ffxiv neo exdeath guide

Treasure coffers that appear upon completing Omega: Deltascape (Savage) will yield gear.

Neo Exdeath is split between four body parts: the front is the horned humanoid, the top is the region between the red and canine creatures, the middle target is near to the grinning horned skull, and the back are the two skeletal figures. If Beyond Death is not removed by getting hit by an Antilight from Flood of Naught, the player will die when the debuff resolves. As with other bosses in Deltascape, a total of four random tokens will drop from Exdeath that can be traded in for ilvl 320 gear. A magical tank buster that strikes twice and applies a lightning vuln debuff. also its possible to switch cross classes between the fights. To remove Beyond Death with White and Black Antilight, stand in the same colour as your debuff. All three spells can be used in single-target or AoE variants. To access Omega: Deltascape (Savage), players must access the Magitek Terminal in Rhalgr's Reach (X:13.5 Y:12.4).

Gravitas and Vitrophyre 2. Phase 3 includes several of the skills from Phase 1, but with some far more dangerous additions.

Summons four Arcane Sphere meteor adds that must be killed before they reach the ground. The main tank can position the boss anywhere on the platform, as long as the boss is facing outward away from the rest of the raid.

The face will then disappear and Phase 3 will commence. Wave Cannon and Meteor 2. After you kill Exdeath, for the rest of the lockout you will start at Neo Exdeath. Three players (one DPS, one healer, one Tank) are inflicted with the Allagan Field debuff - all damage the player takes will be dealt as raid-wide damage when the debuff ends or the player dies. Alternatively you can use invulns on it. Flare will be cast on 3~ players in regular intervals, denoted by three white arrows protruding outward from the player. Alternatively, invuln it. Calls down a pillar in the middle of the arena and tentacles that spawn. Kefka:Graven ImageThe Statue of the Gods in the background will perform mechanics based on the current statue. The tank with Cursed Shriek should move to the Southwest.

Spot heals are required if the next mechanic is a White or Black Antilight. This is accompanied with Allagan Field debuffs most of the time. Players with Forked Lightning spread out in the centre of the arena, making sure not to clip each other. Stand in the middle when the cast bar resolves to not fall off the edge from Hysteria. After Exdeath returns, he spawns on a random party member. Forked Lightning emits a donut AoE around the player that paralyzes and deals damage if hit when the debuff resolves. All players should scattered to the edge of the platform. This is indicated by sparkling diamonds around Neo Exdeath. Summons Black Holes around the arena and four tether to tanks and healers. By far the most dangerous ability in the boss’ arsenal is Vacuum Wave.

Mitigate accordingly.

High damage AoE that must be mitigated with shields and mitigation. This section about an enemy in Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is empty or needs to be expanded.

im thinking the suggestion for surecast is meant for exdeath, not neo exdeath. All three spells can be used in single-target or AoE variants. Do this as you would Grand Cross Alpha. Neo Exdeath casts Holy and Flare from the first phase.

Inflicts a Pyretic debuff for 3 seconds, dealing massive damage if a player does any actions. All players affected by this should spread out and away from other players.

You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by, This section in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is empty or needs to be expanded. PLD has Tempered Will, and can Cover one additional player.

Knocks back all targets damaged. The best way to think about it is that if you take the same colour as your debuff, you die. Positioning is vital, especially for the main tank who is usually tanking toward the edge where there is no boundary to prevent falling. In addition to gear, players will receive a Deltascape datalog from each area, which can be exchanged for gear of your choosing by speaking with Gelfradus in Rhalgr's Reach (X:13.7 Y:12.0). Tanks should swap at two stacks of Thunder. This is indicated by a large orb in the middle or two smaller orbs on the side of Neo Exdeath. Players without Forked Lightning run under the boss to stack for Death Wave. All players not at max HP when this mechanic resolves will be petrified. The Flood of Naughts will be 3 out of 4 of Inner Antilight, Outer Antilight, White and Black Antilight, or Black and White Antilight. Assign each role a spot to go to for Flare, in the East, West, and South (we did tank W, DPS E, healer S).

purge]Neo is a prefix from the ancient Greek word for "new" or "young". Blizzard III + OT Thunder III + Heal/Tank Fire III. Indomitable Will Graven Image 2: 1. One healer is inflicted with Forked Lightning.

Targets multiple players with a ground AoE, then a ground AoE again. All players are inflicted with the Hysteria debuff, causing them to move in a random direction as the cast bar resolves. Targets #1 and #2 in enmity with an Earth Shaker, dealing heavy physical damage. A Quick Guide to Omega: Deltascape v4.0 in FFXIV: Stormblood (Exdeath) - GameRevolution, Welcome to the new GameRevolution community platform. All players with Beyond Death should then be hit by whichever Antilight it is, causing them to drop down to 1 HP but remove the Beyond Death debuff. All melee have Arm’s Length (you can switch Role Actions between Exdeath and Neo Exdeath), as well as gap closers - SAM has Hissatsu: Gyoten, NIN has Shukuchi, MNK has Shoulder Tackle, and DRG has Spineshatter Dive/Dragonfire Dive. Resets aggro.

Grand Cross Alpha is accompanied with a Flood of Naught Terminal Antilight right afterwards. So you’ve made it to the final boss in Omega: Deltascape. Dodge the second Blizzard III. The rest of the DPS, as well as the other tank, are afflicted with Beyond Death and Off-balance. The healer who does not have Forked Lightning should go directly south, because they will get Death Wave. A physical raid buster. Two DPS are afflicted with Acceleration Bomb. Allagan Field resolves a moment before Almagest goes off. The Final Battle teleports Neo Exdeath to cardinal positions around the arena. This does not do AoE damage, despite the animation making it look like such. Intemperate Will/Grav… Healers should top all players off to avoid the DPS loss from petrification.

If you soak it, both tanks move to the centre and everyone else stand inside the hitbox. This signifies Neo Exdeath's "reborn" stage. m1s3ri (timestamps) This damage cannot be mitigated by boss debuffs. Exdeath reaches into the void and casts an elemental skill. You must wipe after Neo Exdeath is targetable for this to happen. hopefully not eating vacuum on neo as it would hurt a lot but its unavoidable during "regular" exdeath. RDM and BLM have Corps-à-Corps and Aetherial Manipulation respectively. You can help the Final Fantasy Wiki by. Congratulations! Graven Image 1: 1. A physical damage attack that repeats in succession. Emptiness is often accompanied with Flood of Naught Inner/Outer Antilight, so dodge accordingly. After three Flood of Naughts are resolved, Acceleration Bomb and Cursed Shriek will resolve. Meteor will often be dropped at the center of the platform. When the bomb explodes, a disfigured face will erupt from its position.

He will cast Flood of Naught, and teleport again. Battle Overview & VideosRaid (Savage)Multiple AuthorsJuly 26, 2017, How to Unlock | DRK and WAR have Plunge and Onslaught respectively. Targets a healer with a stack marker. Move as a group to avoid the tentacle attacks then behind the pillar to avoid the breath attack.

Which variant is indicated by whether or not his casting arm is tethered to the void orb on the outside of the platform, which will emit a lot of black energy. Everyone else stay still and look at the boss. Deals massive damage and knocks back the player closest to the boss, while dealing less damage to players behind the stack. Kite these around until Holy or Flare, which causes them to disappear.

These function the same way as in Exdeath. A raid buster crunch supreme 3000 that deals extremely heavy unaspected magic damage and inflicts an extremely heavy DoT on the party. Applies a damage down debuff if hit. Mechanics Overview | We've recently moved from Disqus to Spot.IM. Neo Exdeath attacks quickly and relentlessly, using a variety of status ailments, physical attacks, magic attacks, defensive spells, the almighty Almagest spell, and his dangerous Grand Crossattack. The direction of this AoE is determined by where it’s facing when it appears.

Inflicts multiple debuffs on the party. The three spells are as follows: Blizzard 3: Players should continue to move. The boss gains a stacking damage debuff every 5 seconds, which goes up to 16 stacks. These must be resolved in a way to satisfy the debuff conditions to not kill the party. Similar to Wild Charge from T10 or Spear of the Fury from Thordan EX. After the knockback resolves, you can use a GCD.

All other players get out of the Neo Exdeath hitbox. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links.

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