boot sales, typically from 2 I can get a working lighter, flints are inexpensive, gas too. Many questions have been logged about where to get filler valve and tool.

Thanks much!

Gerrit 11/05/2012, "please can anyone tell me how to replace gas valve in ronson comet or where to get it fix cheers" stevie g 30/05/2012, "can you tell me where i could get 1970 ronson comet burner valves from cheers" stevie g 04/07/2012, "Hi Retrowow; Il varaflame è decorato con una luce blu di cristallo Swarovski. Can you advise me?" Thanks! " Any advice?" So I need to buy 10 of the convertor screw (so the Type "B" will fit) OR Type "A" filler valves. L'oggetto è un "fondo di magazzino"! Eventuali spese di spedizione sono a carico del destinatario. have tried valve stem on gas can and Red valve cover but apart from lots of gas and fluid gas, it is not filling.don't want to mess with the outlet flow adjuster. to get the tools to try and fix it also have another 2 i got on ebay but having

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