pros and cons of living in davenport, florida

My response: Who gets 5 feet of snow anymore? Also, did you have any difficulty finding doctors? I would like more police presence. And yup, my auto insurance is going up which I wasn’t prepared for. Trying to do anything outdoors in Florida most of the year involves sweating profusely and may also involve fighting off swarms of mosquitoes, biting flies, biting fire ants, etc. Very similar situation. Job opportunities are good especially since everything is local. Because the roads don’t freeze and thaw, you’ll hit far less car rattling potholes. _____ Yes, the Jersey Shore can be crowded as well in the summer time, But there are so many choices within a 30 minute drive it is just less overwhelming. Cast Member Support Spotlight: Two Chef Mission, Restaurants at Walt Disney World Serving Special Thanksgiving Day Menus, Cast Member Support Spotlight: Jennael's Bake Shop, VIDEO: Cadaver Dans Sing Halloween Songs at Magic Kingdom.

I’ve always had a great time while vacationing in Florida, must be a great place to live. It is really hot and humid.

to consult with then have to come back to actually see the doctor. Almost everyone loves living in Florida the first few months or years.

I just don’t see the attraction of living in Florida unless you live on the water.

Central and Northern Florida are very humid from about June 1st to mid September.

That’s changed. The theme parks. Any help is appreciated!

Real estate is so cheap there, I’ll be able to get a great house (after each bubble bursts). Truly New England has some of the best in medical care – doctors, hospitals, etc. Suggest you make an extended visit and “rent” before even thinking about purchasing. Started looking in Davenport for a home in 2014 - low crime rates being the biggest selling point. 2020 Holiday Kitchen Menus for EPCOT Int'l Festival of the Holidays Have Arrived! But I digress. On 10/25/20 you wrote “I think many more people will be making the decision to move there as the pandemic eases (and many are because of the pandemic too). Oh, you were right about one thing, groceries were slightly lower overall in FL than the national average in 2018. 11/10/19 Good Luck. Somewhere more north like Jacksonville?

I’m so sick of eating the oranges in my yard.The ones that fall on the ground attract lots of bees and other insects. Despicable, unethical & unprofessional!!!! As a resident of the “Sunshine State” you’ll learn that there aren’t really as many old people in Florida as you thought, it’s just that many younger people look that way due to sun damage. It is very helpful. As an avid botanical gardener, I’m looking forward to creating a tropical paradise in my my new home knowing in advance that I’ll need to get up super early in the morning as well as invest in an artic hat lest I want my head to explode from the migraines that the heat and humidity will no doubt cause! A 3 time/year visit probably would not qualify being a resident. Because of no state income tax, the fees for a driver license, etc are higher. We’ve lived in Davenport for 4 years. Agree with Bye bye Birdie. You can buy a home on a waterway where you can keep your massive boat right in your backyard and leave right from there and motor to the Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean. Thank you. Naples is no different than any other place in Florida as to “when” is the best time. Pool water is 92 degrees for months when I need it the most. Buy Rent Livability .

Here’s one of the headlines in the Orlando newspaper on 10/25/20, the same day you wrote your comment, Florida is on the verge of a resurgence. NC? There are much better places to live in the US according to actual quality of life factors (like crime rates, quality of healthcare, cost of living, etc) than Florida. I keep seeing that prices are high but to me they are very low comparing to NY. Very nice little town to grow up in because it is small so you know many people and its very safe love that I grew up here its not too crazy like other towns it's just right. Everyone here enjoys the closeness to Florida's attractions and the diversity we see everyday. Aftert living here in Florida for over 2 years, I can honesly say the ONLY THING here is there is no snow. The pricing in this area is a very at average pricing, very affordable. I have lived in Florida for four years from Missouri and have enjoyed it, you will notice a large contrast for school aged kids in school system Small town setting with close big city destinations. OMG I don’t want to take a hot bath in the sun when it’s 94 degrees outside with 95% humidity! I am very grateful to have been able to stick around too see everything grow, producing more jobs and homes. While almost everyone loves living in Florida the first few months or years, a very high percentage of people eventually find Florida was a big enough mistake to go through the huge expense and hassle of another long distance move, just to get out. Florida has palm trees.

I do love living here, however the cost of renting an apt/house is allot considering what the average hourly pay rate is. Another thing to consider is access to medical providers – it’s a challenge to get an appointment and find someone. It wasn’t packed in with strip malls & developments then. So is 24 hour security in a gated community with manicured landscaped grounds. Roads overcrowded. All Rights Reserved. - Moving to Florida Pros and Cons. You can golf, bike, ride your motorcycle, swim or do any other outdoor activity that doesn’t involve snow or cold temperatures, all year long. From Kissimmee to Davenport, it has been a change!

Homes are dated here and way over priced. $1,250 a month HOA FEES!

I am renting to see how i like living in Florida. So you moved to a place in Florida that has had a high crime rate for years, and then you complain about crime?

You can grow a palm trees right in your yard. If we compare only the pros of Florida, to only the negatives of another place, Florida will always win but that’s true for any state.

Winters are getting longer (especially with three small kids at home, constant viruses etc). Its not fun living in such a beautiful place if all you do is work for a house to put your stuff in. Admit it. Bottom line? _____ My vehicle insurance premium went down even with a new vehicle – And – very little in the way of traffic congestion – even Boston was easier to drive than Central Florida highways. Your vehicle insurance will increase substantially, homeowner’s insurance will increase substantially, HOA fees are ridiculous and HOAs will TELL THE HOMEOWNER what to do – lawn only so high, house color-must be approved by HOA, brown spot in lawn – homeowners will get a nasty HOA letter, cracks in driveway – another nasty letter. Simple outdoor tasks become a burden.Golf is not enjoyable. Try North Carolina as an alternative to Florida. And NO PERPETUALLY UGLY HALF DEAD LOOKING PALM TREES, And yes, the change of seasons……. A/C will cost you plenty as will water. Less services, longer lines and hold times, there is no such thing as a free lunch. We’re fortunate that our development has no short term rentals. The golf courses. Medical is not highly rated either – can take days to even to talk to someone on phone to make appt – offices DO NOT ANSWER and if you leave a message it can take days for them to return calls. I’m calling the Realtor right now to sell the house and I’m going to start packing. Now with the recent election for a new governor, he is putting on the full court press again. There’s a reason that population researchers at a Florida university documented over 10,000,000 people who moved out of Florida. good shopping and local business. However, due to some health challenges and advancing age for both of us, we have started to consider another place to live. No matter how much someone weighs, their physical conditioning or their age, wearing a speedo or bikini is acceptable daily dress in Florida, even if you’re hours from the beach. I also think that there is a different sense of community here which may bring a negative to those considering a move here, socialization is different because of people coming in and out of the state and much older population.

You also wrote: “The truth is many Floridians do not want transplants from other states so they will make you believe it is a horrible place.” Davenport has more new builds than almost any other suburb listed. Giving myself the choice between the mountains or the beach and nothing working out in the Carolinas or Georgia, destiny would have me moving to Florida instead. Next year a boat, close to family, change of seasons, close to NYC. And if by chance you have to cancel a surgery you generally have to do that at least 5 days before otherwise you will be charged $200+. The winter weather in Florida had been reliably fantastic. My husband and I live and own a modest home (in our mid-late 60’s) in Connecticut and despite the fiscal crisis I love it here dearly. If anything, it’s more expensive to live in Florida than NJ and the Tri-state area as well as New England. You moved to Lehigh Acres because it was cheaper to buy or rent. Florida has some of the cleanest air because it’s just a thin sliver of land with two massive bodies of water on each side that provide air flows that constantly blows the pollution from the state, out to sea. Safety is great. You may want to look into those places before you look overseas. Living by Disney is a hassle, it's typically loud and unpleasant due to the number of vacationers around.

I can now have a life i could only dream of in Florida. It’s hot, humid, like laying on sandpaper, the saltwater and sun are aging my skin. The weather is oppressively hot & humid April/May to October/November – where one does not even want to be outside (even in the shade).

We have owned the property for 14 years/ house for 4 years. Florida is hotter and more humid than where you moved from, and it doesn’t end when summer does. This feedback is so great. – can take 2 hours (sometimes to drive 10 miles); everything is expensive – so nothing to do – every place charges a hefty admission + parking + expensive food unlike the northeast and elsewhere in the U.S. Schools are not the best and certainly not the safest by any means. If you are planning on moving down here you better make sure you “DONT HAVE TO WORK OR LOOK FOR A JOB”!!!!!!!! I’m not sure when this was written I see some recent comments in 2018.

The Florida Move Guide says that when the Florida “honeymoon” ends, of those that can afford to move again, out of Florida, many actually move to North Carolina. Yard sales every weekend. Sometimes lasts all year long. I agree.

There are so many hidden fees that people are not aware of. More Economy. Any advice or information you can give would be appreciated. I spend a lot of time and energy researching, writing, formatting, etc to publish the best places lists on this site. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. Disney, Universal Studios and Busch Gardens, wow. Also, keep in mind Florida is rated very poorly with respect to healthcare (being 48th on the list – easily researched on the internet); lots of traffic congestion on the highways & getting worse; the heat & humidity seem to be getting worse as well. Don’t move to the tourist areas and it will be good financially. Homes are some of the least expensive in the area and it seems there are new subdivisions going in all over the place.

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