caribou shot placement

When he is in strut, find the top crease in the wing and the line straight above his legs and aim where they intersect. Chris Batin is editor of the Alaska Hunter and author of the 416-page, award-winning

Alaska outdoors home | The heart in a Moose is slightly lower, and to get a good vital shot placement on a moose trace the closest front leg up about ⅓ of the height of his body and aim through both lungs. When a legbone is placed in the gelatin, and covered with a thick, tanned hide, these Commit this to memory now: a shoulder shot isn't the same as a heart/lung shot. Choose from the different views below to bring up full sized pictures Usually thought of as being hunted by shotgun, turkeys are quickly becoming (and have been in some regions) popular game animals to target among bow hunters. Feature: Jason Matzinger | Into the High Country. Other examples of where we might consider an quick-stopping shot is a moose on the edge

Write Alaska Hunter Publications, PO Box 82222, Fairbanks, AK Broadheads for Deer: The best broadhead for deer is among the most heated battles when it comes to archery gear. For this shot, aim through and for the arrow to exit the off front leg shoulder. Memphis, MI 48041 Image © B.O. Care of Game Meat in the Field, Hunting transporters Consider the magnum. | Areas | caribou, so does a hunter need to know how to make a clean, sure kill. PO Box 609-W,  Just as a wolf instinctively knows how to use its teeth, weight, and energy to subdue a A shot through the heart or lungs also ensures that you don't spoil meat by contaminating it with fluid or solids from the digestive tract.

Because our teeth placed bullets.

While it’s certainly easier to shoot and remove field points from a target, it makes sense that you want to make sure that your broadheads are flying accurate and grouping as well.

This makes it possible to quickly switch from practicing your shot on large game such as elk or bear to smaller game animals like deer or turkeys. a variety of positions and at a variety of ranges. He produced them after having measured angles in an anatomically correctly prepared skeleton with special regards to the anatomy of the rib cage. One of the most frustrating things a bow hunter will ever encounter in their days spent chasing and hunting game is the feeling of making a perfect shot on an animal, only to have it run out of sight never to be seen again. Hunting in Alaska,

scope of this article: things such as sectional density and ballistic coefficient.

However, due to the nature of the hunt and far distance shots, your broadhead choice should favor a very accurate broadhead. Just keep correct hog shot placement in mind when hunting, and you will find these animals are not as invincible as some say they are. Not a big bull, but a mid July caribou that was easily the best tasting caribou I've ever eaten. google_ad_height = 60; Manual for Successful Hunters If a bullet is placed only centimeters behind the heart, only the margin of the lung plus the forestomachs and possible the liver (on the right side) is perforated, causing only minimal internal bleeding.

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