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Keep an eye on your parties conditions using Party View as opposed to Squad View. For exotic Diviner's armor pieces see here. A full set of weapons and armor will set you back 7-10 gold and 1200-1500 Badges of Honor. I wouldn't recommend valk for this set. This lets you stat swap any ascended weapon or armor piece, including named weapons and armor pieces you get from achievements. Diviner's Dragonsblood weapons can be crafted with recipes purchased from Kynon at The Forge in Thunderhead Peaks. Diviner's gear is a weird edge case. for conditions scrapper is great for the group and also herald mallyx is better. Right there. You can buy stat-selectable ascended trinkets from vendors in fractals, PvP, or WvW. I did open PvE with a whacky Marshal Soulbeast build for about a year now and i decided to change pace to a power build (cause i havent played full power since levelling in 2013). You receive a set of exotic Berserker's, Knight's, or Rabid heavy armor for unlocking all Revenant specializations and completing the Mistward collections. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. There are 3 collections you can finish, each one providing an ascended backpiece. Power renegade offers comparable dps to a herald (~8-10% less damage), but I believe it makes up for it in the high alacrity uptime from orders from above. However, collecting a Mystic shield or staff, or a Mordant axe, dagger, or sword, will fulfill the requirement for two collections at once. Alacrity is nice, and the extra damage from Citadel is handy, but those are not game changers. Item type Crafting material Material type Insignia Tier 6 Disciplines used by 400 400 400 Prefix Diviner's Rarity Exotic Binding Account Bound Value 64 Game link External links GW2Efficiency API API “ Used in the crafting of armor with +Power, +Concentration, +Precision, and +Ferocity. If you want to keep runes, sigils, or infusions, you'll have to extract them with an. So I just tried this with a few different items and found that it seems to work across the board. These are the cheapest stat infusions available, but only provide +4 to a stat rather than +5. Note that all of these are Unique, so you can only get one ring and accessory from a single map. Guilds running heavy revenant comps should consider running a split of heralds and renegades to maximize their group dps with alacrity uptime. All trademarks and copyrights on this site are owned by their respective owners. This is useful if you aren't planning to slot infusions into your rings. The damage and sustain sacrificed to get alacrity is too big to make it a choice over Herald. 1 Acquisition; 2 Used in. Potential to be locked into the wrong stance at the wrong time. Renegade: high dps, provides abundant access to might, and the scarce and coveted alacrity buff. Best use is in PPT mode to speed up rams and catas. That's a mere 3 days of T1 fractal dailies, or 1 day of T3/T4 fractal dailies if you already have a geared character. If you do fractals regularly, this is one of the cheapest ascended backpacks available. Agony infusions can also be bought and sold on the Trading Post. Definetly use this one if you don't have HoT. Get two differently-named rings or accessories that have the same stats.

If you have Living World Season 3 Episode 2, Rurik's Engagement Ring is a stat-selectable ascended ring awarded from a questline in Ember Bay. [&DQkDNg8ePzXcEQAAKxIAAAYSAADUEQAAyhEAAA8QAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA=],, Keep in mind this setup gives ~78% Boon Duration, enough for permanent, 33% crit chance by having 2 dodges available, thanks to, A gear combination (along with runes and sigils change) between, Always try to swap legends when off cooldown to buff, Try to not have anyone targeted if casting this skill, as it can bug out and put on a 4s cooldown. Note that the upgraded ascended version will have the same stat combination as the exotic version. This vendor sells trinkets with Apothecary, Berserker's, Cavalier's, Celestial, Cleric's, Knight's, Rabid, Rampager's, and Soldier's stats. Adapted from User:Tanetris/So You Want To Gear a Character, Last updated July 2020, No Quarter update. Lower damage than Backline Herald, but faster CDs to 10-man, meaning more DPS/support on the group as a whole. The community gave this build a rating, making it top-tier: Great. Note that the armor pieces are not salvageable, so you might not want to put expensive runes in them. Some story achievements provide an ascended trinket when complete: Crafting is an expensive but reliable way to get ascended armor and weapons. That is the regular way of crafting it but there are also alternatives that bypass the need for serpetite jewels which can be a bit more annoying to get. If you play PvP or WvW, reward tracks are the best way to obtain exotic armor and weapons with Core/Extended, Heart of Thorns, or Path of Fire stats.

These attribute combinations can be difficult to obtain if you only have access to core stats, but completing the collections from scratch involves running a lot of each dungeon, or its correspondind PvP/WvW reward track. The Official API is experiencing issues; skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment. I have been running a variant of this build lately and it is indeed Great. The most useful thing I found was the ability to restat Blood Ruby trinkets with the new Diviner type so I am able to trial it on my Chrono and Renegade without having to buy all new trinkets. Some story steps and achievements provide ascended gear as a reward. Use the wiki to find the appropriate crafting recipes and where they can be obtained from.

Each explorable path has a daily reward of ~100 unique tokens which you can cash in for exotic armor and weapons at the Dungeon Armor and Weapons vendor. 5 stars in some guild comps. weapons and armor with Berserker's, Carrion, Cleric's, Knight's, Rabid, and Soldier's stats; amulets, accessories, and rings with Soldier's stats. Decent alternative to Herald, comparable DPS, unique ability to provide on the move Alacrity. Also, when will these stats become available on Mists trinkets? Was waiting to statswap some stuff to diviners. Share this: GW2 UI is a

To do this, combine the ascended piece with 5 Globs of Ectoplasm, an Anthology of Heroes (bought from Miyani), and an exotic inscription/insignia with the desired stats.

This is the best method of getting exotic gear for new players, but is limited by the achievements available. However, getting them with laurels is not recommended as Pristine Fractal Relics are even cheaper. Am I missing something here? Need an answer on whether this is intentional before blowing Laurels or Raid Currency.

but apparently they are apparently not in the Mist trinkets which should have them. Created in the Mystic Forge using the PvP vendors. Note that this is effectively destroying and recreating the ascended piece, so you'll lose any upgrades that were inside it. Try to have the buff up as engages begin, when an enemy player is being cleaved or a friendly player is being rezzed. WvW Laurel Merchants and Skirmish Supervisors sell stat infusions for WvW currency. Ascended trinkets (backpieces, amulets, accessories, rings) are relatively easy to get, so you can consider skipping exotic and going straight to ascended for these. As previously mentioned, BUY-4373 sells a Berserker's, Cavalier's, Knight's, or Rabid backpiece for 1,350 fractal relics, which can be upgraded to an ascended version in the Mystic Forge. Harder to play for beginners to the class but a good addition to any group looking to fight at range. Great build. Note: You can change the stats on Blood Ruby trinkets by spending unbound magic. Another way to get ascended trinkets with Core/Release stats is to buy them from the Laurel Merchant.

If you don't know what build to aim for, here are some useful resources: Equipment can be acquired from many different sources in this game. Instead, use the filters to find the cheapest level 80 exotic gear with the stats you need.

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