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Since you have the paper with you, just call head office yourself (unless you go back on another day/time when someone more knowledgeable can help you better" and they'll probably cancel it with you over the phone because they'll have a copy of the paperwork (or they should, anyways).

Honestly might be enough to go back to that manager with the police contact info and threaten that it's the next step. She kept dodging the question, then said she has to call head office. Crunch Fitness, which operates 17 company-owned locations in the city, has stopped collecting membership fees and will not pursue any past due balances for members until the clubs reopen. Her reasoning is because if she cancels my membership now, I will be charged the $100 cancellation fee. I did not agree verbally, nor did I ever sign any paperwork that said I would be in a 12 month contract.

I would think that if I ask them to cancel it, they would cancel it, but I guess it isn't that easy.

Definitely ask them again and point out that little OPEN section in the amount of monthly payments section.

I just told my bank to cancel the direct deposit when I cancelled a gym.

Or signed up for the same deal I did back in December 2017? Attached all documents including a dated email stating I was cancelled and done. I am on the same plan as you and I was told that while I am not locked in, I was making an agreement to be at the gym for 12 months and that requires I pay out the remaining months if I wanted out. October 07, 2020; Please help! I see where you're coming from, but I don't believe a manager would be inexperienced with this. They can stop that money from going out. She said she would have to get back to me because there is nothing else she can do. I just directly compared your agreement to my own. Bu tit prompted me to call them and make sure they wont try any funny business. My contract /specifically/ states that I have 12 monthly payments along with an automatic renewal. It outlined and broke down what I would be paying initially. Best thing to do would just be call em up and ask, it doesn't really matter what anyone on this board says.worst case, change your CC number and live in the woods. I signed up for the more expensive $21.95 a month option.

Edit- if your paying by credit card it might be easier to just cancel the credit card and push back that way as well. Crunch fitness in Brooklyn won't cancel my membership. He then said I would know at that point if there was any kind of cancellation fee.. crunch fitness cancellation reddit . Today I tried to cancel my membership but the manager informed me that I am in a 12 month contract. I guess I am kind of mad at Crunch Fitness because I feel like someone made a mistake and the manager isn't owning up to it, or two employees lied to me in my face... Having been down this path, ultimately what got it to stop -, Emailed the hwdp fraud division

I got a contact from there, emailed him and cc'd the manager and any upper management I could get a hold of. Is it possible to cancel before I sign up completely or is it too late? I've been there almost a year. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the legaladvice community.

With your credit card idea, I thought about it, but I am afraid that Crunch Fitness might send the bills to collections. Thank you for posting this. Cancellation policies at gyms traditionally will let you out of the contract if you're moving out of state, not an hour away. Similar to without holding rent. She didn't say anything about it other than "Well, you have the $9.99 base membership fee, so I know there's a 12 month contract".

$9.99/month to go to this gym only, and I'm free to cancel any time I want. Any advice would help, thanks! I said uh well there wont be.

I sign up online but I have not went there yet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts,

The fee will appear in your member portal after your reservation. Read the contract. Based on what I need (barbells and a treadmill) it's not worth paying all the extra money for a pool and all that stuff I'm never going to use at the Y. Press J to jump to the feed. Crunch fitness in Brooklyn won't cancel my membership. It worked, but sucked to go through. It indicates my paid in full agreement will just expire. It cost zero initial fee but will cost 10 dollar per month. Your contract states nothing about a 12 month period, so you need to go in again and demand to have this cancelled immediately. Basically.

I saw the deal online for Crunch, and I impulsely bought the membership. Her reasoning is because if she cancels my membership now, I will be charged the $100 cancellation fee. It sounds like they're being intentionally dense and unwilling to help. It does not list cancellation fees anywhere in the agreement.

They are also known for letting the owed balance balloon, then they send it to collections. I used to go to them, and it's nice because I could play ball or get in the sauna. Thank you so much for this information! Granted I am not a lawyer, nor a paralegal, nor an individual making myself out to be someone with expertise in contracts.

If you did not sign a contract for a year, it is fraud. This kind of stuff gives a bad name to legitimate companies who use credit cards. You pay a dollar surcharge for every debit, i.e. I asked because I knew I would be moving around this time. It's been said before to block them from taking out payments but be careful with that.

What recourse do they have?

No Show fee: if you miss a reservation without canceling, you will be charged a fee.

She didn't even say anything. It also said my payment options are "open". In order to cancel your … Either keep bugging the gym or call head office yourself, either way you'll be good.

Now I've switched to Fit4Less.

She says no it doesn't and once again she said "You have the $9.99 membership so I know there is a 12 month contract". Would they dare take me to collections? If you choose to pay for this membership in advance you must pay for a minimum period of 12 months in full. Some of the replies here are ridiculous. Determining Your Reason for Cancelling Review your reasons for cancelling. When I showed my agreement paper to the manager, she had nothing to rebut. I told her I never signed a 12 month contract and two employees told me there is no contract. What does your contract or membership agreement say is the proper method of cancelation? They can't do shit after that. I just paid the basic membership up front via debit. I'm posting this to see if anyone has experienced something similar so that I can be given advice. I asked if her computer shows that I am in a 12 month contract.

She tried calling head office but she said they didn't pick up. Do a chargeback with your credit card company. And legitimate companies that uphold their agreements with their customers. I showed her the agreement paper (sent through e-mail) and she looked at it. DO NOT cancel the card you tied to the membership fee. Until the collection letters start coming in. They're still charging me every month and I just got charged the annual fee again.

Nowhere does it state a 12 month contact. Wow glad you shared this, I've been to this gym and I've heard them tell people there is no contract, just a 30 day notice to cancel.

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