stevens model 94 variations

SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94C 410ga PARTS LOT: SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94E 12ga 28" BARREL 2 3/4" & 3" Shells gun parts #L5021. To install the swivel stud saddle ring I picked a center-of-receiver drilling location with nothing but metal on the other side. 12 Ga. Good serviceable condition. 12GA. Maker of Savage, Stevens and Fox Firearms.

That required punching a start hole for the drill bit. barrel in good shape bright clean bore, In g ood used condition or it may be NOS Stevens model 94 12 gauge Extractor Part#94-59J. It came with 5 tiny threaded studs to fit any shotgun barrel with a threaded hole. I have a 100% return policy. I tried cutting off the sprues with a knife blade and found it too much trouble for the gain in accuracy . Just look at it as a way to see if your powder with my components will give you a good crimp. But if there are some problem with the item, please let me know before to leave feedbakc. Please do not make payment until I send you a final invoice with combined shipping and final price. My glue was medium strength thread locker. The biggest problem was trying to stuff .360" balls inside a plastic shotcup/wad. $5.95 for USPS priority shipping anywhere in the lower 48. Later test shots proved the continuing accuracy of my calibrated eyeball. After deciding the bottom, punch-made dimple was too far to the left, I re-stretched the thread and punched another dimple. Springfield Model 107B- 12 GA. With such a perfect fit and such great results, I'm not sure a rifled slug barrel would shoot this well. Please see my other auctions for more high quality items. Copyright © 2020 Field & Stream. SHIPPING/ HANDLING TERMS: Add a flat $4.95 for delivery by 1st Class Mail anywhere in the U.S. Pennsylvania residents. 1 and 1/16 inches wide, 9/36 inches thick, and has a blackened finish. THINK THE PRICE IS TO HIGH MAKE ME AN OFFER! Probable range = 10 to 20 yards. Actually, I'm not sure two rear red dots would be easier to use. Winning bidder pays all shipping charges. How to Hunt Whitetail Buck Rubs During the Rut, How to Hunt Whitetail Deer During the Rut’s Chasing Phase. SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94 Single shot Shotgun Parts HAMMER NEW, J.Stevens Model 94B ,16 Ga. 28” Full Choke Barrel #125, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94 TENITE FOREND 16GA, STEVENS MODEL 94 F Series Savage 12ga 28" BARREL 3" Chamber #L4085, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94 Single shot Shotgun Parts HAMMER NEW, Savage/Stevens 20 Ga. Model 94 Shotgun Parts Lot, Stevens Model 94 ,16 Ga. #5104 Hammer W/ Pin. Includes original buttplate. FOR AUCTION A STEVENS MODEL 94- 410 BARREL.BARREL IS IN GOOD CONDITION.IT DOES NOT HAVE THE EXTRACTORNUT YOU CAN BUY THEM ON EBAY.I WILL BE STARTING AT A LOW PRICE. Combined shipping for purchase of multiple items. Thus the idea of a thicket shotgun loaded with a slug or buckshot. I have a 100% return policy. I bought the forend at a gunsmith sale and removed these parts from it that you see in the photos.

Having found the Stevens 94 shotgun shown above, I had heck deciding what to do with it. USED- Ejector/Extractor- 1/2" wide. I will ship the next business day after payment is received well packaged with a tracking number insured. STEVENS,Model 94B, .410 #5475 Locking Bolt Assembly. Winning bidder pays all shipping charges. The bottom 3 shots were with 3.0 cc powder X and the top shot was with 3.1 cc powder X. If a fellow filed them off he'd have a near perfect .360" round ball.

The thicket is as full of deer then as a corn crib is full of mice. - Top Snap, Locking Bolt, Hammer, Trigger, etc. I heated the mold on top of the pot and started casting buckshot, paying no attention to their quality as I dumped them on my leather pad. Ask questions or request specific photos PRIOR to bidding if you require additional information to purchase this item. NO RESERVE auction for a Butt Stock Bolt for a Savage Stevens Model 94 Single Barrel Shotgun. But I was not sending any more of my money. Same As Stevens Model 94 Bakelite Stock, Savage Stevens model 94 12 ga Single Shot walnut Forearm with Iron #1403028, Forend Screw for Savage Stevens Model 9478 Shotgun 12Ga 94, Stock Bolt and Washers for Savage Stevens Model 9478 Shotgun 12Ga 94, Forend Assembly for Savage Stevens Model 9478 Shotgun 12Ga 94, Butt Stock Assembly for Savage Stevens Model 9478 Shotgun 12Ga 94, Barrel Assembly for Savage Stevens Model 9478 Shotgun 12Ga 94, Savage Stevens model 94 steel forend spacer and screws for all gauges.

NO RESERVE auction for a Barrel Assembly for a Savage Stevens Model 9478 single barrel Shotgun. Taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. Full Choke(See photo of choke gauge) Overall in excellent condition. Here's the 4 WAA12R wads from the 4 shots above. Combined shipping for purchase of multiple items. A reader shares the story of when he was first given this classic shotgun—and of how he bought it back many years later

I now suspect they were designed to fit the inside taper of red plastic WAA12R wads. VMD x Weight = Volume. Chambered for 2 3/4" or 3" Mag shells. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Stevens savage parts lot for model 24(will fit others 94. Help keep this site online and free.

Email. My thoughts were So what? Time to get out the hacksaw! Buyers with multiple purchases please wait for invoice to be sent out to you before making payment. Kassnar Arms, Sears, Stevens 107 & more, Savage 94 & more Trigger Guard, Savage Stevens 94 940 forearm 12 Ga. (used), SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94E 12ga WOOD STOCK ASSEMBLY w/ BUTTPLATE *BROKEN* #L5020, STEVENS MODEL 94M 12ga Savage LOCKING BOLT ASSEMBLY & PIN #L353, Stevens Model 94B Used 12 Ga. 30 inch 16 gauge barrel .690, Savage/Stevens Model 94 K4M 12 ga Forend Repo, Savage model 24 / 94 410 /22 ga Forend Repo, Stevens Model 94 ,16 Ga. #5104 Locking Bolt Assembly, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94 Series M 12ga WOOD FOREND w/ HARDWARE#TC1576, SAVAGE STEVENS MODEL 94E 12ga WOOD FOREND ASSEMBLY & SCREW #L5022. Had I taken a "Before" version of this photo, it would have shown a gap between the barrel and the bands large enough to insert a screwdriver blade between them. Finding what loads worked and what loads didn't. $9.95 for USPS priority shipping anywhere in the lower 48. 12GA. STEVENS,Model 94B, .410 #5475 Mainspring Assembly. Here's some randomly selected Lee 1 oz slugs and 000 buckshot in a peanut butter jar lid. Has been hunted with but not beat up to bad. The upper end is across the factory bead front sight, and the lower end is centered in etched lines put above the chamber centerline at the factory. Payments-Paypal prefered within 3 days of auction ending. Ship to USA only. Includes the mounting screws for the forearm and stock itself. Both have mild wear. The savage/stevens model 94 was made by savage arms company during the years 1926-1945.There was a total production of 934,000 made. Notice the perfect, tight fit of slug to wad, wad to bore and the obviously smooth and slightly compressed path of the wad and its slug payload up the barrel. What you see here with a Pabst Blue Ribbon can for scale is a combined 25 yard target shot with factory 00 circled in red and with Whackit loaded Lee 000 circled in black. I guesstimated the center of the paper and pulled the trigger. We offer New in box. The circa 24" mark was arbitrary. The screws are original and not mismatched. I mentioned "Perfect star crimp" in my ingredient list above, so here it is. At the beginning of this thicket shotgun project, I bought a 15-pac of Super X 00 buckshot. The stretched thread indicates the center line of the barrel. That's just what I plan to do…. PAYMENTS: Paypal The ad will be ship in a new mailing kraft tube: shotgun poster from Savage Arms- the Stevens Model 94 ca. The poster presents a detailed drawing of a gun from the Savage line.

All I wanted was about 5 threads purchase, which, as the old rule says, are threads at least equal to the screw diameter. I taped ~16" wide by exactly 24" tall sections of butcher paper to a big cardboard box and put the box out in my front yard. Gun Auctions Gun Consignment Gun Blog FAQ News & Events About Us. On the left is the cut-off portion of the partially installed stud. Why November is The Best Time to Hunt Coyotes, How to Icefish for Giant Walleye, Lake Trout, and Perch, The 6 Best Rifle Cartridges for Moose Hunting, How to Ready Your Pump-Action Shotgun as Survival Tool for Bear Country. Overall in fine used condition. I'd use the factory 00 loads. Savage/Stevens Forearm assembly .410 gauge 94/ 220/ 107/ maybe 24 and others? (There's detailed installation instructions linked on that page. It measures 11x17 inches in size, and has a blank backside. Used, for all types of game. Is that clear as mud? 20, 28, gauge & 410 . .

Thatn any other type of shotgun. Near mint Check my others ads at my eBay store- All originals SHIPPING: US( flat shipping for all states) with delivery confirmation cost included packing(kraft tube) Handling and postage COMBINE SHIPPING: shipping FREE for all additional ads(shipped in the same kraft tube) QUESTIONS: please feel free to ask me questions about this item. Come January when all the acorns in the woods around the thicket are eaten and gone and the browse is dead and gone, the privet hedge is still green. From high school algebra: if X x Y = Z then Z ÷ X = Y and Z ÷ Y = X. Then I sprayed the undersides of the sprue plates with spray graphite lube available cheap at both Ace Hardware and NAPA. 17, Used. Do an autopsy on a January deer killed in the woods behind my house, and its paunch is full of a green mush—chewed privet hedge leaves. Hammer for Stevens 94 shotguns. Ask questions or request specific photos PRIOR to bidding if you require additional information to purchase this item.

With the 18-hole 000 buckshot mold you see here, it took exactly 22 minutes to empty the 10-lb pot. That's "Before" at top and "After" below it. So I had the 5-pac of factory 000 and the 15-pac of factory 00 to hunt with in case I couldn't get the homemade Lee 000 and slug rounds to shoot to my expectations. The photo shows how I increased the diameter of the barrel band. Not so in a 12 ga wad as you see in this RP12 wad on the right. As described in an earlier post, the 94-C shown in the catalogue features the checkered pistol grip and fluted forearm stocks, but the 9478 shows the plain stocks, like my brother's gun. Measures 30" overall length. Please message me with any questions. It kicked more, shot a little higher, and the shot column was a tad too tall for a perfect crimp, so the load is with 3.0 cc powder X. Five houses sit on a ridge 30+ feet higher in elevation than the thicket and through the woods from 200 to 350 yards away from the thicket, mine being the closest. I do not ship outside the United States as it creates more headaches than needed.

No cracks. NO RESERVE auction for a Forend Screw for a Savage Stevens Model 9478 single barrel Shotgun. Although a rifle bullet would have almost no chance of (1) rising 30 feet and (2) making it through a thicket and at least 200 yards of woods, only a fool would ground hunt there with a rifle—almost no chance are the key words! Maximum range = 30 yards, maybe. I've hacksawed off several barrels, but this shotgun barrel was the easiest of them all. 12GA. My slug alloy = ~1/3 pure lead and ~2/3 reclaimed #2 shot. Combined shipping for purchase of multiple items. I shot the 000 loads without plastic shot cups/wads and with plastic shot cups/wads. USshipping only. We strive to describe all items to the best of our ability.

And $16.95 to other foreign countries. The hammer is 2 and 1/2 inches high. It was Uncle Mike's # 15912 Model #2 and Brownells # 593-159-001. The problem with ground hunting in that thicket is nearby houses.

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