chaos slow pitch jigging rod

If you feel insecure about the rod during the fight, you may want to look once again at how we fight with the light rod. OK then… – 85cm or longer handle. In other words, if from a sea-anchored boat, the rod power becomes weaker than above references. – How is your boat operating while fishing?

Good to know. But I can’t help you much.

Love it! You know what I mean? To catch a big fish that Avet could not bring in, whatever it is, you need a lot more than a stiffer rod.

Talk to you later! Good luck!

So let’s see how it goes. Any rod model can do that, you can imagine. Extra casting distance is also beneficial when throwing lures into a headwind and when fishing from the surf.

But if these are the only rods you can get locally, I encourage you to go out in the field with either of them and start learning in the field. They got some authentic slow pitch principles built into the design. You are very welcome Tutilea. Or controlled drift by the captain?

A better tackle doesn’t promise better result, you know? Hi Alberto.

Just wanted to know if you know what kind of guides and size it uses, in case i need to replace one of them. Not yet, at least. I was heading for the 603-4 because 603-6 would be far too ‘heavy’, I guess for around 100meters and jigs below 150. Hi, Toto It would be good if you find some people to share the shipping.

i would like the clarify that the Red Limited slow jerker is indeed bulit by Evergreen. I think Tenryu is a good rod to start with. Hi Shawn.

Black Hole Rods had a booth.

I received my new rod on Monday and am impressed with the craftsmanship and action; definitely a step-up from the rod I was previously using for slow pitch! Hi Michael. Thank you very much for your compliments.

Goods jigs are very hard to find in France , do you have somes in 120g approx and wich model will be better for me . Infinity Motive? Thanks:D, Hi Ray. I don’t know we’re to buy one from.

I fish with drift chute, 40m-150m depth. For shopping SFC jigs, just send me an email at and tell me what you like.

Major Craft rod isn’t really a SPJ rod.

Unfortunately, here, the slowjerker price labeled 25% higher than infinity.

The spiral guides doesn’t affect the rod action? I liked the feel of the blanks. After talking with some of anglers here doing slow jigging, they told me to go for the levitate which is in their opinion as good and for some of them better than the poseidon. I will be more than happy to buy them from you or who you can recommend to me, My sister just gave me the Saltiga 15H for Christmas as a gift so I can try use that if not suitable then I can buy the Ocean Jippger like you have stated in the column, I look forward to hearing from you, thank you.

Can I know from you, is Shimano Ocea Jigger Rod Baitcasting B633 with Ocea jigger reel 1500PG good for Slow jigging.. with 130g Stinger Buutterfly. I would like ask you what about the new zenaq slow jigging ikari..? Hi Afran. Have you checked out this article? How are you..? From what I am normally jigging is drift jigging, not sea anchor. It’s not the best but it should work.

Thank you very much for your help for beginners.

603-3 with 130g – 180g > standard setting Thank you so much Totos San and we look forward to hearing back from you soon.

6’3″ should not be a problem. The bend on the rod were more and more curve and bend all the way nearer to the rod handle. > I noticed you didn’t mention anything about Smith’s rods. Power 4 is probably better for the depth if you are not so vertical. I have both in different models and I can hardly feel the difference in terms of actual practice. Basically it’s an upgraded version of SL.

Are they good? It’s not Japanese and not available in Japan. Welcome to the club!

Or controlled drift by the captain? SHIMANO OCEA JIGGER B604(Baitcast) is it a category A rod for show jigging? If you are free-drifting, longfall game is not recommended, especially when you are a beginner.

Also which size would be better for either of those rods the 1500HG or 2000HG. Have you tried it before. 40 m. Thank you. I would try 100g and 130g sliding jigs like Rector and Spunky, and also 150g and 180g falling jigs like Cranky and Gawky.

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