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He will normally be very patient with young children. Prairie Peak reserves the right to approve/prohibit any transfer of the Puppy to a third party which includes giving the pup to other family members unless they have been approved. Kris is amazing and is always willing to talk when you run into questions about the breed or have training issues.

4) Receive a series of “Pupdate” email notifications from the time the puppies are born until they are seven weeks old. The Adopting Family promises never to allow the Puppy to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision. Avery was bred beginning August 5, and the puppies are due October 7, 2020. On upland birds he was like a heat seeking missle. We try to produce dogs at the middle-lower end of the FCI Standard, so our females typically weigh 35-40 pounds and our males typically weigh 45-50 pounds. We encourage all small Munsterlander owners to have their dogs NAVHDA tested and become members of the Small Munsterlander Club of North America. This handsome healthy boy already has a drive and willingness to work. Munster males have a temperament similar to Lab and Golden Retriever females. Hunting Hills Kennel's goal is to breed the best Small Munsterlanders to the best complimentary Small Munsterlander; to produce a highly skilled versatile hunting dog in the field true to the FCI Conformation Standard and a calm stable companion in the home. 8) If the Adopting Family intends to breed the Puppy, that decision needs to be made now before placing a deposit as there are many breeding requirements that need to be followed starting when the puppy is born. The SMCA, established in 1993, is the original Small Munsterlander Breed Club in North America. He is eight and a wonderful companion. Flights/Shipping is an additional $400-450 if the puppy is shipped at 8-10 weeks, higher if puppy is older.

In regards to genetic defects, there are never any guarantees that the puppy would be free of a genetic disorder from past generations. Males are easy-going, openly affectionate, patient, wanting to please, sensitive, and loyal. Forever. This website was hand crafted by Dog Breeder Websites. Any other fees or money vested in the rearing of the puppy, such as, but not limited to transportation, vet bills, training, or other fees is not included. 3) Evaluate, vet, and train the pup as needed for the next home. This puppy will also need frequent off-lead outings in order to build the boldness needed to become an excellent hunter. Kris is SO helpful and really great to work with. Hunting Hills' Kennel is proud to announce our fall 2020 TT litter between Avery von der Weidach and Vito. The roan coloring develops over time, but it is possible to tell if a puppy will be brown/white or roan shortly after birth. Therefore, if you have young chilren, we recommend you select a male puppy. Search results for: Small Munsterlander puppies and dogs for sale in North Carolina, USA on 6) The Puppy can be registered by owner with NAVHDA (North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association) but not required.

We are the AKC Parent Club for the Small Munsterlander. He had over 90+ water retrieves on ducks this year and has brought over 15 geese so far. Choose your breeder, then your pairing from that breeder and then choose your puppy. They are known for their exceptional tracking ability. Actually, Munster males tend to do better with young children and are often easier to train than are females. Weird huh but thats what they're like. Small hobby kennel of AKC registered German Shepard dogs and pure bred black and tan short-haired Dachshunds. This member has successfully passedidentity verification by a third party provider, This member has successfully passedphone verification by a third party provider, This member is an owner of a verified PayPal account. Munsters have a soft, dense, medium length coat with feathering on the ears and legs and a well-flagged tail. What constitutes the “best” puppy is extremely subjective and what becomes of a puppy is very much in the hands of its owner. is secure, simple

This is Kilo, we temporarily took him in for a friend that worked a lot and didn’t have the time for him. Lack of regular and sufficient exercise and mental challenge will likely result in unwanted behavior, which is common in highly intelligent, driven breeds. The Munster is a versatile breed – a pointing dog who will hunt and retrieve both furred and feathered game on land or in water. These dogs were firm in pointing; had enormous scenting abilities; and were also able to retrieve. Starting in 1921, breeders finally began to follow the breed standard drawn up by Mr. Friedrich Jungklaus. The Adopting Family agrees to follow all rules, requirements, guidelines, and procedures established by either the SMNCA or Prairie Peak (if the Adopting Family does not want to be a part of the SMNCA). They minimally require 20-30 minutes of off-lead exercise four times per week.

Once a deposit is made, it is non refundable. Even spayed females can be very dominant. Be creative and unique. Literally couldn't imagine a better dog than our Scout. He loves being around people and other dogs. On the flip-side, the smallest puppy will most likely be outgoing, fearless and energetic. We will work together with you to ensure that your pup lives the healthiest life possible from start to finish. If the Puppy will not be hunted on a regular basis, the Buyer agrees to have the puppy regularly participate in activities that utilize his/her natural talents and abilities, such as hunt testing (e.g. This guarantee pertains to genetic and nutritional issues only and does not include other ailments such as, but not limited to, neglect, abuse, or any injuries the puppy may have sustained, including accidental death. They are strong swimmers, especially when compared to other short-haired hunting breeds. The Adopting Family understands and agrees that the Prairie Peak’s opinion is not a guarantee of breed quality physical structure, nor is it a guarantee that the Puppy will be approved for breeding. Kris spends a lot of time and energy breeding top of the line Small Munsterlanders. Small Munsterlander’s are one of the newest versatile hunting breeds to gain popularity in the US. Males should stand between 20.5–22 in (52–56 cm), and females should stand between 19.75–21.25 in (50.2–54.0 cm) at the withers. USA JORDAN VILLAGE, CT, US. I am no expert on them but if you want to know more shoot me a PM and I can get you in touch with a gal in Iowa that can answer your questions. 5) The Adopting Family agrees to contact Prairie Peak if any questions or concerns arise about the Puppy, such as housing, diet, personality traits, health, or training. Posted Breed: Husky (medium coat). USA There is no cash value to this agreement and the original puppy must be returned to Prairie Peak Kennels within seven days of diagnosis. Small Munsterlander breeder and Gundog trainer The Small Munsterlanders intelligence, loyalty, desire and easygoing temperament make them a wonderful hunting partner and companion.

LAS VEGAS, NV, US. GORHAM, NH, US, Family operated breeding kennel of some real lovable fur babies, in You can browse thru list of Small Munsterlander Breeders or consider adopting Small Munsterlander dog.

Outside, your dog will be able to see and smell the many things going on around him and you will come home to a much calmer and happier dog. I have a German breed thats almost 7 months old and I am sold on them. This Premium Listing has a high priority placement,appearing above all basic verified and non-verified ads. Mississauga, ON, CA. If the puppy, that has been adopted from Prairie Peak, does not reach its life expectancy of at least 10 years, the Adopting Family will be eligible to get a free replacement puppy of equal value. AVAILABLE 12/01/2018 AKC Registered Pure Bred English Bulldog Puppies born 10/01/2018 and ready for their new homes for Christmas 2018. In regards to genetic defects, there are never any guarantees that the puppy would be free of a genetic disorder from past generations. Will always recommend them for any boarding needs!! The breed is robustly healthy with rare issues save dry skin in colder climates and water in its ears after swimming. He was not a great waterfowl dog . in USA We strive to make sure our puppies are healthy, happy and sassy..They are well socialized and love other dogs and people.They are raised up getting lots of love and attention. They are more numerous in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and the Czech Republic and are bred, trained and tested to high standards to maintain the superior versatility. USA Our goal is to breed healthy stable Small Munsterlanders that will mature into effective versatile hunting partners and family members. NAVHDA, VHDF, UKC, AKC), tracking, retrieving, or search and rescue. Thanks PPK! He is great in the home and in the field! Here is a template of the information we cover in those emails: Litter Announcement group Pupdate: – When the puppies were whelped – Key dates from now until 8 weeks – List of adopting families in order of pick – What to expect on adoption day, Week 1 group Pupdate: – Brief recap of our contract – Book recommendations – Day in the life of a puppy at PPK, Week 2 group Pupdate: – A little about Prairie Peak Kennels: Who we are, what we do, and why we do it – Our mission statement, Week 3 group Pupdate: – Why we choose Life’s Abundance – How to order Life’s Abundance – Puppy feeding schedule – About our Health Guarantee, Week 4 group Pupdate: – What we recommend for puppy accessories/equipment and why, Week 5 group Pupdate: – Important puppy developmental and training milestones – How to get started on the right foot with training, Week 6 final group Pupdate: – When to spay/ neuter and why – Other puppy health and wellness information, Week 7 Individual Email: – Individual final details – Schedule or confirm puppy pick up/ shipping date. I own 2 Drahthaar's. If you are unhappy with your colored pup, you may forfeit your deposit for the current litter and place another $500 deposit for a future litter.

Hunting Hills Kennel was established in 1995 with the purchase of Darby vom Kreiger (OFA excellent, NA Prize II & UT Prize I). 1) Educate us about your dogs life, age, health condition, and so on. Although, Barron from B litter is only 10 weeks old he is a great pup. With wider availability of guns and land use for commoners, hunting became more popular, and the breed was further developed as a retriever that worked equally well in the field and water. The puppies will be available for pick up eight to nine weeks after they are born which is Dec 5 or 12, 2020. the SMCA will encourage training, testing, and hunting. Click below to see a list of contacts across the regions. This provides the Breeder with important information on the health of Prairie Peak puppies for future breeding decisions. 2) Fill out our adoption application form and then call us. I have tested around a few of the FCI bred German lines and they are nice all around versatile dogs. It is an elite hunter within the versatile hunting dog arena and is trained to retrieve, hunt, and track the following: woodcock, rail, grouse, dove, partridge, chukar, quail, pheasant, duck, goose, rabbit, deer and fox. 4) Contact people on our list until we find the right match. In 1906, the well-known poet, Hermann Löns, made a public appeal in the magazine Unser Wachtelhund to give him a report on the still existing specimens of the red Hanovarian Heath Hound. My little guy was there fir an extended stay and they took awesome care of him as well as keeping me informed of how he was doing along with pictures of what he was up to! Cultural and wildlife use changes slowly put an end to the "bread hunting" and was replaced by recreational hunting.

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