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The Trump University fraud case is generating very bad publicity for Trump, as he’s admitted (so was the story that he, at best, slow-walked donating money he promised to vets). In 1979, Peter Sellers played a fictional character, Chance the gardener (Chauncey Gardiner) in the best-selling movie, Being There.

(Satan). Bush: Despite his having presided over perhaps the bleakest ... During her Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Judge Amy Coney Barrett revealed her empty notepad to Sen. John Cornyn (R., Texas). So let’s take them separately.

The left mostly takes for granted, first, that people from certain ethnicities in positions of power will be liberal Democrats and, second, that they will use that power in the interests of their party and co-ethnics. That’s the logic of diversity in a nutshell. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The President likewise interprets Chance's remarks about the "garden" as economic and political advice. Like Chance though he has worked in a very small space with little exposure to or knowledge of the world outside the medical setting in which he excelled. One of Carson's points of differentiation from Trump early on in his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is that he seemed to be kinder and gentler in his assessments of matters or at least in his presentations and commentary.

Eve brings Chance to their home to recover. Jan 3, 2016: Enrolled Chauncey Gardner enrolls at Florida Gators.

We’ll hear plenty about fraud, but we’ll have to remind ourselves to ask: Did it make a difference?

“The status quo needs to be shaken up!” I agree. Then, he began to espouse ideas that seemed to be a little harsher, more judgmental and sometimes just plain weird.

People like Clarence Thomas are offending the left’s whole conception of the moral order. The Being There narrative not nearly as well - except among film aficionados. Unfortunately for him, that limited scope does not translate well onto a bigger platform and a candidacy for the Republican nomination.

President Trump will not go in the books as a Jimmy Carter or even as a George H.W. Chauncey Gardiner, the character in Being There, became a world-renowned pundit by saying nothing of substance. It’s more like Trump is a kind of angry Chauncey Gardner who benefits from intellectuals’ reading deeply — too deeply — into his outbursts. Chance's simple words, spoken often due to confusion or to a stating of the obvious, are repeatedly misunderstood as profound; in particular, his simplistic utterances about gardens and the weather are interpreted as allegorical statements about business and the state of the economy. Other than gardening, his knowledge is derived entirely from what he sees on television. Entranced, he steps backward off the sidewalk and is struck by a chauffeured car owned by Ben Rand (Melvyn Douglas), an elderly business mogul. “Wittingly or not,” Trump is “directly attacking one of the most egregious aspects of liberal orthodoxy today—the premise of ‘diversity’ embedded in our rigid identity politics that really means uniformity to the liberal line,” Hayward writes. Invited to "The Opening", an all-star summer prospect camp held on the Nike Campus Our friend Steve Hayward and the anonymous Decius at the Journal of American Greatness find much to admire, defend, or celebrate in Trump’s attack on Judge Curiel. ", "You know I think Obamacare is really the worst thing in this nation since slavery. He pauses, dips his umbrella into the deep water under his feet as if testing its depth, turns, and then continues to walk on the water as the President quotes Rand: "Life is a state of mind.". Key points in the story line and plot for Being There extracted and adapted from Wikipedia and a Filmsite movie review follow: Chance (Peter Sellers) is a middle aged man who lives in the townhouse of an old wealthy man in Washington, D.C. Then, of course, there is the sex scene: And ends with this enigmatic sequence: Chauncey Gardener: A great character. There was a fairly ... Joe Biden has won Michigan, the Associated Press projected on Wednesday, placing him within reach of the 270 electoral votes needed to declare victory. Eve mishears "Chance, the gardener" as "Chauncey Gardiner".

Or not. Today, Sleepy Joe Biden, in his many verbal comments (many are called gaffes), seems to make unintelligible statements that his fellow Democrats and a fawning media purposely overlook as they try to prop him up as a candidate that they think could beat President Trump at the polls in November. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. As Tuesday night lapsed into the wee hours of Wednesday morning without a winner of the 2020 election, there seemed to be no small amount of confusion about the election-law case from Pennsylvania that could go a long way toward deciding the presidential race, Republican Party of Pennsylvania v. Boockvar.

Drinking alcohol for the first time during the car ride home, Chance coughs as he tells Eve his name. Twelve Big Lessons from Last Night and This Morning In my now-countless conversations with Trump supporters, defenders, and, , I find I agree with many of the arguments they make for Donald Trump right up until the point they say “and therefore Donald Trump.”, Trump has a long history of attacking judges for his narrow self-interest, After all, this is the guy who criticized Justice Scalia for his stance on affirmative action. Discover and share Chance Gardner Quotes. So the lessons learned from that Peter Sellers movie, “Being There”, and its featured character, “Chauncey Gardiner”, can be applied to the candidacy of Joe Biden. ... Chauncey Gardner-Johnson to enter NFL Draft, skip... 2016. Could Pennsylvania Vote Hinge on a Supreme Court Call? Get our conservative analysis delivered right to you. When Vote Fraud Is Claimed, Question Always Is: Did It Make a Difference?

We need people who will look past the niceties of the rule of law and toward the outcome—the end. In 2015, Ben Carson, a brain surgeon - portraying himself - is a candidate for President of the United States of America in Being Here. But, it raises the question for us, is Milbank writing about Trump's best qualities? It most likely means that Ben Carson will not prevail and that Being Here as a candidate today will not lead to his being there as the nominee at the Republican convention in August.

It’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.” – Alice Sebold “A garden is always a series of losses set against a few triumphs, like life itself.” – May Sarton. In the back seat of the car sits Rand's wife, Eve (Shirley MacLaine). I put Joe Biden in that latter category. DELRAY BEACH, FL – Back in 1979, the late comedy actor, Peter Sellers, had a movie called “Being There”, that featured a character named “Chauncey Gardiner” (an ordinary gardener for a rich person), and by some quirk of action, happenstance, or nature, he became a world-renowned pundit by saying nothing of substance. Trump is capitulating to it, and bringing the Republican party along with him. But we do know a few things already about what happened last night, and they illustrate the big, messy, infuriating diversity of our country. He has an illustrious journalistic career, writing editorials for the Canada Free Press, Delray Sun and Boca Forum, supplement publications in the Sun-Sentinel newspaper and has been the editorialist-in-chief at the Chuck on the Right Side blog for the past 10 years. ", "Being gay is a choice...because a lot of people who go into prison go into prison straight-- and when they come out, they are gay. At Rand's funeral, while the President delivers a speech, the pall-bearers hold a whispered discussion over potential replacements for the President in the next term of office. The way things are going, and according to the odds-makers in Las Vegas,  it’ll be a blowout for Trump in November if Biden is the Democratic candidate. From Being There to Being Here to Being Nowhere. He straightens out a pine sapling and then walks off across the surface of a small lake. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love. Far-Out: Washington D.C. By all means, conservatives should use this episode to point out the fallacies and contradiction of identity politics. We detailed some of those "Carson-isms" in an earlier blog and will not repeat them all. Wow. His position in the leadership ranks along with Donald Trump is an indication that a fairly large percentage of the American public is definitely in an outsider state of mind. The people responded with a giant nuh-uh. I just think it’s ridiculous to think Trump is motivated in this case by some remotely sophisticated, never mind sophisticatedly conservative, understanding of identity politics.

I have a new column up on the homepage, which is a primer on the Pennsylvania election-law case.

I want to second Kevin's post here and elaborate just a bit on what he says about the defeat of Proposition 16. ", "I personally believe that this theory that Darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by the adversary."

Toward the end, I addressed President Trump’s ill-advised remarks last night, in which he appeared to declare victory prematurely (“Frankly, we did win this election”), and to claim that the election was a ... On the matter of vote fraud, there is law and there are facts. 2015. By the Democrats having a candidate like Joe Biden facing off against President Trump, it will be a gift from heaven for the Republicans. Public opinion polls start to reflect just how much his "simple brand of wisdom" resonates with the jaded American public. As Steve puts it in summing up Decius, “Trump is once again performing a high public service that is long overdue.”. “Chauncey Gardiner”, being limited in the ways of the world, made vague comments that others, in high places, interpreted as insightful with hidden meanings, but in reality they were just musings of a semi-literate person.

Somehow, Being Here just started to sound a whole lot better. ... At his funeral, the President gives a long-winded speech full of bon mots and quotes by Rand. Trump is not battling identity politics here, or even undermining it. Recent polls link his fall from grace with Republican voters to a lack of comprehension in the international relationships and foreign policy arena and a deficiency in terms of leadership qualities.

For now, we will just share the opinions of Dana Milbank of the Washington Post and Craig Mazin, Ted Cruz's roommate in his freshman year at Princeton. No charge.

These are two separate claims. Because of its current nature and substantial media coverage, the Ben Carson Being Here narrative is relatively well known today. This site participates in the Amazon Associate program and earns revenue from qualifying purchases. In 1979, Peter Sellers played a fictional character, Chance the gardener (Chauncey Gardiner) in the best-selling movie, Being There.In 2015, Ben Carson, a brain surgeon - portraying himself - is a candidate for President of the United States of America in Being Here.

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