air coryell vs west coast

Patriots defensive coordinator Hank Bullough made significant further innovations to the system. West Coast, Air Coryell and Erhardt-Perkins were all described as offensive philosophies, and that is still accurate. Joe Collier was the defensive coordinator under Red Miller at the time,[23] and his Orange Crush Defense was very successful at stifling opposing offenses. Walsh went as far as to script the first 25 plays but most teams stop at 15.

That description comes at a cost, however. The offense uses motion to isolate mismatches and confuse the defense with the objective of matching speed players against slower players. Parcells, who won 2 Super Bowls with the Giants in 1986 and 1990, earned a reputation for turning teams that were in a period of decline into postseason contenders. You pass early and often to get the lead. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After going 5–11 in the 2000 campaign, he has not had a losing season since.

At times the Patriots will also shade their defensive linemen different ways, creating "over" or "under" defenses. In this offense the receivers also have reads and change their routes based on the coverages presented to them. Due to the importance of the passing game, every back and tight end on the field must possess outstanding receiving skills.

[9] For example, an Air Coryell play such as "924 F stop swing" indicates that the primary wide receiver (X) should run a 9 pattern (a go), the tight end (Y) should run a 2 pattern (a slant), the secondary wide receiver (Z) should run a 4 pattern (a curl) and the F-back should go out for a swing pass (see Offensive nomenclature). And he did it at a time when college football teams were winning national championships with the run and not the pass. The West Coast offense caused a split still evident today among quarterbacks; those who were more adept at the West Coast style: Joe Montana, Steve Young, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Matt Hasselbeck; and those more in tune with the old style: Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, and Peyton Manning. [29] The Patriots have shown willingness to exploit some of the more esoteric special teams rules; they considered a fair catch kick during Super Bowl LI (opting against it because it was deemed too risky)[30] and have used the drop kick several times: scoring the only known point off a drop kick in the modern era in the last game of the 2006 regular season[31] and using the maneuver at least twice (both unsuccessfully) on onside kick attempts, in 2011[32] and 2015.[33]. Many teams coached by members of the Parcells-Belichick coaching tree currently run similar defensive systems,[citation needed] such as the University of Alabama under Nick Saban and the Cleveland Browns under Eric Mangini from 2009–2010. The system is rubbery, and plasticy, and will change to maximally exploit the skills of different groups play makers.

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