most accurate 9mm pistol out of the box

This is repeated, alternating between plate racks, while always shooting the center target before switching sides and reloading as necessary. A pistol is typically lighter and easier to conceal than a revolver. The third string requires one head shot to the first target, to body shots to the second and three body shots to the third target. Yup. The magazine release is well designed to prevent accidental activation. I have a Beretta 92fs that is stupid accurate - in my hands. The Springfield owned this category thanks to its tall, easy-to-see front sight, with its generously sized fiber-optic insert. One of the weakest AM Shooter Journal articles yet...I love a good gun thread. This won’t be it. We then field-stripped, cleaned and lubricated each pistol—the only maintenance they received.

The other three guns are striker-fired pistols. However, precision is good, though not as good as some others. Awesome gun. When it comes to the details, the CZ-75B is obviously well-made.

Shots were fired from 12 and 25 yards. In addition, the Sig and Walther magazines have extended basepads to ensure they are seated completely. Accuracy in a gun that has iron sights and a baseline of no more than 6 inches, probably half that. We ended up expending close to 1,300 rounds, and I’d like to thank Hornady and Winchester for providing all of the ammo. I found it to have the best balance of the lot, the most controllable trigger, easy-to-see sights and light recoil. That’s right. He had no firearms experience, but he did have a lot of vision. The fiber optic sight makes it accurate and easy to shoot. If you want something that looks a bit different from anyone else's, you might like the CZ-75B, and that's a solid choice. The Walther’s low rear sight, with its shallow notch, caused it to finish in second place. Compare this to keeping a group within an inch at 200 or 300 yards. The trigger pull is excellent. I’ve seen what you said many times. With a revolutionary sight system concept imbedded into the slide, the snag-free SIG Sauer... by Personal Defense World / Finally, as in previous “Battle Royales,” each pistol was graded on a 1 (worse) to 5 (best) scale in seven categories: reliability, ergonomics, trigger control, recoil control, sights, off-hand accuracy and reloading ease.

But my wife, who is a concealed carry instructor and a pretty decent pistol shot, can't hit the side of a barn with it. The EAA and Springfield got high marks as well, except one shooter said the former’s SA trigger had a rather long stroke. These perspective are not from a defensive or combat shooter stand point either, just from the plinker/recreational shooter. Now all you have to do is take your race gun out of the box, top off the magazines, sight it in with your preferred load and step right up to the starting line. The trigger has a long reset, but the gun is ergonomically pleasing to hold. This means it doesn't need much lubrication to work well and fast. The shooter begins with pistol at low-ready engages each target in order over three strings of fire.

They are simple to field strip and a pleasure to hold. It's possible to buy guns at a gun show, at a gun shop, or online. Three of the guns—the EAA, Sig and Walther—also have extended, reversible magazine releases while the Springfield’s is ambidextrous. The score is the total time plus a five-second penalty for any miss or shot fired out of sequence. Here's the first list of accurate 9mm pistols, due to resources not all brand names were able to be looked at. There is no external safety and the exposed hammer can be decocked by lever. Oct 25, 2019, Stay in the know with the Personal Defense World newsletter, Biden Doubles Down on Assault Weapon Ban Days Before Election, Kimber Moves Corporate Headquarters From New York to Alabama, PFS9: Polymer80’s $550 Custom Grade Glock Is a Serious Upgrade, PWS MK111 Pro Pistol: An Affordable, Piston-Driven Pistol in .223 Wylde, Gun News, Gun Reviews, and Self Defense Tips, You use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance of our. One of us found the Sig’s flat-faced trigger just too “different” and did not care for it. I shoot a lot of pistol as well, but inside of 50 yards, the emphasis is on speed. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Put a green fiber-optic sight up front and it would be just about perfect. They are easy to shoot and very reliable. Then the entire drill is repeated. As these things tend to happen, one shooter gave the Springfield a perfect score while another said it had the heaviest recoil. Most pistols are loaded with a removable magazine.

Just look at the number of handgun manufacturers offering pistols that are suitable for competition right out of the box. And while the Sig’s sights were tall and easy to acquire, we all found the front sight awfully narrow, allowing too much “daylight” on either side. Gaston Glock built the company out of his garage. The VP9 has a polymer frame with removable side panels and backstrap. This firearm is easy to get online, though it may or may not be in your local gun shop. You'll pay between $600 and $700 for a genuine and around $500 for a replica. The shooter faces four steel targets in a V-shaped formation at 10 and 15 yards with an 8-inch steel plate in the center at 8 yards. The Beretta 92 is absolutely reliable. It seems with their testing they wanted to find the most accurate “target pistol”. First of all, the Sig and Springfield utilize polymer frames and steel sides while the EAA and Walther are all steel. Opinions posted on Free Republic are those of the individual While we only performed a few speed reloads, all of the pistols had large, easy-to-access magazine releases and, thanks to their large mag well openings, the Sig, Springfield and Walther tied here with the EAA breathing down their necks. They also perform well even in the rain or after being submerged. The term pistol differentiates this handheld firearm from a revolver. Required fields are marked *. These were then added together to give each pistol a final score in each category, with 15 being a perfect score. The safety arrangements also differ to a marked degree. The score is the average time for four runs with a five-second penalty for any miss. Sigh. Browning Hi-Power 9mm. Fast reloading is a must for competition, and for this reason the EAA, Sig and Walther all have magazine well funnels while Springfield’s entry has a flared magazine well opening. Online gun stores must typically ship the gun to an authorized FFL dealer in the city where you live. The Sig’s high bore axis and subtle grip texturing caused it to suffer in this category. Two shooters found the EAA’s safeties poorly positioned for easy manipulation, and another said the steeply curved trigger pinched his finger. The name and reputation speaks for itself. That’s right. This can be a tough gun to hung down, though used gun sites will have them. Glock. Don’t need a tack driver for that. Some people see this as a plus, other people see this as a minus. As a former combat handgun instructor, I have to say that it depends on the shooter AND the gun. There's a reason it's one of the biggest names in 9mm pistols.

FYI the XDM is further refined than the XD which was an older design. The Beretta. I sure like the price point of the S&Ws. by Upright | Dec 22, 2018 | Guns | 0 comments. Just a bunch of guys showing off their skills (or lack there of). Expect to pay around $500 for this fine gun. As a standard in 9 mm pistols, the Glock 17 is widely available online, at gun shows, and it gun stores across the country. If we were unable to do so, the pistol would be scored up to that point and then put aside while we finished testing the remaining handguns. Sure, accuracy inside 25 feet. As always, details will depend on your location, so check with a local gun shop. The 9-millimeter pistol is easily the most universal of handguns. Chambered in 9mm, the G34 measures 8.82-inches in overall length with a … Sig Sauer P226X5Glock34Swiss AT 84 S Considered a CZ75 clone but many shooters feel this is more accurate.Browning Hi-Power 9mm The name and reputation speaks for itself.Glock17 Straight out of the box accurateSig Sauer P210Beretta APX This shouldn't have surprised you. The Springfield has a similar trigger-mounted safety in addition to a grip safety. As token of our appreciation, sign up and receive: Magazine disconnect could be an issue for some, Tends to bite the hand of high grip shooters, Striker assembly can be easily broken if not handled carefully, Corners of the magazine tend to dig into the thumb, Accuracy is good, but not as good as some others, Bulkier design makes it  less suitable for concealed carry, Many safety features to prevent accidental discharge, Slide stop under the right thumb may be an issue for some, Less comfortable to hold than other pistols, Slightly less accurate than could be desired, Double action system will be offputting to some.

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